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Henry Big Boy Rifle Drawing

Chambered in .357 Magnum


We will have a limited number of drawing tickets (1,000). We will not mail tickets to members to sell. Tickets will be available at all General meetings and at events where WMSA has a table. Additionally, to build our treasury for the coming year, this year’s drawing is aimed towards gaining more WMSA members.


The tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. As an added incentive, bring in a new member at a General Membership Meeting and get a free raffle ticket. Any current member who brings in a new WMSA member gets a free raffle ticket for each new member added to our rolls.

Bring your prospective new member to a general membership meeting and when the new member completes the membership application and pays their dues, you are handed a ticket, no charge! The drawing will be in January 2024, either at the RK Shows or the WMSA General Membership Meeting.

Go recruit new members, get a free ticket for every member and exhaust our limited number of tickets. 

Tickets cannot be purchased online at this time because we have been censored by our payment processor. We are working on an alternate solution.

They may be obtained via mail by sending a check to the WMSA, P.O. Box 11144, Kansas City, MO 64119.

Come to our next General meeting and buy your tickets!
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