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Liberty Notes – January 2013

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

The new book Emily Got Her Gun is an invaluable illustration of how the opposition intends to destroy our rights.  The title Emily is a reporter for a Washington DC newspaper.  After a near-encounter with home invaders she convinced her editor to do a series on how to obtain a legal handgun in Washington DC.  She had no experience with guns at the beginning of the series or knowledge of gun law; that changed.  Her series, which became this book, documents her navigation of the byzantine regulations required to legally possess a handgun.  She found the regulations to be vague and instructions she was given were sometimes wrong.  She was forced to take time from work to obtain the license, but since this series was her work this was not the obstacle it would be for everyone else.  The costs and fees added up to over half the cost of the Sig Sauer pistol she eventually purchased.  She would have to renew the license every five years.

One of Ms. Emily’s problems was to find an instructor for the approved safety course.  Since there are few persons with the time and determination to overcome Washington DC’s obstacles there were no group classes; she would learn alone.  When she found a current list of approved instructors they were nearly all unknown men who said they would present the class in their basement.  Already traumatized the by home invasion she envisioned a venue out of Silence of the Lambs and continued calling until she found a woman who taught the class.

Ms. Emily’s book is a critical response to those sanctimonious persons who claim that “No one wants to take your guns.”  They simply want to harass us until we give them up ourselves.  They underestimate us.

An appendix to Ms. Emily’s book contains roll-call instructions to the DC police.  The chief instructs his troops that if they stop a car and see an empty cartridge case in the vehicle the driver could be arrested.  It bears repeating; a person with a cartridge case and no bullet, gunpowder or primer could be arrested for illegal transportation of ammunition.  The chief advises his troops to investigate and determine if the driver has a license to possess a firearm of that caliber.  If so, the driver should be warned to transport the empty cartridge case legally and not commit such crimes in the future.  Those of us who may pass through the District could not possibly have a DC license and may certainly be arrested for this “crime.”  God forbid that a person has a license for a .380 and is caught with an empty 9 mm short.  The cartridges are identical but a DC policeman may not know this and the prosecutor may not care.  Ms. Emily recounts cases in which innocent persons transported firearms through the District in the belief that the Gun Owner’s Protection Act protected such activity.  However an innocent stop ran them afoul of the District’s Jim Crow attitude and they were charged with illegal possession.  Incredibly, Ms. Emily recounts that the prosecutor seemed to recognize that such brief stops were allowed under the law but continued to prosecute.  I highly recommend this book.

A firm in St. Louis is manufacturing a double barrel derringer called the “Double Tap.”  A letter to the local tabloid is appalled that a mob execution term has been used as the name of this pistol.  He knows that it is a mob execution term because he heard it on TV detective shows.  This innocent seems to have confused TV detective shows with documentaries.  This is the opposition we face.  If we do not answer this nonsense newspaper readers will believe that it is true.  I find that the newspaper will print letters from our side to promote controversy and thus sales.  I know that some of us write letters to legislators who will sneer at our opinions.  We can take a moment to write to the newspaper.

I saw an episode of NCIS in which a fragmenting bullet, like a Glaser Safety Slug, is described as being designed to inflict great pain on persons shot.  This is nonsense.  However it seems that if people see it on TV they believe it.  This must be why people believe that the average hunter is Elmer Fudd and the average deer is Bambi.

A Texas man was hiking on a country road.  Someone called the police because he was carrying an AR-15.  This is legal in Texas, but he was arrested for displaying a gun to alarm.  It is equivalent to Missouri’s law against brandishing.   He was convicted of interfering with a law enforcement officer.  I recently saw the video of the police stop and arrest.  In my opinion he was not arrested for brandishing a gun.  He was arrested for contempt of cop.  He started off telling the cop his job and segued to insulting him.  This never works.  Good manners work.

“In a democratic society a universal prejudice couldn’t be safely disregarded regardless of whether it accorded with justice and sound judgment.” A. Lincoln.  President Lincoln was speaking of the evil of racial prejudice.  At the time opposition to slavery was complicated because even those opposed to slavery could not abide the idea of Blacks being equal to them after being freed.  The President had to compromise on this point in order to abolish the greater evil of slavery.  Today we are faced with the great evil of prejudice against gun owners.  A recent anti-Second Amendment letter to the local tabloid graciously acknowledges that there are reasonable gun owners; but warns that they could go violently insane without warning.  As we seek to abolish infringements on our rights, we must acknowledge the prejudice against us having guns in public places.  The trick is to prevent this prejudice affecting our work to regain our rights.

I continue to hear that President Obama’s decision to kill Osama Bin Laudin was “courageous.”  I find this very odd.  The decision to kill the man was made on 12 September, 2001.  Confirming a decision to kill an enemy leader does not require any degree of courage.

Yes, there is a bill in the Missouri legislature to require gun owners to register their guns with the school or schools attended by their children.  This registers guns and encourages schools to view our children with suspicion.  The opposition wants society to hate us, and now our children too.  The bill is dead on arrival, but illustrates how much they hate us.  WMSA hired a lobbyist to ensure that such bills do not get added to a “must pass” bill.  We rely on contributions to support these efforts.  Every time you hear a false or hateful comment about guns and gun owners, throw a quarter in a coffee can (I would drink the coffee first but suit yourself).  When you have a handful of quarters donate them to WMSA.  We take checks if you want to mail the money.  It is surprising how fast the quarters add up.

Gabby Gifford’s anti-Second Amendment group claims to have collected $11 million to invest in this year’s elections.  Then there are ex-Mayor Bloomberg’s billions.  Then there is the value of the mainstream media who will ridicule, vilify and lie about us.  If any of our number can reach out to a single person and encourage that person to be a little more active, now is the time to do so.

I’ve been reading about what distinguishes humans from the other animals.  It was long and detailed and quite useless.  I remember Mark Twain’s evaluation:  “Man is the only animal that blushes; or needs to.”  I note that the opposition does not blush.  Despite its lies and hypocrisy it does not exhibit this distinctive human reaction.

I am reminded that some have directed the vilest abuse at Democrats in general.  I am also reminded that we have some very good Democratic friends in Missouri.  They should be doubly respected when they run counter to their national party.

We shall overcome.

February 2013

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

People have asked about my new dog Max, the one that is half invisible and half imaginary. He’s doing well. I think he’s learning tricks, but it’s hard to tell; invisible and all.

I saw a DVD of “Warm Bodies.” It is a zombie love story with overtones of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo is the zombie and Juliet human and alive. It cannot be too strongly stated that this movie is not a documentary. At one point a number of humans shoot a number of zombies. This is not hard to believe; there were street fighting scenes in Romeo and Juliet. One of the extras on the DVD has the actors discuss going to the range and learning to shoot with live ammunition. They loved it. One actress seemed reluctant to publicly approve of shooting but admitted that it was cathartic. Mention this to people, everyone wants therapy these days. Get them out to the range. There is no better way to get them on our side.

Two different persons will organize the Friends of NRA dinners in Missouri. The districts are roughly divided by the Missouri river. Travis Scott (753) 819-5091 will be working our area.

A Rolling Stone article objects to requirements for “Safe” abortions and drowning abortionists in red tape. Of course when that is done to harass gun owners it is perfectly all right.

I have been making a list of movies which show characters being taught how to use guns. Good or bad training, it is a short list. In the vast bulk of movies a gun is snatched out of its shipping container already loaded and the character begins cutting down the supporting characters. Reloading never seems to be an issue unless there is a dramatic moment when the lead runs out of cartridges before running out of bad guys. This is how people think guns work. The question is what to do about it? Perhaps a joke about Hollywood guns around the water cooler with co-workers. That might spark a short conversation about reality. A person cannot pick up a .50 rifle for the first time and shoot a target a mile away. A thug cannot pick up an Uzi and be effective; our friend recoil will endanger birds not people.

“Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” Heraclitus

I once heard a Holocaust survivor speak. Not only had he survived a concentration camp, but he had been part of a resistance movement in the camp. He was asked what acts of resistance his group committed. He said that “Survival was an act of resistance.” When someone wants you dead, frustrating that plan is resistance. Right now the administration, the media and others want to kill our rights. Survive.

A letter to the local tabloid recounted a road rage incident that was defused when the writer showed his gun. A second letter writer warned in response that if the assailant had been “exercising his right” to carry it would have ended badly. The tabloid headed the exchange as “Wild West Shootout.” Still, it shows that we can get letters into the paper.

Justice Antonin Scalia of the US Supreme Court told the University of Hawaii law school that the US government may authorize internment camps again, and the Supreme Court may approve it. He was discussing the Japanese internment camps of WW II and the US Supreme Court case Korematsu v United States which approved the internment policy as a wartime necessity. It seems that the government lied to the Court regarding the need for the policy. During the war people were afraid. At the time of the internment policy we were losing badly and there were rumors of “Fifth Column” spies and saboteurs. Contrary to legend, there were Italian and Germans scooped up and interned; but nothing like the numbers of Japanese.

Justice Scalia was not referring to any government action on the horizon. He mentioned am old maxim to the effect, “In the clash of arms the laws are silent.” People were afraid in 1942 and took it out on the Japanese-Americans. Today there are a great many people afraid of violence, school shootings, random crime and crazies with guns. They blame us. Our people are private about our guns, but we have to make our neighbors aware that we are gun owners and we are the good guys. Public display of guns will not do it. This only serves to scare the neighbors even more. We have hats, t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers which state that we own guns. That will work. I would eschew the t-shirts with skulls and similar morbid references; we are trying NOT to scare people.

A letter to the local tabloid warns of the need for gun “safety” and claims that the NRA is an obstacle to this goal. The writer is, of course, an anti-gun flack masquerading her philosophy as “safety.” In any other context a person who knows nothing about how a device works would not be allowed to determine “safety” procedures for it. In any other context they would be mocked as anti-science luddites. The NRA has been teaching safe gun handling since 1871. The opposition’s idea of “safety” is to harass gun owners with petty regulations. For many years the NRA has provided the Eddie Eagle gun Safety Program; for free. The opposition claims that this program teaches children to use guns. This is a lie. What part of; “Stop, Don’t Touch, Leave the Area, Tell an Adult” could possibly be interpreted as encouragement to use guns? They lie about our gun safety program. They try to prevent its use. In one school the administration agreed to use it only if the tiny “Copywrite NRA” notice on the back of the comic book was removed. It seems that they would rather see children die than allow NRA the credit for saving them. She claims that the NRA is a front for gun makers. This is also a lie. Gun makers have their own organization. The opposition has a reckless disregard of the truth.

A sworn law enforcement officer in New Hampshire had a day job as a grounds keeper at a school. He carried his gun because law enforcement officers are generally exempt from place bans. But he got caught. He was a reserve officer, which means that he served for free. This is inconsequential for his police powers but the school decided to give him a choice, resign or be fired. Perhaps they are confused over the concept of “choice.” Both versions have him without a job. He is given this “choice” as punishment. I am a little confused about why he is being punished at all.

The Mexican government is adopting vigilante organizations to fight the drug cartels. This is interesting. The Mexican police and military have been ineffective, and even on the cartel’s side. The vigilantes have been working with federal police and have taken some towns from the cartels. It seems that allowing people to own guns has worked better for Mexico than banning guns. In American history vigilante organizations were formed in response to corrupted law enforcement more than to a lack of law enforcement.

The actor David Niven was in the British Commandos during WW II. He was first assigned to a stay-behind group in case of German invasion. His unit was supposed to go undercover and pretend to be civilians when performing acts of resistance. In his book The Moon’s a Balloon he says that his disguise was a clergyman. In the movie The Guns of Naverone he says “There’s always a way to make explosives go off. The trick is not being around when they do.” He knew whereof he spoke.

No one has commented on my “Hug Me, I Gave Blood Today” sticker. No one hugged me either. I have worn it for three days trying to get some use out of it. When I give blood I make a point of wearing my “Guns Save Lives” button or reading a gun magazine. This tells the staff that a gun nut is doing something good. Every little bit helps.
The 3 April 2014 Rally Day in the Rotunda of the Capital Building in Jefferson City will celebrate TEN YEARS of License to Carry in Missouri. It starts at 10 AM and ends at noon for the traditional visits to legislators. When we proposed License to Carry prohibitionists screamed that it would mean “blood in the streets.” It has not. The opposition will not admit their mistake. We shall rub their noses in it. Please schedule a day off of work to join the fun.

This September will mark the 25th anniversary of the founding of WMSA. I could go over the changes we have accomplished. I would rather go over our objectives for the next 25 years.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – July 2013

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

During the Zimmerman trial it came up that he carried his gun with one in the chamber and his pistol had no mechanical safety issue.   The defense cross examined the police officers who testified that they carry with one in the chamber and their Glocks have no mechanical safety.

A boy wore an NRA T-shirt to school.  The shirt displayed an image of an AR-15 with mounted scope.  All hell broke loose.  The police were called.  The boy tried to explain his First Amendment rights to the officer and was charged with interfering with an officer.  The charges have been dropped.   This is another example of “zero tolerance” (because thinking is just so hard!).

The Governor has vetoed HB 436, the “Firearms Freedom Act.”  He complained of the provision preventing enforcement of federal restrictions in Missouri.  He also complained that the provision preventing publication of the names of gun owners, claiming it violated the free speech right of newspapers to publish photos of hunters.  No word on our privacy rights.  We will have another shot at this during the veto session.  Kansas is already preparing for litigation with the federal government over the enforcement issue.  That case will decide our statute as well, so “nullification” is a non-issue.

I spent the 4th of July listening to firecrackers and wondering how many idiots were firing guns in random directions.  When WW II ended, Dad was on Okinawa, and as he described it “every nut on the island started shooting.”  Not Eugene O. Jamison; he found the deepest bunker on the island and stayed there until the noise stopped.  People were killed celebrating the end of the war.

The opposition questions why we don’t promote “safety” by which they mean gun control.  We have taught gun safety for over a century.  I am irritated by people who know nothing about guns lecturing about gun safety.

I cleaned out the WMSA storage room and have had a problem finding things ever since.  There were a lot of things for recycling.

Carter administration commissioned study on gun control which came back that it didn’t work.  Clinton administration Justice Department commissioned study on guns and self-defense which found that it happened frequently.  It is amusing that it spent much of the study complaining that its results couldn’t be right.  Obama administration commissioned reliable CDC to write “Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence” which came back “more guns less crime.”  They should get a clue.

Shelby Winslow, student at Summit Lakes Middle School in Lee’s Summit shot 287 out of 300 at the 2013 World National Archery in Schools Program Championship 29-30 June.  She competed against 3,000 archers from 22 states and two Canadian provinces.

Edward II ordered his huntsman to write book on hunting in the early 14th century.  Those who saw Braveheart will remember that he was the possibly homosexual son of “Longshanks” the villain of the movie.  History is quite sure that he was not “possibly homosexual;” he was quite definitely homosexual.  Although he did manage to have several children with his wife, Queen Isabella, out of a sense of duty if not lust.  The Queen may have been about 12 when married (historical records have mislaid her driver’s license).   After a long period the Queen learned what everyone else knew, and that he was doing to the country what he was doing to young men.  She organized a rebellion against him, the only queen in British history to do so.  The King sent out armies against her.  They promptly defected to the Queen’s side.  The King was captured and imprisoned.  After a daring escape attempt he either became a religious hermit or was murdered by having a red-hot poker thrust through his nether regions.  Nothing about Edward II’s life indicates a religious bent.  People do change, but not usually for the better.  A biography of Queen Isabella discusses if a red-hot poker could reliably and promptly kill a man in this manner.  I have no opinion and am willing to forgo scientific inquiry.  It is from such peculiar persons that we have the first book on hunting; which is not in my local public library.

Illinois has passed a License To Carry law, and with it a prohibition on stricter laws by city governments, like Chicago.  I do not have full details on their law.  It appears that they will not have reciprocity with other states.  One source says that it is possible for persons from other states to go to a 16 hour class in Illinois and receive a license.  This is a start.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty.  This was clear from the evidence.  When the story first broke I worried that he was some kind of nut.  My mistake was in believing the media.  The Chief of Police saw no evidence against him, and was fired.  The prosecutor’s information technology director stated that the defense had not been given all of the evidence as required, and was fired.  The prosecution demanded that the jury invent facts, assume that they are evidence, and find him guilty.  A juror has said that in the first vote they were split down the middle but the evidence and the law brought the other side over to not guilty.  They were sure that there was no racial animosity on the part of George Zimmerman.  The FBI investigated and found that there was no racial issue.  The usual suspects are demanding that he be punished for things he did not do, for anything.  They demand that we all be punished for things George Zimmerman did not do.  We will hear demands that self-defense laws be infringed.  There is an ongoing claim that this case illustrates a “danger” of Stand Your Ground” laws.  But Stand Your Ground was not an issue in this case.  One cannot decide to stand one’s ground when an assailant is sitting on him pounding your head into a concrete sidewalk; there is simply no choice.  It is claimed that Mr. Zimmerman’s injuries were not severe.  He may not have had the leisure to self-diagnose when his head was being pounded into the sidewalk.  If he had waited for his injuries to be “severe” it might have been too late to act.  Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Detached reflection is not required in the presence of an uplifted knife.”  The uplifted knife in this case was a concrete slab.  Courts have considered if sidewalks, walls and in one case a faucet were weapons.  There is no difference in taking up a chunk of concrete and swinging it into a man’s head or pounding the head into a concrete sidewalk.  The result is the same.  The usual suspects complain on the basis of made-up evidence.  One commentator claimed that Mr. Zimmerman referred to Mr. Martin with a racial slur.  He actually said that it was “F—-ing cold” but the truth is not important when they have their own message to support.  Trayvon Martin was not the innocent in this.  He could have walked away but he chose to confront Mr. Zimmerman.  He threw the first punch.  He still could have walked away but chose to sit on his victim and pound him some more.  Martin still could have walked away but he chose to pound his victim’s head against the concrete.  Martin still could have walked away but he told his victim that he was going to die and grabbed for his gun.

The Mountain States Legal Foundation suit against the post office has been successful.  We can now leave our guns locked in cars on post office parking lots.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – Aug 2013

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

On “Stand-your-Ground” Laws from Damien Vaught:

Liberal friends say to me, ‘… we need to repeal stand-your-ground laws’. I respond politely, ‘… and what will we replace them with, Run-and-Hide Laws?’ Obligating retreat greatly empowers violent criminals, while requiring clairvoyance on my part. While I am focused on a serious criminal threat, I have to magically intuit a route of retreat, which is likely behind me, bypassing good cover, all the while keeping track of where I am going, where family members are, and where my attacker(s) is.” How do you expect that to work in any practical way? Should African Americans be forced to run away from racist skin-heads? Should homosexuals, threatened with violence because of their orientation, be thrown in jail when they fail to run for their lives? Should a would-be rape victim be prosecuted, because she doesn’t run from her own home? When the answer is, ‘No! Of course not!’ then I have a news-flash for you. You support ‘stand-your-ground’ laws.” Comment: Liberals predictably push for laws that generate victims, as victims are the only kind of citizens they want. “Stand-your-Ground” laws empower good and decent people, but occasionally result in dead criminals, the same criminals that are treasured by liberals, because they generate victims!

Missouri does not have a “Stand Your Ground” law. Unless you are on property that you own or rent you must retreat if you can do so in complete safety. Complete safety is a very high standard in my view.


From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth,

From the laziness that is content with half-truths,

From the arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,

O God of Truth, deliver us.”



New York City Mayor Bloomberg is doing a bus tour in which the names of “gun victims” are recited. During a recent event the name of Tameran Tsarnaev was included in the recital. Mr. Tsarnaev was one of the Boston Marathon bombers who was killed by the police. Investigation showed that many of the names recited were killed by the police or in acts of self-defense. To the Mayor these people are “victims”.


A concealed carry student told me of an attempted home invasion. She had a dog, alarm system and automatic security lights. She screamed for his husband to get his gun, and only then did the intruder break off the attempt. She had drilled her kids on what to do in case of emergency, but when she screamed they came downstairs into the danger zone. She now drills them to lock themselves in the bathroom and lie down in the tub.


The Arizona court of appeals has ruled on the right of police to temporarily disarm citizens they encounter. In State v Serna 1CA-CR 11-0675 the police were in a voluntary encounter with Mr. Serna. During this encounter the police spotted a bulge under his shirt. They asked if he had a gun. He said yes. They took the gun and asked if he was a felon. Mr. Serna confused his right of free speech with a right to remain silent and said” yes.” He was convicted of being a felon in possession. He appealed on the grounds that the officers had no right to take his gun. The court ruled that the officers have the right to do so for their safety because even the best encounter can go bad. The Constitution only protects against “unreasonable” search and seizure. Arizona has a statute that allows officers to temporarily seize guns. Missouri does not. This case will lead to more such statutes. A troll commenting on this case promises a fight if any officer tries to disarm him. This is massively stupid. He publicly states that he intends to fight a police officer who attempts to legally disarm him. This cannot go well for him. I believe that if a Missouri court considered this issue it would come to the same conclusion. I do not like being disarmed, but we must consider the public relations aspect. We need to win friends and influence people. If we insist on taking all of our rights to the extreme we will lose all of them. As Frederick the Great said, “He who tries to hold all holds nothing.” To get into a constitutional argument with the police at the side of the road hurts us. It is not possible to win such an argument. It is not possible to win a fight with the police at the side of the road. If we win over the police, it becomes easier to win over the rest of the public.


A Colorado District Court has ruled that we can leave our guns locked in our cars in Post Office parking lots. We are still banned from carrying them into the Post Office itself. This is only the ruling of a district court in Colorado, but the Post Office has not elected to appeal and so this will doubtless be the policy across the country.


Shauntay Henderson shot and killed a man trying to run her over with a Ford F 150 pickup truck. Ms. Henderson had a reputation for violence and this may explain the procedure of the case. She was convicted of voluntary manslaughter. The Missouri Western District Court of Appeals ruled that she could easily have avoided the truck and did not need to kill the driver. I don’t know how agile Ms. Henderson is or if that agility is superior to the speed of a pickup truck. I hate to see courts get into speculation over what defendants could have or should have done. This cannot work well for self-defense cases. I had a client kill a man who was trying to run him over. The prosecutor filed murder charges, largely because he was on bond for drug charges at the time. A half-dozen witnesses said that it was self-defense. I demanded a speedy trial but the prosecutor kept him in jail on an impossible bond until the last moment in the belief that some witness would turn up to support the prosecution case.


Bond is becoming a problem. The US Constitution guarantees that “Excessive bail” shall not be imposed. Courts have been imposing extremely high bonds on the grounds that the defendant is charged with a serious crime. The purpose of bond is to ensure that the defendant will show up for trial or that some other party will ensure that he does. The seriousness of the case should enter into bail considerations only if it might encourage the defendant to run or if it can be shown that he is a danger to the community. I saw a case in which the defendant was declared dangerous by the federal agents because of the number of guns found on the property. Later investigation showed that half of the guns were found in another man’s trailer and none of the guns belonged to the defendant. The agents certainly knew where they found the guns and possibly who they belonged to. They lied to the judge to keep him in jail in order to pressure him to testify against a local militia. He knew nothing about the local militia so things worked out badly for him. It is important to know something criminal about someone so that he can be thrown to the wolves if you are arrested. Of course, if you know something criminal about someone, it is possible that you might be charged with conspiracy involving the criminal act. It doesn’t have to make sense. Its just the law.


Recently a Saudi national was charged with murder in Warrensburg. His bond was set at $2 million. The Saudi government put up the two million but the judge refused to release the defendant on the grounds that a government posted the bond. When pressed, the judge said that he was concerned that immigration might deport the defendant before trial. This is entirely possible. I once had a foreign client who bonded out of jail and was promptly arrested by immigration. I had to ask the court to revoke his bond in order to finish his criminal charge. He got off on the crime, and was promptly deported. The Saudi has been released from jail, but only because the prosecutor dismissed the charges. The witness against him turned out to be unreliable.


The local paper triumphantly states that insurance companies will not insure schools with armed teachers or staff. Actually some insurance companies refuse to insure such schools; not all. The paper claims that companies have bailed out because it is not safe to have armed teachers. It is nothing of the kind. When lunatics massacre children, insurance companies do not pay. They only pay for negligence, mistakes, not deliberate actions such as crimes. If a teacher drops a gun and someone is injured, the insurance company pays. This is extremely unlikely but insurance companies do not like to pay. If a teacher stops a massacre, the insurance company gets nothing. If the teacher has an accident, the insurance company pays. They love their money more than they love our children.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – October 2013

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

I have a new dog, his name is Max.  He is a cross-breed.  He is half imaginary and half invisible.  This is a rare combination and very rarely seen.

I notice that I have often criticized open carry.  I want to be clear, open carry is a right.  It is also a terrible tactic which is being badly employed; but it is a right.  Starbucks was more or less on our side.  Then a bunch of people began gunflashing in their shops.  Now they are more or less not on our side.  Alliances are difficult.  Starbucks doesn’t care about the Constitution; they only want to sell coffee.  Getting them back to more or less on our side is not likely to happen.  The worst thing is the bad guys get to claim a victory.

A Baltimore Police Officer has been charged with Second-Degree Assault and reckless endangerment after accidentally shooting a police recruit.  Part of their “evidence” is that he showed an “unhealthy attachment” to his gun.  Their basis for this is that he refused to hand the gun over after the shooting.  Prosecutors also claim that it was not necessary for him to be carrying his gun during the training.   It is not unusual for persons to become “detached” after a shooting and not respond as they normally would or as others expect them to react.  Police officers are reluctant to be disarmed for any reason.  This indicates the sort of prejudices which might be advanced after any defensive gun use.

A woman had her husband declared legally dead after he disappeared for the requisite number of years.  Seven years after this legal event he reappeared and petitioned to be declared legally alive.  He was denied, and must remain dead, because the state law does not allow such declarations to be modified after three years.  I keep telling people, it doesn’t have to make sense, its just the law.

A legislative aide in the Missouri Capital Building left his gun in a public toilet.  It is legal for legislators and staff to carry in the Capital Building.  The Capital Police found the gun and returned it.  It would appear that all was well.  But in repeated front page editorials the Kansas City Star speculated about the bloodbath which might have occurred if things had gone differently.  It demands that the entire law be “flushed” because of this one non-event.  The aide was careless, and has resigned because of it.  However, this is a mistake which happens in police circles with some frequency.  Unless the Star is willing to demand that police be disarmed they should re-think their position; but they will not.  When our concealed carry law passed there were widespread predictions of blood in the streets.  The Star joined in the hysteria.  After nearly ten years of practice we see that there has not been blood in the streets.  The Star is reduced to speculating that if certain things went differently some blood might have flowed in the street.  I know that people and institutions are reluctant to admit error, but the recent front-page editorial speculated that there will now be increased support for control.  If we do not contact our legislators this fantasy will become reality.

Malala Yousafzai is the Pakistani girl who was shot by the Taliban for the “crime” of advocating education for girls.  She survived and was the sentimental favorite for the Nobel Peace Prize.  The Prize went to an organization that works against chemical weapons; unsuccessfully it seems, but it is the thought that counts.  In her autobiography she recounts her efforts which began when she was 11 and did not end when she was shot four years later.  She says that she had often imagined what she would do if a terrorist jumped out and shot her.  She thought that she might throw her shoe at him, but thought,  “that if I did that, there would be no difference between me and a terrorist.  It would be better to plead, ‘Okay, shoot me, but first listen to me.’”  Miss Malala is perhaps 16 years old now and 16 year-olds often say foolish things but since she has had the experience this is a monumentally foolish thing to say.  In the event, she did not throw a shoe, she did not ask him to listen, she sat frozen as he fired his pistol at her.  If she had thrown a shoe she might have spoiled his aim.  If she had shot the terrorist it would have saved her a year of recovery, and the lives of other terrorist victims.  Self-defense is in no way just as bad as the terrorist.  It not only saves your life and limb, but the lives and limbs of future victims.  There is a distinct difference between seeking out a victim to injure and acting to prevent that injury.  Even so, this is an exceptionally brave young woman.  She has displayed more courage as a child than many grown men.  I cannot count the number of gun owners who have told me they will not act to preserve their rights because they “don’t want to be on a list.”

I have heard of a number of street fairs which have posted signs demanding “No Guns.”  In my considered legal opinion (and I get to have one of those) these signs are illegal and of no effect.  The state statute on concealed carry says that guns are banned from the “gated area” of an amusement park.  If we accept that these street fairs are amusement parks they still do not have a gated area.  Since they are on city streets there is no private entity which can ban guns by posting signs.  Of course, opinions are ubiquitous.  The people who post those signs really believe that these signs have some effect, that persons who violate the law obey signs.  Any of our people caught violating these signs may be arrested and their guns confiscated.  I would bring this up at a city council meeting.  Illegally posting these signs may expose the city to suits for false arrest or deprivation of property without due process of law.  The city may respond with the excuse that beer is often sold in these street fairs.  The license to sell beer is peculiar to the booth selling it.  As long as the armed citizen does not belly up to the bar it is not a violation.

Before the election President Obama claimed that he respected our rights.  After the election the first chance he had he went after us.  We were warned.  There will be another like him.  Something to remember.

A KU journalism professor sent out a “tweet” following the Navy Yard shooting that “blood is on the hands” of the NRA.  He went on to write “Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters.”  He does not see anything wrong with wishing death on our children.  Anti-gun persons hate us AND our children.  Members of the Kansas legislature demanded that the professor be fired.  The professor is defended in the local paper for exercising his freedom of speech.  In any other context this would be called hate speech.

A recent Missouri case ruled that when a suspect has the right to call a lawyer, it is not a right to call any particular lawyer.  The courts think we are all interchangeable.

General James Matits USMC is quoted as saying “The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears.”  Whether we are fighting a gang thug in an alley or anti-gun thugs in the legislature we have to fight smart.  I often want to call these anti-gun creatures liars to their face, but that is not always smart.  The point is not to make points or crush the opposition.  The point is to convince the audience that we are right.  With any luck, I get to do that while crushing the opposition.

The General also said, “Marines don’t know how to spell the word defeat.”  I can sympathize, I can’t spell either.

I was reading The Outpost concerning a US outpost in eastern Afghanistan.  The outpost was placed for political reasons and placed badly.  It sounded like a reenactment of Dien Bien Phu.  A Special Forces Team based out of the area.  The Team had a meeting with local tribal leaders.  After the meeting a leader offered to go with them to the next village and two Afghan policemen offered to go along.  After a couple of hours the Afghan police announced they were out of their jurisdiction and turned back.  Then the tribal leader decided he had an urgent need to go in a different direction.  The Team was surprised to be ambushed.  If this was a movie children would have been shouting warnings.  Excellent book.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – November 2013

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

I listened to the audiobook Waiting to Tell the Truth by Amanda Knox.  This was the American student in Italy whose roommate was murdered and she was blamed.  It is an example of authorities focusing on a person and then interpreting all evidence to conform to their theory, or disregarding it entirely.  Ms. Knox became a suspect because she did not behave as the authorities thought she should.  She lied about marijuana use and that may have started the suspicions.  Her actions after discovering the body were deemed “inappropriate” by the authorities.  She hugged and kissed her boyfriend for example.  Under stress people want human contact, but this was interpreted as callous.  She had not seen her roommate on the night of the murder but left a text messages “See you later.”  The police took that as evidence of an appointment and would not accept that in English it is a cordial “goodbye.”  Her nickname “Foxy” was taken as sexy, devious and deceptive.  She tried to please the police but being unable to give them what they wanted only got deeper in trouble.  A police officer asked her about yoga and she demonstrated, this was considered odd behavior and thus suspicious.  She saw specks of blood did not know what they signified and was abused for not knowing.  Although learning to be an Italian interpreter her language skills were not up for the interrogation.  The interpreter provided was a police officer and served to interrogate rather than explain.  The one provided in court was no better.

She thought that if she told the truth the police would realize her innocence.  She did not realize that they had already made up their minds and were angry she did not confess.  She was hit in the head and yelled at during interrogation but still thought only had to tell truth.  She was so naive that when she was handcuffed and jailed she thought that it was protective custody.

At trial her clothing was taken as evidence that she was a psycho.  She wore a pink “All we need is love” T-shirt and that was interpreted as evidence that she was a killer.  Astonishingly, her lawyers did not advise her to dress for success.  Her cell mates were informants, jail administrators interrogated her and conversations with her family bugged and leaked to press.  Forensics were invented, faked, and imaginary.    A “murder weapon” was selected on a hunch because it was cleaner than other knives in the kitchen.  It was deemed “not inconsistent” with the murder despite being too short to have made some of the wounds.   Ms. Knox’s case was used as an example in John Douglas’s Law and Disorder in which he reviews cases in which the authorities did not let hard evidence get in the way of a good theory.  Both books are examples of how innocent parties can get railroaded.

The Liberator is about an officer who was in extended close combat during WW II.  He liberated the concentration camp at Dachau.  His combat-stressed troops were horrified at what they saw in the camp and killed SS prisoners before he could stop them.  There were false allegations that he encouraged the murders which could have seen him court-martialed had not General Patton intervened.  In Colorado after the war he became a lawyer and state Supreme Court judge.  When a relative’s house was robbed he showed up with his old .45.  When a grandson was shot and killed he became an anti-gun crusader.  He spouted things about gun law that were not remotely the law.  We see these emotional reactions in anti-gun people.  Many believe it is fine for them to own guns, but the rest of us are suspect.

Two Wisconsin duck hunters were shot at by an animal lover.  It seems that he loves all animals except humans.  He told news media that he did not shoot at the hunters but “180, 90, 45, 22 & ½ degrees” away from them.  His sense of direction was not encouraging.  He was sorry only that he was arrested.  The hunters did the right thing.  They retreated, replaced the loads in their shotguns with buckshot and called the police.  They did not shoot as they had no clear target.  Both sides seem to believe that firing birdshot was not potentially lethal.  They were wrong.

I read an article about shooting wild hogs.  The author found that the 5.56mm/.223 rifles did better than shotguns with buckshot or slugs.  That surprised me.  It seems that penetration is required.  Wild hogs are a menace to farms and woodlands.  Their population is growing.  The tone of the article was that wild hog season was anytime you saw one.  I would have to check on that in Missouri.

It is against federal law for non-resident aliens to possess firearms.  This means that foreign students and tourists cannot shoot or hunt.  The only exception is for someone here on a hunting visa.  I have been doing immigration work for 30 years and have never seen a hunting visa.  This is a shame.  Visitors to our shores should be able to engage in the American sport.

There was a nazi rally in Kansas City.  They were vastly outnumbered by the anti-nazi protestors but it is a little like seeing some smallpox germs around long after the disease was thought destroyed.  Guns were banned from the rally area, even for people with licenses to carry.  I was asked later if this was legal.  It was not.  The police cannot declare public streets to be a “gun free zone.”  I remember a case in North Carolina some 35 years ago.  The nazis held a march and some communist organization showed up as a counter.  Both sides were looking for trouble and of course they found it.  I do not recall who shot first, but people died.  The Kansas City Star denounced the nazis of course; they are racists.  They are also “National Socialists.”  They are devoted to a discredited economic system.  They are devoted to a system which embraces a dictator who tells them what to do.  They should be laughed out of existence.  Of course they do get to prance about in special uniforms.

A 3-D printer has made a steel gun.  This is a more complicated and expensive proposition than the plastic gun of a few months ago.  It is further notice that gun control is impossible.

A lead smelter near St. Louis has closed.  This smelter extracts lead from ore and I am reliably informed that this closure will have zero effect on ammunition production.  Our bullets are made from recycled lead.  Another reason to recycle.   Smelters that recycle lead continue to function.  This is a reason to keep track of such things but not to panic.

There was a proposal to lower the age for a concealed weapons license to 19.  The problem is that this would lose us reciprocity with several states, perhaps many states.  Tim Oliver’s Learn To Carry course is approved for Maine, which issues licenses to 19 year olds.  The license is valid in Missouri.  The licensees cannot buy handguns in stores, but family can give them one.

Some instructors using my DVD on the legal part of a concealed carry course have found that sheriffs want a copy of my DVD before approving the course.  The law only allows for an outline of the course.  I have provided one of these instructors with my outline for the DVD.  That seems to have worked.  If anyone else needs a copy, let me know.

The Polsinelli law firm has written a letter to the Missouri Sheriffs’ Association stating that concealed carry instructors do not have to pay a $10 fee to be on an approved instructor list, but if they do, they only need to pay it in their home county and it is good for the entire state.

We shall overcome.