Constitutional Carry passes Kansas legislature

Constitutional Carry is headed for Governor Sam Brownback’s desk. The bill has passed both Houses of the legislature and only needs Brownback’s signature to pass into law.

The House approved the bill Wednesday on an 85-39 vote. The Senate passed it last month, but a House committee made a technical change that senators had to review. The Senate signed off, 31-8, about two hours after the House’s vote.

The House also approved, 100-24, a bill prohibiting cities and counties from imposing special fees and taxes on guns or gun sales. It would follow up on a law last year aimed at nullifying local restrictions and goes to the Senate. — ABC News.


WMSA March General Meeting, Tuesday, March 24, 2015

General Membership Meeting
is normally the 4th Tuesday of every odd-numbered month

Door prizes and drawings every meeting.


Bass Pro Stop Conservation Conference Room, Lower Level

18001 Bass Pro Drive
Independence, MO 64055

Next WMSA general membership meeting

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
7:00 PM

Bass Pro Shop, I-70 and I-470

Independence, MO


We’re having a raffle!

It’s time for another fundraiser. Last year we raffled off a Ruger 10/22 configured to look like a Thompson SMG. This year we’re raffling off an AR-15.

The rules for this years raffle are a bit different than from previous raffles. First, we’ve limited the number of raffle tickets to only 500. Second, unlike some previous raffles, we will not mail tickets to members to sell. Tickets will be available at all General meetings and at events where WMSA has a table. Third, in addition to building our treasury for the coming year, this year’s raffle is aimed towards gaining more WMSA members.

The tickets are $10 each. Only 500 are being printed. If you buy one ticket, you have one chance in five hundred of winning. If you buy two tickets, your chances rise to two chances in five hundred. As an added incentive, bring in a new member and get a free raffle ticket. Any current member who brings in a new WMSA member gets a free raffle ticket for each new member added to our rolls.

Bring your prospective new member to a General membership meeting and when the new member completes the membership application and pays their dues, you are handed a ticket, no charge! No WMSA funds were used to acquire the rifle nor the accessories.

The drawing for the rifle will be at the January 2016 general meeting…or earlier if all the raffle tickets are sold. Don’t want to wait until January? Go recruit new members, get a free ticket for every member and exhaust our limited number of tickets. The quicker they are all gone, the sooner we’ll have the drawing.

Tickets can also be obtained via mail by sending a check to the WMSA,  P.O. Box 11144, Kansas City, MO 64119.

If you win, what will you get? You get more than just the rifle. The rifle itself is a flat-top M4 clone.


DPMS Sportical M-4 Clone (Photo of the actual rife.)


  • DPMS Sportical Carbine AR-15 rifle / 5.56 NATO 16” barrel
  • 4 Magpul 30 round magazines & one factory 30 round metal magazine.
  • Soft side tactical rifle case with 6 Pockets.
  • Miculek DPMS Muzzle Brake — installed.
  • Hogue overmolded pistol grip — installed.
  • NcStar 3X9 power dual illuminated reticle tactical rifle scope — installed.
  • 1 case (500 rds.) Federal XM193, 5.56mm 55g, FMJ Ammunition.

Here’s your chance for an AR, or another if you already have one. Come to our next General meeting and buy your tickets!