HB 188 – An attack against Missouri’s grassroots organizations

Update: HB 188, renumbered HB 222, failed to pass in the legislature. The bill never had a hearing.

HB 188 has been prefiled in Jefferson City by Representative Caleb Rowden (R-Columbia). It’s stated purpose is for ethics reform. On the contrary, the bill, if passed, would require the disclosure of membership and donor lists of 501.C4 organizations, like WMSA, who spends at least 25% of their budget on political issues.

As stated on our website and Facebook group, WMSA’s purpose is to support and defend gun owners and firearm rights. This bill, if passed, would require WMSA to disclose our membership and donor lists. WMSA will rigorously defend our privacy and that of our members and donors. We solicit the support of our members, and that of other affected organizations who will also be affected by this bill.

Board of Directors

Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

The bill was discussed in the following article that appeared in the Columbia Daily Tribune on Sunday, December 28, 2014.

Diehl endorses bill requiring political not-for-profits to reveal donors

By Rudi Keller, Sunday, December 28, 2014 at 12:00 am

A bill introduced by Rep. Caleb Rowden to force more disclosure of political spending received a significant endorsement last week when incoming House Speaker John Diehl said it is a priority for inclusion in a package of changes to state ethics laws.

Rowden’s bill would require corporations or other entities formed under state business laws to report the sources of their funds when spending to influence elections exceeds 25 percent of their annual budget. The bill, said Rowden, R-Columbia, is intended to exempt entities with a wide range of activities from disclosure while putting a spotlight on those with a primary purpose of influencing elections.

Most political spending in Missouri is done by committees defined in law and required to report donations and expenses to the Missouri Ethics Commission. But when an individual, labor union, corporation or a not-for-profit organization spends money directly to influence voters, only the amount spent, not the source of the money, is disclosed.

The complete article can be found on the Columbia Daily Tribune website.

You may read the bill as filed by following the link below.



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Another slap against the Antis

The City of Washington, DC, lost another court fight yesterday. DC’s “may issue” law for CCW was deemed unconstitutional. There are few states left that aren’t “shall issue”, New York and New Jersey being two. Some believe the DC decision may lead to a visit to SCOTUS to declare “may-issue” is unconstitutional.

Could new SAF win eventually take right-to-carry back to SCOTUS?

Dave Workman, Seattle Gun Rights Examiner, May 19, 2015 9:06 AM MST

Could the Second Amendment Foundation’s important victory yesterday in a right-to-carry case that secured a preliminary injunction against the District of Columbia’s restrictive “good reason” permit requirement give gun rights advocates another chance to get Supreme Court review because of conflicts in the lower courts?

That may be the proverbial $64 question, because yesterday’s order by federal Judge Frederick J. Scullin cut straight to the bone of contention over whether local governments can require citizens to demonstrate some arbitrarily-defined “justifiable need” to secure a carry permit. In Judge Scullin’s 23-page opinion, that apparently doesn’t hold water. The case is known as Wrenn v. District of Columbia. The ruling may be read here.

The column continues at the Examiner website. Little by little universal, “shall issue” CCW is coming to the nation.


May WMSA General Meeting coming up

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CCW and Jackson County’s Sheriff Mike Sharp

UPDATE!  Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp finally bows to pressure—and a 21,000 license/renewal backlog, to hire two part-time workers to help reduce the backlog. The cost, spread across the two temporary, part-time, employees is $17,000.

Here’s the link to the story from KSHB.



At our general meeting last night the continuing saga of Jackson County’s Sheriff Mike Sharp was brought to the floor by a member. A blog post appeared today about that issue.