It’s Election Day!

Update: Bill E. Kidd won by 9 points. Jacob Turk lost, although he came close to beating Cleaver. Cleaver won by 7 points. This is the closest Turk has come to beating Cleaver. There have been allegations of Cleaver supporters attempting to intimidate Turk supporters.

You can find the state and federal MO election results here.

Wherever you are, vote today for the candidate of your choice. WMSA has endorsed Jacob Turk, MO Congressional District 5 and Bill E. Kidd, for MO State Representative, District 20. The polls are open now.

Don’t know where to vote? Here is a link to find your polling place. Just enter your home address.


Press Release: October 24, 2014


Western Missouri Shooters Alliance
Post Office Box 11144 –  Kansas City, Missouri 64119  Hot Line (877) 333-WMSA

23 October, 2014  Release

Subject:  celebratory gunfire

Contact:  Kevin L. Jamison (816) 455-2669


What goes up must come down.  WMSA warns Royals fans not to fire their guns to celebrate the team’s wins.  “It violates gun safety rules to fire unless you are certain where the bullet will land,” said WMSA President Kevin L. Jamison.  “People have been killed by celebratory gunfire.  Violation of safe shooting rules has been found to be the basis for a manslaughter conviction.  See State v Whiteley, 294 S.W.3d 114 (Mo.App. S.D. 2009). Some of our members have seen celebratory gunfire in the Middle-East,” Jamison continued.  “Multiple tragedies have been the result.”


Kevin L. Jamison
2614 NE 56th Ter
Gladstone, MO.  64119-2311
(816) 455-2669
FAX (816) 413-0696



During the September, 2014, General Meeting, WMSA has modified their endorsement policy. Those seeking endorsements must complete the form, available on the WMSA.NET home page, for every election. An endorsement for one election is not an automatic endorsement for any subsequent elections.

WMSA will post copies of the candidate questionnaire as they are submitted and approved the the WMSA Board of Directors.