Armed citizens less likely to commit crimes.

A report has just been released that refutes the left’s claim that gun cause crime. Quite the contrary says the report.

More people are carrying firearms, and these licensees are less likely to be involved in crimes. - Dave Workman photo

More people are carrying firearms, and these licensees are less likely to be involved in crimes. – Dave Workman photo

By Dave Workman – August 11, 2016
Armed citizens – people who regularly carry concealed sidearms for personal protection and are licensed to do so – are among the most law-abiding groups in the country, according to a recent report from the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC).

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We have a winnah!!

Andrew L, a Marine veteran, is the winner of our latest drawing. Congratulations, Andrew. The rifle has been delivered to the winner.

Dick, Andrew, Curt 8 5 2016

Dick H, WMSA Corporate Sec’ty (L), Andrew L (C), Curt C, WMSA Recording Sec’ty (R)

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Next WMSA General Meeting, Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We have a guest speaker for our next meeting—retiring Missouri Sheriff Dwight Diehl of Cass County.  Sheriff Diehl has been a strong defender of the 2nd Amendment and a strong supporter of Gun Rights for Missouri citizens.

General Membership Meeting
is normally the 4th Tuesday of every odd-numbered month

Door prizes and drawings every meeting.


Bass Pro Stop Conservation Conference Room, Lower Level

18001 Bass Pro Drive
Independence, MO 64055

Regular WMSA general membership meetings

Fourth Tuesday of each odd numbered month


July 2016 meeting

Tuesday, July 26, 2016, 7:00PM

Bass Pro Shop, I-70 and I-470

Independence, MO

Note: we have secured the Bass Pro Shop meeting location for all of 2016.


Nixon vetoed SB656, now what?

Nixon has vetoed the Omnibus Firearms bill, SB656. That bill contained numerous improvements to Missouri law for firearm owners and for concealed, and unconcealed, carriers. The bill was passed last Spring with a veto proof majority in both Houses of the Legislature. Many of our members in the Legislature have vowed to repeat their vote in September to override Nixon’s veto.

What we must do now and through the vote in September is to call, write, and email all our Representatives and Representatives and urge them to vote of override SB656’s veto. We must be polite but firm. No threats but a gentle reminder that gunowners helped put them in office and the General election is coming in November.

Nixon’s excuse for his veto was one item, Missouri’s version of Constitutional Carry. It was the old “Blood in the Streets!” theme that has NEVER come true anywhere in the US. Well, perhaps only in those liberal enclaves like Chicago.

Please read Kevin Jamison’s comment below and follow his lead.

Governor Nixon has vetoed SB656.  He claims that it would allow persons to conceal weapons if a background check found a felony conviction (he’s talking about an SIS, a Suspended Imposition of Sentence,) or if the sheriff thought them a danger to the community.  The veto session is important.  We have to get those cards and letters going.

Kevin L. Jamison, President, WMSA



Nixon vetos SB656

As expected, Governor Jay Nixon vetoed SB656 at the last minute.

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon vetoes bill allowing concealed carry without training

Nixon, a Democrat, said the legislation would “make Missouri less safe”

The bill also contains a provision creating a “stand your ground” law

Both the House and Senate passed the legislation with enough votes to override Nixon’s veto