WMSA 25th Anniversary Picnic / September General Meeting

It’s a Celebration!!

It is the 25th Anniversary of the foundation of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance.

When: Sunday, September 28, 2014

Time: Noon to 4:00pm

Where: Crossfire Recreational Center, 21200 E Truman Rd., Independence, MO, 64056


(Update:) WMSA will provide the meat dish and drinks (water). We ask that the members will bring a side dish to fill out the menu and personal drinks if desired.

(Update:) We will be having the dinner catered. You may bring a dessert if you wish and your personal drinks.

We will have four lanes in the indoor range reserved for us as well as a classroom.

A reminder. This will also be our September General meeting. Three Board Member’s terms expire this year. We will be electing three Board Members at this meeting.


SB 656 Passes! Nixon’s Veto Overridden

The override didn’t happen until the wee hours of this morning, but happen it did. The Missouri Senate voted to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto earlier in the evening. The Senate then passed SB 656 to the House.

Senate Bill 656: An omnibus bill dealing with firearms, Nixon vetoed this bill for it’s provisions allowing schools to designate and train a “school protection officer,” to legally carry a firearm on school property. The bill also lowers the minimum age for a CCW permit from 21 to 19. The bill also prohibits health care professionals from asking about requiring asking a patient about firearm ownership or recording and/or reporting such ownership to a government entity. The bill also addresses so-called “open carry” law. Under the bill, local governments will not be able to prohibit CCW holders from engaging in open carry practices. Democratic Senators Scott Sifton and Jolie Justus spent nearly two hours discussing the bill in a semi-filibuster. The bill ultimately passed by a vote of 23-8 along party lines. — The Missouri Times.

Early this morning this morning, the Missouri House voted on SB 656. The House had to have at least 110 ‘Yes’ votes to override Nixon’s veto. Between the hours of 2:00am and 3:00am, the House voted.

Yes – 117, No – 39, Vacancies – 1, Present – 0, Absent – 6

SB 656 will become effective October 11, 2014, thirty days after the passage of the veto override.

RSMO 21.25o a veto override will become effective 30 days from the date of the override.

The Missouri Times website maintained a running update throughout the night. If you are interested in other bills, you can check on them via the links below.

Missouri Senate Veto Override Session status updates.

Missouri House Veto Override Session status updates


Update: Call your legislators: Override the veto of SB 656

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 10th, is the start of Missouri’s Veto Override Session. The session starts at noon. If you can, please go to Jeff City, meet with your representatives and senators and urge them to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of SB-656.


Update: By a reader request, you can find your Missouri legislator here if you aren’t sure.


Democrat Governor Jay Nixon vetoed SB 656 saying he didn’t want guns in the classrooms. The bill provided certification for firearm training and other provisions for armed teachers. What Nixon ignored is that Missouri already allows teachers with CCW to carry in schools—when authorized by the local school board. Nixon’s excuse, other than being a liberal democrat, doesn’t hold water.

The Board of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance urges its members and all shooters across Missouri to call and visit your state Senators and Representatives and urge them to vote to over-ride Governor Nixon’s veto. Call them once, twice, thrice, enough times that they get the message: over-ride the SB 656 veto.

The veto over-ride legislative session is scheduled for September 10th, 2014. The legislature has a number of vetos on its docket. Let’s all makes sure that the first on their list to override is SB 656.


Update: We have a Winner!

WMSA member Wil from North Kansas City has received his Chicago Typewrit…uh, Fun Gun.

Raffle Winner WMSA Wil

Wil from North Kansas City and his new Chicago Fun Gun


The WMSA “Chicago Fun Gun 10-22 Ruger” rifle was won by Wil of NKC, MO!  Congratulations, Wil.  Have fun!  And thanks to ALL who donated to the effort in support of WMSA.





A Cautionary Tale: Shaneen Allen

Shaneen Allen is a young, single, black mother who, after being mugged more than once, acquired a CCW permit from Pennsylvania, her state of residence. She acquired a handgun and a permit just like thousands of others across Pennsylvania. All was well…until she made a mistake. She went to a birthday party in neighboring New Jersey—with her pistol and Pennsylvania CCW permit. She thought New Jersey honored Pennsylvania permits.

She thought she was prepared. She wasn’t. New Jersey doesn’t recognize CCW permits not issued by  New Jersey. Now Ms Allen faces a felony charge and a possible 3-year sentence.

But this post isn’t about Ms Allen’s troubles. It is a very good reminder that not all states have reciprocity with other states. Missouri recognizes all CCW/LTC permits issued by any other state. The contrary is NOT true.

I have a possible trip to Arkansas in the new few days. Missouri recognizes Arkansas CCW permits, and, according to this website, Arkansas recognizes Missouri’s. Before you travel outside your state’s borders, make sure you know where you are legal, where your CCW is not, and know how to carry and store your weapon when you travel from one state to another.