WMSA Website Updates

The WMSA Stay out of Jail card has been updated to reflect the changes in Missouri law due to the passage of SB656. You can download the new card by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of our website’s header.

REMEMBER: Concealed Carry without a permit is NOT legal until January 1, 2017.

We’ve also added a new LTC trainer to our list. Richard Eaton at Great Guns in Liberty (816) 781-2323 or (816) 769-5782.


WMSA Endorses Candidates for the November 2016 General Election

The Board of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance has voted to approve the following endorsements.

US House:    Sam Graves-Dist. 6

                       Jacob Turk-Dist. 5

Missouri Senate:    Ryan Silvey-Dist. 17

                                    Ed Emery-Dist. 31

Missouri House:    Ken Wilson-Dist. 12

                                   T. J. Berry -Dist. 38

                                   Rick Brattin-Dist. 55

                                   Wanda Brown-Dist. 57

All of the candidates above have taken the lead to support our 2nd Amendment rights and to further support firearm ownership and the Right to Carry in Missouri.

In a separate press release, WMSA President Kevin Jamison announced two additional endorsements.

Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

Post Office Box 11144 – Kansas City, Missouri 64119

www.WMSA.net Hot Line (877) 333-WMSA

2 October 2016

CONTACT: Kevin L. Jamison (816) 455-2669 KLJamisonLaw@earthlink.net

Subject: Trump Endorsement


A unanimous vote of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance membership was followed by a unanimous vote of the WMSA Board of Directors. Donald Trump has been endorsed for President of the United States . Many of the membership vigorously opposed Mr. Trump in the primary.

“Hillary Clinton hates our people,” said WMSA president Kevin L. Jamison. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

Post Office Box 11144 – Kansas City, Missouri 64119

www.WMSA.net Hot Line (877) 333-WMSA

2 October 2016

CONTACT: Kevin L. Jamison (816) 455-2669 KLJamisonLaw@earthlink.net

Subject: Blunt Endorsement


The Western Missouri Shooters Alliance has endorsed U.S. Senator Roy Blunt for re-election. “Mr. Kander has a nice commercial in which he takes apart a rifle,” said WMSA president Kevin L. Jamison. “That is fine as far as it goes but Mr. Kander has spent his time in Jefferson City taking apart our rights and not putting them back again.”

“Roy Blunt has proven himself to listen to our concerns and to respect our rights. There is no other choice for Missouri gun owners except Roy Blunt.”


A Comparison between the current Missouri CCW permits and the new non-permit carry

Information on the New Permitless Concealed Carry Law

(Shared from Tim Oliver’s LearnToCarry.com website by permission.)

Have questions about the new Permitless CCW law passed with SB 656?

Here are the answers!

The first is a Permit/Permitless comparison sheet.
The other highlights a number of changes in the law, with a special focus on Permitless Concealed Carry.


Remington Recall



A Settlement Has Been Proposed in an Economic Loss Lawsuit that Alleges Safety Defects

You may be eligible to have your firearm retrofitted or receive other benefits

Recently, a federal judge ordered the parties in an economic-loss class action to remind owners of certain Remington firearms that a settlement has been reached. The settlement involves two classes. The first class includes owners of firearms that utilize a trigger connector. The second class includes owners of firearms that utilize the X-Mark Pro trigger mechanism that is the subject of a voluntary safety recall. The settlement allows owners of Remington models 700, Seven, and related models to have their trigger replaced free of charge, among other benefits.

The settlement was entered following allegations that Remington firearms can fire without a trigger pull. Remington denies those allegations with respect to the trigger connector but is offering trigger replacements to ensure continued satisfaction for its valuable customers. With respect to X-Mark Pro trigger mechanisms, Remington has implemented a voluntary safety recall. If you own a firearm that is subject to the safety recall, stop using your firearm immediately.  Safety has always been a priority for Remington.

Even if you do nothing you will be bound by the Court’s decisions. If you want to keep your right to sue the Defendants yourself, you must exclude yourself from the Settlement Class by November 18, 2016. If you stay in the Settlement Class, you may object to the Settlement by November 18, 2016.

Call 1-800-876-5940 now to learn the models involved, make your claim or find out more. Or visit www.remingtonfirearmsclassactionsettlement.com.
Remington Outdoor Company | 870 Remington Drive | Madison, NC 27025 | United States



Missouri’s SB656 Passes!

The Missouri Legislature overrode democrat Governor Jay Nixon’s veto by a significant margin.

The Republican-led Legislature enacted the law Wednesday by a 24-6 Senate vote and a 112-41 vote in the House. Both exceeded the two-thirds majority needed to override the veto of Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon. – http://bearingarms.com

NRA Applauds Veto Override of Senate Bill 656 in Missouri

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association today applauded the Missouri Legislature’s veto override of Senate Bill 656, common sense self-defense legislation that was vetoed by Governor Nixon in June. This bill will improve the ability of law-abiding gun owners to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

“This is a great day for freedom in Missouri. The legislature stood strong for the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens by overriding Gov. Nixon’s misguided veto,” said Chris W. Cox, Executive Director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Despite the best efforts of Michael Bloomberg and out-of-state gun control groups to defeat the override vote, their agenda was rejected.”

Senate Bill 656 will allow anyone legally allowed to possess a firearm to carry that firearm, while also maintaining the current permit system. In addition, the bill:

  • Expands Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground protections
  • Adds additional permit options to include extended and lifetime permits
  • Specifies that with the exception of credit card fees, no additional fee beyond $100 may be charged to process concealed carry permits
  • Allows members of the military extra time to renew their permits