Jackson County: No shooting

Update: A caller to the WMSA hotline asked for the ordinance in Jackson County that prohibits shooting. WMSA President Kevin Jamison answers:

County Ordinance 5534.2  on the Jackson County website.

5534.2 Unlawful Use of Weapons.
No person shall:
a. Possess or discharge a firearm or projectile weapon while intoxicated;
b. Discharge a firearm or projectile weapon in a careless or reckless manner; or
c. Discharge a firearm or projectile weapon:
(1) Anywhere within the area described as the “Urban Development Tier” in the Jackson County Master Plan “Strategy for the Future,” dated January 1994, as amended; or
(2) In a manner so as to allow a projectile to travel beyond the boundaries of the tract of real property from which it was fired onto another tract not under common ownership.
This subsection 5534.2.c shall not apply to any otherwise lawful activity taking place on the grounds of a firing range or gun club as permitted under section 24005.9 of this code or under the duly enacted ordinances of any competent municipal authority within Jackson County. (Ord. 2106, Eff. 6/16/92; Ord. 4595, Eff. 12/02/1


Jackson County quietly passed an ordinance earlier this year prohibiting firing a firearm within the county.

Kevin Jamison, President of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance, has this to say.

Jackson County has an ordinance which prohibits shooting in the “urban tier” of the country. There is a map of this urban tier but it takes some effort to get. It does not exempt self-defense. The ordinance was slipped through last December without public notice. It does allow for ranges but does not define them and no county permit for ranges exists. This complicates some of the CCW instructors who have a home range. There was a hearing on a repeal sponsored by County Legislator Greg Grounds. The hearing was continued to 28 July, 2014 at 2:30 in the Jackson County Independence courthouse, in the basement. There were a great number of people there today. That always gets a politician’s attention.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s office says that they did not request this ordinance. It is sending a senior member of the sheriff’s staff to the general membership meeting on 22 July, 2014 at 7 PM at Bass Pro Independence. Spread the word.


Yesterday, Governor Nixon vetoed SB 656 saying it endangered the children. Bloomberg’s Moms Demanding Action were ecstatic.


Reminder: July 22, 2014 WMSA General Meeting

The next General WMSA Meeting is next Tuesday in the Conservation Room in Bass Pro Shops (I-70 & I-470). Due to the recent revelation that Jackson County has banned shooting within the county, we will have a senior member of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office present to discuss the issue.

WMSA General Meeting, Tuesday, July 22nd (4th Tuesday), 2014, 7:00pm @ Bass Pro Shop, lower level Conservation Room, Independence, MO


Third Update on SJR 36 (Amendment 5) lawsuit

Update: July 18, 2014.

From Ron Calzone…

Victory in the Missouri Supreme Court for Amendment 5 (SJR 36) on Friday.

All seven judges agreed to dismiss the ballot title challenge as “moot”, since statutes prohibit the court from making changes to the ballot within 6 weeks of an election.

They did not address the ballot title, itself, since they couldn’t change it even if they found it unfair, but the lower court had previously found it to be fair and sufficient.

The big question now is, “Will Bloomberg and other deep pocket anti-gunners mount a last minute campaign against Amendment 5?”

Kudos to Sen. Kurt Schaefer, who sponsored SJR 36, made it stronger as he shepherded it through the process, and then personally fought for it in court, to victory!

Here’s the opinion: https://www.courts.mo.gov/file.jsp?id=75693

Update: July 11, 2014.

The decision below has been appealed. The initial hearing is scheduled in the Missouri Supreme Court (Jeff City), 1:30 p.m. Monday, July 14, 2014. All interested parties who can attend are urged to do so.

Update from Ron Calzone, July 1, 2014…

Very important Missouri court ruling today. As expected and in accordance with clear precedent, a Cole County judge agreed that the “summary statement” in the ballot title for SJR 36 was “fair and sufficient”. Senator Kurt Schaefer not only sponsored this measure, he has been personally defending it in court. Kudos, Sen. Schaefer!

From the judicial order: Case No. 14AC-CC00310

Dismissal Due to Mootness

Senate Committee Substitute for Senate Joint Resolution No. 36 (SCS SJR 36) has been set for the August 5, 2014, election ballot. August 5, 2014, is less than six weeks from the date of this judgment. Consequently, the Court finds that it is without authority to order the changes to the ballot requested by Plaintiffs, and this matter is hereby dismissed as moot. § 115.125.2, RSMo; see Cole v. Carnahan, 272 S.W.3d 392 (Mo. App. W.D. 2008).

Findings as to the Merits

Following arguments by all interested sides, the Court further finds and concludes that the summary statement prepared by the General Assembly is fair and sufficient.

This should be the end of the battle of the SJR 36, Amendment 5 ballot fight with the liberals.


Update: CCW change in Jackson County, MO

A local CCW trainer and WMSA Board Member sent the following e-mail to his Jackson County students. It speaks for itself.

Because you have expressed interest in a Missouri Concealed Carry Class at Raymore Outdoor Sports and it appears you are Jackson County residents, I want to share some information with you that I learned this week from one of my students pursuing a CCW permit in Jackson County.  The Sheriff’s Office is apparently overloaded with applications.  For some time now, they have been operating on an appointment basis to apply for your permit once you have your training certificate. 

Recently, they’ve posted this notice in red at the top of their Webpage regarding CCW applications:


The gentleman who attended my class yesterday stated he called to make his appointment a couple of weeks ago and got scheduled for August 5th!  Therefore, since you are considering a class on 7/26 with us, I’d recommend you call now for an appointment so you don’t have an undue delay in applying once you’ve accomplished your training.  To my knowledge we are not having this type of problem in Cass County but, of course, you must apply at the Sheriff’s Department in your county of residence.

This is a link to the Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Staff Services Division webpage:


Best Wishes and stay in touch.

One of our members sent this. We’re passing it along for your information.

This notice is now posted at the top of the webpage for Jackson County Missouri  Sheriff’s CCW information.  I just became aware of it.  Hope this post keeps someone from allowing their CCW to expire while waiting for a renewal appointment!  The late renewal fee surcharge is only $10 per month (set by state law) but remember – carrying concealed on an expired permit is a felony!  And if you’re expired by over six months, you have to start all over like you never had a permit.




Vote YES! on Amendment 5

 To all Amendment 5 supporters: you can download the message below in .PDF format HERE.




The Western Missouri Shooters Alliance strongly supports this amendment to the Missouri Constitution. All gun owners are urged to get out and VOTE on August 5, 2014 FOR Amendment 5. It strengthens Missouri Citizens right to keep and bear arms.

Amendment 5- Right to Keep and Bear Arms

This amendment would reinforce the right of Missouri citizens to keep and bear arms, ammunition and accessories in defense of their family in addition to the current rights to protect a person’s home, property or themselves. The amendment would remove the language that states that the right to keep and bear arms does not justify the wearing of concealed weapons. The amendment would make these rights inalienable and obligate the state of Missouri to uphold these liberties and under no circumstance decline to protect against their infringement. The amendment does not prevent the legislature from limiting the rights of certain felons and certain individuals adjudicated as having a mental order.

A yes vote will amend the Missouri Constitution to expand the right to keep and bear arms.

A no vote will not amend the Missouri Constitution.

If passed, this measure will have no impact on taxes.

Courtesy of: Western Missouri Shooters Alliance

PO Box 11144

Kansas City, MO 64119