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Will NRA release grades in Reid/Angle race?

David Codrea
September 27, 2010

The National Rifle Association has once again confirmed it will not be issuing an endorsement in the Nevada U.S. Senate race.  Interviewed by National Review Online's Jim Geraghty, Institute for Legislative Action executive director Chris Cox had this to say when asked about the decision to not endorse anyone:

We are a non-partisan organization, and we don’t base any grade or any endorsement on a party affiliation. That’s how we have continued to succeed, by solely considering how a candidate stands on the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms. We send out candidate questionnaires to every candidate, and we look at public statements and the things they say in debates. We focus solely on the right to keep and bear arms, because that’s our issue.

Because Harry Reid is the Majority Leader, this is arguably the most important Senate race in the 2010 election, featuring two candidates who are both appealing to gun owners for support.  Plus it's close--a real nail-biter.

And the 800-Lb. gorilla is sitting this one out.

That NRA will not consider issues outside of the Second Amendment is something those of us who disagree with their refusal to make an endorsement understand.  We also understand that NRA should never allow itself to be considered a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Republican  Party.

So shall we examine Mr. Cox's sole focus?

Where, according to NRA, do candidates Harry Reid and Sharron Angle "stand on the Second Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms"? After all, Mr. Cox goes on to say:

We encourage our members to put it in the forefront of their decision-making, and that’s proven to be a very effective, a very fair, and credible way for NRA to be positioned to help the rights of our members.

The last grade we have from NRA for the candidates is from six years ago. Angle got an "A" and Reid got a "B."

Will NRA tell us how they have currently been graded, so we can take that information and "put it in the forefront of [our] decision-making"? How else would we be able to?

And if they do, will they also explain how they derived the grades if asked for details?

How will not doing either "encourage" us? How will taking no position "position [them] to help [our] rights"?

The NRA Political Victory Fund "Upcoming Elections" page has been put in "pending" mode, awaiting the beginning of October when grades and endorsements for 2010 will be revealed (beyond the ones already disclosed--and why some but not all have been merits another series of questions).

What will we see on Friday when we click on Nevada?  Will NRA release their grades for Reid and Angle?

Will we know by the end of this week?

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