Michael A. Bellesiles, Ph.D., DFL¹


Dr. Bellesiles pronounces his name in the French manner: "bell-eel" a name that translates as beautiful or pretty islands—although the word "belles" at times can denote the telling of fallacious stories. Perhaps we can give this "reknowned historian" a more appropriate appellation of Malsmots which could mean "bad words". [Jacques Tucker's view]

[06/14/02 Bob Tyrell on C-Span's Washington Journal said he thinks the name is pronounced "bell-aisle."  He may be  misinformed]


I happened to catch the tail end of a repeat  "LAW & ORDER" episode  http://www.nbc.com/Law_&_Order/episode_guide/199.html  last week in which the Assistant DA character played by Sam Waterston tells the jury during his closing argument that widespread firearm ownership in early America is a myth. Worse, he was given the last word. No rebuttal. Since this episode first aired September of 1999, that statement is directly traceable to Michael Bellesiles now discredited (http://hnn.us/articles/691.html) historical tome. For that, thanks is owed CLAYTON CRAMER (http://www.claytoncramer.com/weblog/2002_10_20_archive.html#83520846) and others for their fine investigative work. The point here is that this episode of  "LAW & ORDER" will never be corrected. So the bogus information Waterston presents as fact will believed as fact by almost all who see it for decades to come. So will another item. Just prior to his closing, the Waterston character has the accused show how easily he converted a semi-automatic firearm into full automatic with only a small file.  "LAW & ORDER" being the most successful syndication show in the TV history, the influence this episode alone may have on future votes regarding Second Amendment rights is incalculable.

[Taken from a 07/01/2003 message from Leroy Pyle on the 2ampd mailing list]
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The  William and Mary Quarterly of January 2002 contains several articles pertaining to the problems Professor Bellesiles has been having with his credibility. From the Table of Contents of the journal:.

1. DFL Discredited Flagrant Liar