Chris Bird

Privateer Publications San Antonio TX 2004

Paperback $21.95 Many Photos

444 pages  

The Concealed Handgun Manual

Review By K. L. Jamison
The fourth edition adds two-hundred pages to the original book. Given the quality of the original the question is what could be added? The answer is, a great deal.

The author has not simply fleshed out his basic work; he has provided layers of illustrative detail to owning, carrying, and using firearms for self-defense. The author has conducted an impressive amount of research to gather incidents which illustrate the many aspects of carrying and using firearms in self-defense.

The author is an experienced handgun shooter who has presented a guide to carrying concealed weapons. He provides advice on selecting, not only handguns, but also ammunition, holsters, and other accessories. He provides well-reasoned and well-expressed advice on self-defense tactics including non-violent dispute resolution. The book is full of realistic advice from selection of a firearm to the emotional and legal aftermath of a shooting.

The author's approach is so basic that he provides a glossary so that a person who has never held a gun before will have no trouble absorbing the information. At the same time, the work is detailed enough to be of use to experienced self-defense shooters. The combination of a basic approach and broad detail provides an invaluable work for new shooters as well as lawyers and other professionals who need to understand the practical aspects of firearms and self-defense.

There is a brief review of state concealed weapons laws, which by necessity is so general and easily outdated that it can only provide suggestions for subject matter research when going out of one's home state.

The work is a valuable resource for beginning and advanced students of self-defense. It is well worth the time and money.