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Liberty Notes – April, 2014

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Liberty Notes – November, 2014

Liberty Notes – April, 2014

K. L. Jamison

The local paper published a long article claiming that the US Border Patrol is trigger happy. They object to Patrolmen shooting at persons who throw rocks. If they doubt that a rock can kill or injure I have a number of such cases in my files. In one case they claim that a person was shot when crouching down on the ground. Their proof is the angle of the bullet in the body. This only shows the position of the gun relative to the body. In rough terrain one person could be shooting down at a standing person. The dead man could have been bent over charging the Patrolman. The paper’s irrefutable proof was that the coroner had declared the cause of death to be “homicide.” This only means that the person was killed by another person. It does not mean that he was murdered. I try to keep death certificates out of evidence in self-defense cases because many people have the wrong impression that homicide and murder are synonymous.

I took my girlfriend to a gun show. It was a test and the test was successful; other people see her too.

Local police agencies held a shooting competition to raise money for the Special Olympics. A number of civilians participated. The local paper gave the event substantial and favorable coverage. It is the link with the charity that did it. It is difficult to criticize any event which helps disabled children. As the new President of WMSA, I encourage our members to donate blood. It is difficult to criticize such a program and its purpose is to emphasize that after ten (10) years of concealed carry in Missouri, there has been no “blood in the streets.” People who cannot donate for some reason can get family and friends to donate. Wear your “Guns Save Lives” buttons, your Glock T-Shirts and NRA caps when you donate. Let me know when you have done so, I intend to brag on my people.

Again a mass killing at Ft. Hood. The killer is again another soldier and again in a place where no guns are allowed. I saw a news program in which talking heads, apparently retired officers argued against allowing soldiers to carry guns. They say that people who argue that soldiers should be allowed to have guns have not served, that it would cause inconvenience and incidents. They argue that if soldiers carried guns they bullets “would have been bullets going everywhere.” They argue that that if soldiers were armed then the psycho would have had an M-16. First, I did serve. I know that senior officers do not trust enlisted men; grubby smelly noisy people with questionable taste in music, but there are senior NCO’s and officers in whom the paperwork says the military vests all trust and confidence. If the paperwork says so, it cannot possibly be wrong. If the killer had an M-16, so would a hundred others. During the massacre bullets were going almost everywhere, except at the psycho. The moment an MP appeared the killer committed suicide. If there are been other armed persons there, the massacre would have ended quickly or never begun.

I am reliably informed that soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq carried loaded guns at all times. I do not see why they would become unreliable once they are in their own country.

A Vernon New Jersey schoolchild sent for psychological evaluation because another student was “twirling a pencil like a gun.” The complaining student demanded that he be sent to “juvie”. It is reported that the complaining student had been bullying the other boy and the complaint is an extension of that bullying. The school administration claims that they had no choice. It appears that thinking was just too hard.

Former New York Mayor Blumberg has promised to put $50 million into anti-gun political candidates in this election year. We will have to match him with organization. Every time you hear an anti-gun statement, put a quarter in a coffee can, I would drink the coffee first, but that is just me. The quarters add up. This September marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of WMSA, certainly this is worth a quarter now and again. When we began, we had trouble getting politicians to answer our messages. Today they contact us. They ask our opinion on legislation. This is due to the efforts of our members. When we show our strength, they appreciate our position.

A psycho shoots at random cars in south Kansas City, another psycho shoots up the Jewish Center in Overland Park. These are the acts of evil men. Guess who will be blamed.

There is much propaganda about mentally ill people being allowed to buy guns. This is not true. It is being used as an excuse to disarm veterans who, according to Nancy Pelossi, are all mentally ill. She cannot understand men and women who would sacrifice themselves for such as her. Federal law requires all persons who are adjudicated mentally ill by a court to be reported to the NICS system. This law was pushed through by the NRA, who gets no credit for it. It also has a provision to allow people to escape the crazy computer. That is probably what gripes the anti-gun people. They think that anyone who owns guns is crazy. The propaganda is intended to extend the law to include more and more of us. We can win this, but we have to fight to win.

A businessman in Washington D.C. has been convicted of attempted possession of ammunition. The man had a dud shotgun shell and a Minnie ball for a Civil War era muzzle-loader. He had tried to fire the shotgun shell during a hunting trip. It had misfired due to a defective primer or damp powder. The deer he had tried to shoot panicked and ran into a tree, breaking its neck. He kept the shell as a souvenir. The judge examined the shell, shook it and received alarming advice on how dangerous it was by prize idiots employed as prosecutors. He rejected the charge based on the shotgun shell due to lack of expert testimony. The Minnie ball had a hollow at the base. This is designed to cause the bullet to expand and engage the rifling. The judge seems to have believed that this made it a hollow point. Even without any evidence of gunpowder or percussion caps he thought it dangerous and found the man guilty of attempted possession of ammunition. The possession of muzzle loading guns is not illegal in the District, but God forbid they have ammunition. The businessman must now register as a gun offender. This is what they call a “reasonable” gun law.

A man in southwest Missouri was charged with murder. The victim’s family immediately filed a wrongful death suit against him. They then froze the defendant’s assets. Without being able to sell his property he was unable to post bond. I admire the ingenuity of the legal work. I am concerned that it might be used against one of us. There have been problems with extremely high bonds in gun cases. They claim that because we own guns then we must be dangerous, even when our guns have been confiscated. High bonds are intended to keep the defendant in jail pending trial.

California State Senator Leland Yee has a reputation for being violently anti-gun. He is now under arrest for the black-market sale of guns. It was always the bootleggers who voted prohibition.

There is a proposal to establish a “gun court” in Jackson County. This is to establish uniform and severe treatment and very high bonds in gun cases. This has not been done, but the prosecutor’s office has been concentrating gun cases with specific prosecutors. The difference may be subtle, but it is there.

I do the legal instruction for a concealed carry class at Great Guns in Liberty. As part of the program I explain the requirements for using deadly force (killing) home intruders. In one class a student said that he didn’t care what the rules were if he caught someone in his home he would . . . I told him to shut up, and not in a nice way. If he ever had to shoot an intruder, good shoot, bad shoot or ambiguous; he would be in trouble if he completed the statement. A class full of witnesses would be able to testify that he intended to disregard the law. There is a reason we have a right to remain silent.

The suspect arrested for the local highway shootings tried to buy a handgun with a laser sight from a private party. The deal fell through when the suspect refused to identify himself to the seller. It pays to know whom you do business with. Imagine what would have fallen on the seller if he had sold a gun that was later used in these shootings.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – May 2014

K. L. Jamison

  • Grand Funk Railroad recorded “Don’t Let ‘Em Take Your Gun” on the album “Good Singing Good Playing. It has become popular with activists in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve listened to it and it is, good singing, good playing.

  • I’ve heard of law firms attempting to collect debts that are well over ten years old. Such debts are usually uncollectable by law. It is illegal and unethical to try to collect them. Some people have been sued for debts they never incurred. In such cases contact a lawyer.

  • On a related note, I have heard of activity by self-declared “sovereign citizens.” These persons maintain that if certain rituals are observed, such as signing one’s name with or without capitals or with punctuation, makes one exempt from laws of which you disapprove. If this was legal, the government would not allow it to remain so. The doctrine is legal gibberish; a mishmash of archaic terms and the Uniform Commercial Code. One claim is that American citizens have been pledged as collateral for government debt. On the other hand they claim that each citizen has a trust fund established at birth and these funds can be tapped by filing obtuse and bizarre paperwork. No one has ever successfully tapped this “trust fund.” I find it interesting that persons who deny the legitimacy of the federal government demand payment for their materials in US currency. They file liens on property of persons who have displeased them. It is possible to file a lien with nothing but a whim to do so. However it is illegal to file a lien without a court order to support it. There are few exceptions for persons with an existing interest in the property. I ran “sovereign citizen” through a legal database. There were a number of cases of persons claiming exemption from various laws as sovereign citizens. Not one was successful. Otherwise intelligent persons, police officers and one movie star have tried to use this theory. They have all lost. They lost money, some went to prison. This movement does serve to distract people from political activity that might actually be successful.

  • An Oklahoma execution was botched. After half an hour it was called off, and the man died ten minutes later. He had shot a woman and then buried her alive. This would appear to be karma at work. It is still a bad thing. Some people richly deserve to die. When we kill them, a generation after the murder, it should be quick. It may seem fair that they suffer like their victims, but these murderers are not our teachers.

  • The US Supreme Court ruled that when roommates disagree on allowing police to search their premises, the police cannot search the dissenting roommate’s area. It has recently ruled that when the dissenting person is absent, even by arrest, the remaining roommate can give consent.

  • Reports from part of the Ukraine state that Jews are required to register themselves. This is a bad sign. It is always a bad sign when a government wants to track a group that it hates. We are often told that there is no harm is registering guns. But it is not guns that are registered; it is gun owners.

  • On NRA News Natalie Foster pleads “Not Guilty” to the crimes, massacres and tragedies that the anti-gun people blame on us. It is a good point. These are horrible events, but I did not do it, I plead not guilty.

  • The editor of Concealed Carry Magazine suggested that if you must openly carry guns, do a highway cleanup when you do so. This sends a message that you are engaged in socially acceptable activity and the general approval for such activity will tend to include the gun. This could be a useful tactic.

  • The Liberty Bell has a crack in it. In all liberties there is a flaw. Some people take advantage of the flaw and other people then claim that the liberty consists only of the flaw. We are in a position now where some people want to take away the entire Liberty Bell because of the flaw. A Kansas church spews hatred in the name of a God of love. An infamous preacher led 900 followers in a mass suicide. Numerous Elmer Gantry types have used pulpits to steal from the faithful. An Indiana sheriff was told to “watch” a certain truck, took that as probable cause to search the vehicle and found evidence of a serial killer. It was a bad search under the 4th Amendment and the killer was released to kill a 16 year-old boy; at least that is the one we know about.

  • There is a novel by Nevada Barr called The Rope. It is the story of a woman who suffers a statistically improbable series of attempts on her life. All attempts turn out to be by the same person. In the end she says that more women should carry guns. Women should stop being victims and start being dangerous. It takes a long time getting to those lines.

  • I was once asked if I minded being told a “slightly racist” joke. I replied that these things never turn out well. The owner of a basketball team makes the incredible statement that he does not want his girlfriend to bring black people to his games. She tapes it and for some reason releases the tape. Mr. Bundy wanders from talking about his ranch to wonder if social welfare programs have improved African American lives since slavery. One of the “Duck Dynasty” stars opines that the black people he knew as a boy in Jim Crow Louisiana seemed happy to him. All were denounced as racist. It is stupid to venture outside your area of expertise. I have a button from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League which proclaims “Hate Hurts;” this is true. I have no time for it. George Zimmerman was questioned by the 911 operator about the race of Travon Martin and replied “black I think.” He was denounced as racist for giving a tentative description of a suspect. One TV network edited the tape to make it more damning. He was prosecuted based on false claims of racism and never on the evidence. In the aftermath of a self-defense incident assume that everything is being taped, and will be misquoted and used against you. Repeat after me, “The gentleman tried to kill me. Yes I believe he was an African/Mexican/Asian/Caucasian gentleman.” Leave the editorials for your lawyer’s office or the priest’s confessional. Everyone else could denounce you as a racist.

  • Mexico has adopted local vigilante groups to fight drug cartels. The condition is that they register their guns. It appears that a number of the vigilantes do not trust the government with this information. In Nigeria over 300 schoolgirls have been kidnapped by Islamic terrorists. Some 50 escaped. The parents were outraged that the government did not pursue the terrorists and went after the terrorists themselves. They tracked them to an area where they were told by locals that they were very close to the terrorists. That was when they realized that they were chasing terrorists armed with machine guns and they had no guns themselves. Nigeria has very harsh laws against owning guns.

  • A government office somewhere was sued over the price it charged for copies. It seems that some document requests ran to hundreds of pages and the price charged intimidated persons from gathering government information. During a deposition one of the office workers was asked if there was a photocopy machine in his office. He claimed not to know what that meant. There followed twenty minutes of attempts to explain the question, the witnessed continued to deny understanding. In exasperation the lawyer finally asked if he had ever taken a piece of paper, put it into a machine and made a copy of that paper. The witness admitted that he had. Encouraged, the lawyer asked what he called that machine. The witness blurted out, “Xerox.” Welcome to my world. I once cross-examined a detective in a self-defense case. The detective claimed that my client could have retreated. I asked to what place could he safely retreat? The detective claimed not to understand the question. He continued to claim confusion over the meaning of simple words. Local politics required that my client be prosecuted and he was going along with the program. This sort of obstructionism is usually irritating to judges, because it drags out trials and requires judges to order witnesses to answer.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – June, 2014

K. L. Jamison

  • The U.S. Supreme Court has been busy. It handed down a decision on a prosecution involving an international treaty against chemical weapons. It concerned the case of a jealous girlfriend who coated her rival’s mailbox with a toxic substance. This gave the victim a rash that was treated with soap and water. The Court ruled that such trivial harassment was not the evil addressed by the treaty. The Court reasoned that the state has laws to address such things and under the Tenth Amendment the federal prosecutors should have stayed out of it.

  • The Supremes also issued a ruling on “strawman sales.” I have not read the entire case but it involved an ex-police officer who received money from a relative to purchase a pistol using a police discount. He was asked on the 4473 if he was the real purchaser of the gun. He said “yes.” He then gave the gun to his relative. He was convicted. The relative was perfectly eligible to buy a handgun. The transaction was arranged only to take advantage of the police discount. The conviction was not for taking advantage of the police discount, but for lying on the 4473. This makes a felony of a technical interpretation of the form. The ex-cop was not a Boy Scout when he filled out the form and is going to prison for it. I feel so much safer.

  • The Supremes have refused to hear cases involving the right to carry.

  • The Supremes have ruled on the prohibition against gun ownership by persons convicted of “domestic violence.” They quite unnecessarily expanded the definition to include acts which are not violent. This has not been a good year for us in the US Supreme Court. It will be worse depending on how things go in this year’s election. The Supreme Court does pay attention to the election returns. The Presidential election in 2016 could be very bad for us depending on which of the usual suspects gets the prize.

  • A client was watching television in his public housing apartment when someone burst in shooting. My client returned fire and was very glad that he bought the 6 shot Taurus revolver rather than the 5 shot; it was the last bullet that ended the gunfight and the home invader. My client was badly wounded and admits that some wounds might have proved fatal if he did not weigh 400 pounds; 9 mm bullets will only penetrate so far. He lost his apartment lease for criminal violence and for possession of marijuana. The police found a “green leafy substance” in his apartment during their investigation. They asked him what the “green leafy substance” was and he said “marijuana.” Of course, he was under the influence of narcotic pain killers at the time. People under the influence only give accurate information when they testify for the government. My answer to the “green leafy substance” question would probably be marijuana too, although I do not partake; it is the classic definition. He lost his public housing benefits for violent criminal activity and drugs. At his hearing the government dropped the criminal violence charge but insisted that he must have possessed marijuana although he explained that it was a tea he used that was reputed the help him lose weight. They believed him when he was under the influence of drugs but not under oath and he lost his housing benefits. He did get his gun back. Out on the streets he will need it.

  • Another client was stopped at Meyer Road and Paseo in Kansas City and ticketed for carrying a concealed handgun in his car. This is not illegal under state law or City ordinance. I showed the City prosecutor the ordinance which specifically allows concealed carry in cars. She said that it did not count because it was on his person. I replied that it was not on his person and if it was it did not matter. The gun only has to be in the “passenger compartment.” She argued that he was not a passenger, he was the driver. I replied that he was in the passenger compartment. She sputtered some more exceptions and then went to her boss to find some reason to prosecute my client. She returned, very angry, and dismissed the charge. My client went to the police property room to get his gun. They gave him a run-around. I wrote the police legal department and told them that I wanted to sue for false arrest and deprivation of property without due process of law, my client only wanted his gun back; “Which of us will get his wish?” They called my client to come pick up his gun. You have to know who is in charge.

  • A home in the area blew up. It appears that someone was making fireworks on the premises. I had a client who purchased some very powerful fireworks, the kind that are no longer legal. His wife made him sell the things, which he did, to an undercover ATF agent. The ATF turned the case over to Jackson County who prosecuted for possession of an explosive device. We pled it down to illegal fireworks but the scary part is that they had an argument that he violated a law meant to fight terrorists. He was lucky that the ATF did not want to deal with it.

  • A spokesperson for “Moms Demand Action” has stated that armed self-defense has never happened. The group is one of the AstroTurf organizations set up to counter real grass-roots gun groups. The statement is massively wrong. Yet, it is obediently parroted in the media. Self-defense has existed in the law since the time of Moses at least. Studies show that 2.5 million persons use firearms in self-defense every year; usually without firing a shot. Write the newspapers, call in to radio programs. Spread the word.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – November, 2014

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

Washington DC was ordered by the US District Court to allow people to carry guns outside their homes. They have just enacted a “may issue” system under which the applicant must go through an extensive training program and then must prove that he has received specific, substantial and credible threats. Even so, guns cannot be carried near a demonstration, within 1,000 feet of a dignitary and a world of other places. The author believes that in a year’s time perhaps 200 persons will qualify for a license. This seems optimistic. The District will not recognize the licenses of other states. Persons from outside the District may take the District’s training and then apply under its Jim Crow rules. That is all. Litigation continues to force a real concealed carry law. Some would say that this is an improvement over nothing. Perhaps so, but only in the way that Jim Crow was an improvement over slavery.

A Cape Girardeau man has been arrested for firing warning shots at thieves. He is charged with firing a gun in the city limits. From what I have been able to discover, it is a city violation, a misdemeanor. He describes it as a shot in the sky. Such shots never work out well. What goes up must come down. Dad was on Okinawa when WW II ended. As he described it “Every nut on the island started shooting in the air.” Men were killed celebrating the end of the war. Gene Jamison found the deepest bunker on the island and stayed there until sanity returned. We see such celebratory gunfire in videos from the Middle East. I don’t understand why anyone is still alive there.

Safety concerns are critical. Vice President Joe Biden has been quoted as saying that the gun control movement needs another martyr. Don’t give them one.

I have seen cases where the guest of honor would have never been charged or ticketed if he had just exhibited some manners. Instead they demanded their rights be subordinated to any other concerns. They often insulted police officers and threatened them with legal action. Arguing with police officers on street corners never works. I have enough trouble doing so in court. For all the rights we have, we also have the right to be smart. It should be a commandment. If God had given Moses an Eleventh Commandment “Thou shalt not be stupid” the Bible would have less interesting stories. God seems to have taken the wisdom of His children for granted after we ate from the Tree of Knowledge, when we have repeatedly demonstrated that such confidence was misplaced.

I watched some trials in Gladstone Municipal Court. When sworn in two witnesses were asked to raise their right hands, they raised their left. Some people need lawyers more than others.

Missourians for Personal Safety is the umbrella group for grassroots action in Missouri. It has met to consider legislative goals and elect officers. Sometimes it seems we have these meetings simply to elect me president. This is not a good idea. Even if I were irreplaceable, at some time I must be replaced and it is best if I were available for the handoff. At the MPS meeting, it was suggested that a training program be established for hunters to help them recognize forensic evidence. Every season hunters stumble on human remains. It would be useful if they knew to look for other evidence of crimes which may lead to a body, perhaps a conviction and certainly closure for a grieving family.

In our legislative process, we will doubtless be asked to compromise. It sounds good to be the “no compromise” Second Amendment group. We have no intention of compromising our rights. We may compromise, but only in our timetable. We will compromise by not getting everything we want in one session, but not by giving up rights. We are often asked why we cannot “be reasonable” give up certain categories of guns or rights. The answer is that we have seen that movie. The NRA compromised in every major gun control that passed in the twentieth century. They compromised to be “reasonable” or to prevent a worse bill from passing. In the “Assault Weapon” bill it compromised by including a ten-year “sunset” clause in the belief that it could prevent the law from being reenacted; and it was right. The result is that the anti-gun crowd kept coming back for more. When you feed a skunk it keeps coming back. Politics is the art of the possible. Some flexibility is required but only in the interest of long-term gains. This is our philosophy. We cannot get all of our rights back in one bill. We will get them back one slice at a time. We may have to give up something from time to time in the spirit of larger gains. I don’t want to give up anything, but saying never is seldom a good idea. The great Harlan Carter told his NRA-ILA representatives that he would compromise an apple in order to get the rest of the orchard. This is the correct concept. I would add that we would want to come back for that apple later.

It is interesting that in all of these demands that we compromise the anti-gun side never says what they will give up forever. If they did promise to give something up, why should we believe them? We are patronizingly told that “no one” wants to take away our guns. We know that this is a lie. A number of political leaders and anti-gun leaders have said that all guns must be banned, even for police. Sometimes this is known because a microphone was left on unexpectedly or because their enthusiasm ran away with them. Fifty years ago they registered rifles and shotguns in New York City with the promise that they would never use the list to confiscate rifles and shotguns. Today they are using the list to confiscate rifles and shotguns. We cannot believe these people. They say that they are content with making gun ownership as complicated, expensive and time-consuming as possible. As soon as that goal is reached we shall hear the next demand.

While teaching a concealed carry class a student asked if the Constitution says that we have the right to keep and bear arms, why does he have to take this class. Good question. The answer is that it is the best we could do after thirteen years of struggle. To get a better law, we must continue to struggle. This requires some personal sacrifice. Declaiming “They will take my gun from my cold dead hands” is not the sacrifice I am looking for. We need people who will sacrifice a little personal time, and little personal money and a little personal talent. The talent can be anything. One member drove speakers to engagements so that they would be fresh when they arrived. Waiting to die in a cold ditch is no plan at all. It means that we have already lost and our children will not have the rights we have enjoyed.

Two letters to the Star, with strikingly similar phrases, demand that police officers only shoot to wound. This is impossible. One of the writers is identified as part of “Grandmothers Against Gun Violence.” People who know nothing about how guns are used demand to regulate how we use guns. In any other debate they would be laughed off the field.

MSNBC says that the Ebola crisis is the fault of the NRA. Their reasoning, such as it is, is that the NRA has opposed appointment of President Obama’s choice for Surgeon General and this prevents action. His choice is a rabid anti-gun activist who wants to treat guns like a disease. This is what they think of us. How can we possibly negotiate with such people?

The usual suspects claim that 40% of gun sales are without a background check. This figure is from a study some 20 years old before nationwide background checks existed. They are lying. They lie without fear of being caught because the media will not call them out. That is why we exist.

We shall overcome.