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Liberty Notes – January 2010

K.L. Jamison

I saw a documentary entitled Resolved.  It is an account of modern high school debate.  Currently this involves two-person teams with five or more tubs of notes broken down into topics.  This inventory has to be carried around on carts.  The current technique is called “spred” which means “speed reading” squished together.  The object is to recite as many facts as possible in the time allowed.  This results in a presentation which sounds like a cartoon satire and is incomprehensible to persons who are not familiar with “spred.”  This is said to provide skills which carry on into later life, but I do not see it.  Certainly the research and memorization skills are useful.  But, vomiting facts at high speed while gulping air to keep the vocal cords vibrating does not communicate, it confuses.  People do not want to work to understand what we say.  Therefore we must speak in an organized manner at a moderate pace.  When I listened to these debater’s rapid-fire delivery the only concept I grasped was a fear that they might hurt themselves.

The Missouri Supreme Court has declined to hear the Cedar Creek Gun Club case.  The club lost a $720,000 verdict to a noise complaint.  The club did not own the land and so promptly dissolved and a new club came into being.  The issue now is who must pay the judgment, if anyone.  Following this disastrous verdict we passed a new law that protected ranges from noise complaints.  However, these people also complained of vibration from the range.  They claimed that a shotgun range 600 yards away shook the house.  The jury believed this and other nonsense.  This is why all such cases must be taken seriously and fought just as if the complaint was possible.

I do the legal portion of a License To Carry class at Great Guns in Liberty.  People report leaving the class uncertain if they really want to carry.  This is not what I am going for, but it is best they consider these things before they strap on a gun.  I’m not sure what I’m saying that provokes this reaction.  I do talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the aftermath of a gunfight and that this may causes sexual dysfunction.  Some men would rather die than risk sexual dysfunction, although I must point out that death also results in sexual dysfunction.

I am reliably informed that on 13 April, 2029 an asteroid will come so close to Earth that it will dip below our communication satellites.  Doubtless this will be exciting, but not dangerous unless it takes out a satellite broadcasting American Idol, which will doubtless cause rioting in some quarters.  Seven years later, the same asteroid will appear, also on 13 April, and may come closer.  How close is not clear.  If it is close as in the Pacific ocean, it will substantially affect real estate values as it will re-arrange real estate and kill a good number of potential purchasers.  Democrats will blame it on George W. Bush.  So, my grandchildren may face a natural disaster not seen since the dinosaurs; a disaster certain to overwhelm the abilities of government to respond.  I bet then they will come to see their grandpa, and his guns.

I recently wished a devout Moslem client “Merry Christmas.”  He “Merry Christmased” me right back.  If it had been Ramadan I would have wished him a happy Ramadan.  This is America, any excuse for a party.  It occurs to me that much charity is confined to the Christmas season.  I have resolved to celebrate a new holiday, Genghis Khan’s Birthday.  No one knows the date of the Great Khan’s birth, so it can be thrown in wherever needed.  Anyone can be generous at Christmas, celebrating the birth of a good Jewish boy is easy.  It takes a real mentch to celebrate the birthday of Genghis Khan.  Have a Happy Genghis Khan’s Birthday; I know where you live.  Give til it hurts, and I can make that happen.

I am told that .22 ammunition will be in short supply this year.  Of course, this may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but this is what a salesman for an ammunition company has said.  There has been a shortage of .380 because to make this caliber, they have to shut down the 9mm line for a few days, refit the machines, and then turn out the new caliber.  The demand for 9mm has been so strong that this has not been economically feasible.  I may have been misinformed, but this sounds plausible.  The reason for a .22 shortage escapes me; perhaps it is due to a rumor of a .22 shortage.

An e-mail is making the rounds claiming that a new law or regulation requires that all guns be listed on the owner’s tax return and taxed.  The e-mail has outrageous details to the effect that it became a law secretly.  This alone should make us doubt the story.  People receiving this claim are invited to see the law on the Senate web site.  The e-mail claims that snopes has found it to be true.  It is all a lie.  There is no law requiring our guns be listed on tax returns.  Snopes says there is no such law.  It is not on the Senate web site or anywhere else.  It is NOT true.  If it was true it would be on the WMSA web site, the NRA web site, the SAF web site and more; but it is in none of these places.  In fact these organizations have to spend time telling people that there is no such bill, law, regulation or anything else.

The same e-mail claims that HR 45 is going to place heavy restrictions on our rights.  This is a real bill.  It has no co-sponsors, no hearings, no prospects and no chance of going anywhere.

This e-mail wastes our time.  I suspect that the opposition spreads this around just to upset us, make us look foolish and waste our time.  It makes us less likely to jump on the next bill, less credible when we do.  We exist to tell our members when things go bad.  When you see messages such as this, check with WMSA.

Some say that we do not know if the Ft. Hood shooting is a terrorist act.  This may be true, we may all be idiots; but I doubt it.  I read a number of such cases in which terrorists plan to shoot up a disarmed area.  This is where the war is, home where we are.  Those of us who carry guns will probably never be near such an attack, but it only has to happen once.  If it happens once, the enemy will change his tactics.  Terrorists do badly in the face of resistance.  They do not intend to survive, and like “active shooters” commit suicide in the face of armed resistance, even ineffective armed resistance.  Anyone who stops such an attack will get very little media attention.  But we do not do this for attention.  We do what is right.

I hear again of ATF inspectors threatening the mom and pop owners of a small gun shop with arrest for unspecified “violations.”  These inspectors do not have arrest power.  Stores have a right to know the allegations against them.  It is possible that inspectors might get a federal prosecutor interested in filing charges, but it would have to be an extreme case.

I heard from a man who was convicted of a felony, allowed to enlist in the Army (with a waiver) fought in Iraq, but when he returns home he is not allowed to possess so much as a muzzle-loading musket.  Missouri has no way to expunge a record except through a pardon from the governor, or proof of “actual innocence.”  If the DNA test comes back proving the defendant is actually innocent it is possible to expunge one’s record.  People do change, usually for the worse, but those who get better should have options.  I frequently have this conversation with reformed felons.  They can vote, but they cannot possess guns (even muzzleloaders), ammunition or bulletproof vests.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – February 2010

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

Rally Day is 8 April, 2010 in the Rotunda of the Capital Building in Jefferson City.  A bus will leave Kansas City that morning and return about 4 PM.  We will have speakers and speak to our legislators.  There are bills in the works we want our legislators to pass, and bills we would like them to pass on.  There is nothing like a hall full of gun nuts to get their minds right.

I believe that the Supreme Court approved instruction given to juries concerning the Castle defense contains a booby trap.  The instruction mirrors the law we struggled to pass with the addition that after the intruder has broken in, he threatens “unlawful force.”  The instruction does not define “unlawful force.”  This term does not appear in the statute and amounts to the jury instruction committee re-writing the law to what it believes the legislature should have said.  I am reliably informed that the jury instruction committee was concerned that a homeowner would discover a burglar passed out on the couch, or stuck in a window and would execute him on the spot.  None of us who worked to pass the new law ever thought it would cover such a circumstance, mostly because we had never heard of such a circumstance.  To guard against such a speculative incident, they re-wrote the law to restrict the Castle doctrine, the very thing we labored to prevent.  We could go back to the legislature and pass another law clear enough for the committee to understand, or some brave volunteer can take it to the Supreme Court with the argument that they made a mistake.

Star columnist Guswelle writes that all guns should be registered.  He claims this will do no harm and much good.  He bases his statement on the claim (which I have not checked) that New York City has fewer murders than Kansas City compared to population and New York City registers guns.  This is much like the blind man who touches an elephant’s tail and concludes that an elephant is like a rope; there are more significant factors at work.  Criminology finds that a crime rate is directly related to the percentage of young males in a community, especially when they lack family or other structure.  Murder rates follow gang activity, especially disputes over drug turf.  This is simplified, but no form of restricting or registering guns has contributed to a lower murder rate.  Mr. Guswelle dismisses our concern that registration will lead to confiscation as paranoid nonsense.  Mr. Guswelle has certainly heard of the Katrina disaster.  Part of this disaster was the spectacle of law enforcement going from home to home and confiscating guns from inoffensive citizens without a speck of legal authority.  One team of officers forcibly disarmed an elderly widow in front of TV cameras.  If they did that much in public, they did more in private.  All guns, including hunting guns were seized.  The NRA sued to stop these confiscations, and the City of New Orleans told a federal judge that it had not confiscated guns, then that it had confiscated guns but did not have them, then that it did have them but could not return them.  Finally in the face of very specific court orders, the City agreed to set up procedures to return guns to their owners.  The City required claimants to show a bill of sale for the gun claimed.  Their houses had been swept away, but the City insisted on seeing paperwork.  There were no records made at the time the guns were confiscated.  To this day these guns rust away in storage trailers.

Mr. Guswelle doubtless heard of the tornado which devastated Greensburg, Kansas.  He does not appear to have heard that following the devastation, law enforcement confiscated guns, including hunting guns, from inoffensive citizens without a speck of legal authority.  Currently, no one knows where these guns have gone.  New York City has registered handguns since 1911, and long guns since about 1967.  They use this registry to confiscate guns, although when the law was proposed they promised they never would.  Typically an heir is threatened with legal action for having an unregistered gun, and the gun confiscated.  Mr. Gusewelle has not heard about these confiscations because his newspaper has not reported these crimes.  We are concerned about confiscation of registered guns, not because we are paranoid, but because we are better informed.

Mr. Lewis Diuguid, another Star columnist, writes that he attended a couple of gun shows, apparently to show his tolerance.  It seems that he did not enjoy the experience and in fact seems to have been quite alarmed; there were a lot of guns.  He was also alarmed that attendees were 95% white, and the parking lot was full of pickups.  This attention may have worked in our favor; at the following gun show I noticed more African-American attendees, still a lot of pickups.  A number of letters to the Star objected to the subtle accusation of racism.  Mr. Diuguid was promptly supported by a letter from the “Violence Policy Center” whose writer disclosed in terrified tones that she had attended a gun show and found a lot of nazi and Confederate memorabilia.  Of course, there must have also been memorabilia from Imperial Japan, Native Americans, Cowboys, and the Soviet Union.  Telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth did not work towards calling us racists.

A columnist in San Francisco has reviled local gun rights activists.  Carrying unloaded firearms openly is legal in California and some have taken to carrying unloaded firearms as an act of protest.  The columnist reviles these persons claiming they are trying to prove their manhood, misquoting the constitution, and being mean, sullen obstacles to human happiness.  He sees agreeing with a Supreme Court decision to be misquoting the Constitution.  He claims that they force coffee shops to post the premises “no murder” in the apparent belief that there is no other reason to carry a gun.  These mean, vicious, libels against us are becoming increasingly common.  We cannot let them slide.  We shall see much more of this as the elections draw near.  Confront these libels nicely, confront them politely, but confront them.  Tell them we do not deserve such insults and are tired of being called racists, but tell them.

Gun Nuts are the only heavily armed persecuted minority in recorded history.  People will say it is because we are paranoid racists; I believe it is because we are so polite.  Good manners are an important part of our success, but sometimes we take it too far.  We take it too far when people lie to us and we sit and take it.  I heard a speaker from a national anti-gun group claim that there were no laws restricting guns at all, not one.  He allowed there were tax and zoning laws but that was all.  I have had clients arrested and jailed for violation of gun laws, and this speaker doubtless knew of such cases.  No one in the audience challenged this lie.  I was unable to get to a microphone to call him a liar.  There are polite ways to call a person a liar, and this is necessary.  People are uncomfortable in deciding who is the liar, and we want them to feel comfortable agreeing with us.  Tell the speaker that he is misinformed, or that the person who told him that story lied to him.  They try to provoke us into losing our tempers, which is playing their game.  They think we are paranoid racists.

People have asked about the WMSA Board meetings.  President Sheila presides over the meeting with her notes in one hand and a spear in the other and tells us what we really truly believe and how we want to vote.  From time to time she shouts, “Off with his head.”  We are not sure who she is talking about and have cleverly decided not to ask.  People say this is because we are paranoid racists.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – May 2010

Kevin Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

The US Supreme Court has overturned a federal law outlawing videos of animal fights or hunting. The law was aimed at films aimed at a sexual fetish involving naked women in high heels crushing small animals. Apparently there is enough of a demand for this, shall we say, “stuff” to require a federal law. For some reason federal prosecutors aimed this law at a man who made a documentary which included footage of dogfighting. The Court ruled that since the language of the statute also banned hunting videos it was overbroad. This law would have outlawed pictures of hunting trips. The NRA was in the case. For those who insist that they wouldn’t give a dime to the NRA, certainly this case is worth a dime.

A woman has pled guilty to allowing her twelve-year old daughter to be turned out as a dominatrix. Not only are there men perverted enough to pay for a twelve-year old dominatrix, the girl’s mother allowed it. There are some seriously depraved people in this world.

I’m told I have donated 8 gallons and 2 pints of blood. I’m not sure about the time period. It was mostly over the last nine years. This is enough blood for six or seven people. I always wear a “Guns Save Lives” button or read a gun magazine while donating. I don’t know if this has any effect, but it can’t hurt.

A second area judge has been confused with a criminal. There may have been more, these are the two I know about. Good old infallible NICS system.

Kidnapping is endemic in Mexico; the average citizen is prohibited from owning a gun, so it is a safe profession for kidnappers. However, villagers in southern Mexico chased down the kidnappers and shot them. The area should be a little safer for citizens these days.

A group of young thugs kidnapped and murdered a young woman. In their guilty plea they described how the kidnapped girl fought, while locked in a car’s trunk she tried to gain attention by meddling with the car tail lights, she ran, and fought some more. But, she was outnumbered and had no chance. Still, she fought. If she had a gun it would have made difference.

I was watching documentary footage of massacres, which was not as depraved as it sounds. I noticed that people at executions don’t resist. This is curious. If one is about to die, there is nothing to lose by punching out the nearest nazi. If someone gave me a shovel and told me to dig my own grave, I think I would find another use for that shovel. However the people in the documentary seem to have had no hope. When there is no hope of success they just stood and took it. The famous Liberator pistol of WW II was developed to give occupied people a chance, to give them hope. It was a single-shot jumped-up zip gun, but with it a resister had a chance. A Czech resister began the war with a little .25 automatic which he called the “Hitler Kiss.” It was not much of a weapon but with it he had a chance and at worst he could avoid being taken alive (the “Kiss”). The same is true of political action. When people believe that the system is hopelessly fixed and nothing we do has a chance, they do nothing, and that works to the benefit of the establishment. Our organization gives hope to our people. We have shown results at the state and national level and in the face of hostile administrations. There are still people who claim that the system is hopelessly fixed, but this is only an excuse for them to do nothing. The lazy, the shiftless, the indolent will lay about complaining, but do nothing. When confronted with our successes, they will complain that it was not done quicker, bigger and prettier. Our children and grandchildren will see what we have done, and they will appreciate it; or they get no ice cream.

The Mythbusters TV program of 9 May, 2010 investigated the “ice bullet” rumor and could not make it work. Ice is too brittle to function as a bullet and the heat from burning gunpowder works at cross-purposes. They did have some success with the meat bullet I described in my book Missouri Weapons and Self-Defense Law. They may not have taken the idea from my book; if they did they didn’t mention it. At close range a bullet made from a tough cut of meat will penetrate far enough to be lethal. They had more luck with a bullet formed from ballistic gelatin and then frozen. The projectile tends to disappear in the wound unless detailed DNA testing is done. Of course, this also creates a mystery which inspires more investigation.

The web site WWW.GunVoter.org shall be useful this year. It is designed to tell gun owners who is on our side and who is not and has much additional information.

The NRA has endorsed www.KeepTrackOfMyThings.com. It is designed to keep property lists and digital images in cyberspace. If the family home burns down the insurance list does not burn with it. I think it could also be useful for wills. A copy of the will could be posted, with instructions on where to find the original. This makes it more certain that your property goes where you intend it to go. The access to the list is coded for privacy purposes.

Do not use these will forms sold by various persons who should know better. If the form is filled out wrong, the mistake will not be discovered until it is much too late to correct.

Columnists for the Star claim a “loophole” allows persons on the “no fly” list to purchase firearms. These columnists demand a law which denies what the Supreme Court has described as a Constitutional right to persons placed on a secret list by unknown persons based on secret evidence. Even if it is discovered that one has been so honored, getting off the list is a mystery. It is not only the person so honored who is inconvenienced, Senator Ted Kennedy was famously denied a flight because his name is similar to someone on the list. If such a law passed, we cannot trust the government to play fair with it. Not long ago veterans who sought counseling for combat stress were arbitrarily labeled “crazy” and placed on a list denying them the right to buy guns.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership did a movie called “No Guns for Negros.” Now they have created “No Guns for Jews.” WMSA has contributed to making this movie, and will get several copies for our effort. I believe that President Sheila plans another movie night.

I have noticed an increased level of anti-gun “chatter.” There is an increased level of anti-gun editorials, cartoons and letters to the editor. This typically heralds a renewed effort against us. It may be well in advance of the effort itself, if so it gives us time to organize and prepare. It seems that the Obama administration intends to embark on immigration “reform” first. Great, let him stick his hand in that hornets’ nest first. I have been doing immigration law for 27 years. I have lived through several “reform” efforts. Every one of these “reforms” made the process more difficult to do legally, and solved nothing.

This is an election year and a great opportunity for us. Put away some money and budget some time. Our friends will need us.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – June, 2010

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

Napoleon Bonaparte is quoted as saying “The first quality of a soldier is constancy in enduring hardship.  Courage is only second!”  Those of us in the Gun Rights Movement have endured hardship.  We have been scorned, insulted and discriminated against.  We have spent our own money to preserve our rights.  And we have prevailed.  We do not yet have a Second Amendment that the Founders would recognize, but we are moving in the right direction.  We still have to fend off dishonest attacks, but we fend them off.

President Sheila has announced her health plan for us.  It seems that if we do as we are told, we shall live longer.  I feel better already.

President Sheila has obtained a movie about Sybil Ludington.  In the early days of the Revolution Ms. Ludington rode to warn of a British raid, she rode farther and longer than Paul Revere, and didn’t get captured by the British.  She did not become famous because she didn’t have a poet immortalize her.  Now she has a movie and I suspect we shall all have a movie night to remember her by.  Whatever we do will not be remembered unless we pass it down to our children.  The US 10th Cavalry charged up San Juan Hill with the Rough Riders, but did not have a press agent.  We have to remember to promote ourselves, no one else will.

Iowa has passed a “shall-issue License To Carry system.  It takes effect in January of 2011.  Under Iowa’s new system, they shall recognize Missouri licenses, but we must wait until January.

No one has signed a UN Treaty on small arms.  Repeated rumors scream through e-mails that Hilary Clinton has signed such a treaty.  This is NOT true.  As some philosopher once said, “This is not only a lie, it is a FALSE lie!”  The UN is working on such a treaty, but is has not been written, much less signed.  When it is written, it will be bad for us, but it will not be law until the Senate approves it by a two-thirds majority.  I doubt they will find enough senators willing to commit professional suicide to approve such a treaty.  Even so, it will be bad for us because our refusal to approve the treaty will be used to blame us for every act of knavery, thuggery, terrorism, brutality, piracy, and bad action movie in the world.  It will be a propaganda weapon against us, at least.  However, it does not yet exist.  The NRA is a “Non-Government Organization” which attempts to keep the UN from doing things like this.  At least we will know what is going to happen, THEN we will work to prevent passage in the Senate.  Because treaties rely on the Constitution for their authority, they cannot remove a Constitutional Right.  However, we may expect some quarters to ignore this restriction.  When it is time to panic, WMSA will let you know.

The current issue of “Concealed Carry Magazine” (www.usconcealedcarry.com) reports a Waffle House in Kenesaw Georgia where two employees wear “Guns Save Lives” buttons, and rather notoriously carry.  The police report arresting a party of robbers, who had cased the Waffle House, noted the gun nuts and abandoned the idea.  In full disclosure, I write a regular column for “Concealed Carry Magazine” entitled “It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense, It’s Just the Law”.

Josh Sugarmann of the “Violence Policy Center” calls the open carry movement “armed mobs” and accuses them of brandishing firearms and thumbing their noses at societal norms.  He says they range from anti-government activists to white supremacists and have personal “demons.”  These are the sorts of insults we continue to get.  But we do not get them as much.  I daily review the newspaper’s list of talk show guests.  Ten and fifteen years ago they would frequently show anti-gun but I have not seen a professional “anti” listed in many years.  Our side has discredited their position, but they can be expected to come back like the villains in the cheesier horror movies.

At the NRA Convention I met Steve Lee, an Australian singer, who has a CD out entitled “I Like Guns.”  It is a product of Revolver Records.  I like “I Like Guns.”

During the NRA convention a couple of dozen demonstrated against the 70,000 NRA members attending the convention.  If I had known there was a show I would have attended.  At the Convention I saw a new shotgun slug.  It is made of steel in a plastic sabot.  It is available in hollowpoint and seems to expand dramatically.  It is available in various gauges, including .410 and should prove popular in the Judge.  I also saw a speed strip for shotguns.  It is a single rubber strip which holds the rims of a half-dozen shotgun shells side by side so they can be thumbed into the magazine.  Both products bear testing by persons who may encounter large bore problems.

At the Convention the Second Amendment Foundation was passing out stickers which said “Winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time.”  It is unfortunate that we are forced to litigate to win back our freedoms, but that is a fact of life.  No right is absolute and the Heller decision indicated that reasonable restrictions will survive.  The opposition is already claiming that all they ever wanted were “reasonable” restrictions.  I have never heard a reasonable restriction from them, but winning the definitions war is crucial.  We will have to litigate what is reasonable.  This is a never-ending battle; the opposition always seems to come up with new excuses to limit our rights.

John Lott has a third edition of his More Guns Less Crime.  After twelve years in print the opposition continues to claim that his data is flawed, prejudiced or that it is too early to tell if he is right.  They, on the other hand, continue to quote with religious fervor “studies” that are clearly biased.

The Second Amendment Foundation will hold its annual “Gun Rights Policy Conference” in San Francisco this September.  They are referring to it as being “behind enemy lines.”  They take the conference to such clearly hostile cities to encourage local activists and for the media attention.  We shall have to continue confronting the opposition in their own territory if we are to win.  Details of the conference are at www.SAF.org.

The NRA is often criticized for holding conventions in centers which do not allow concealed carry.  The prohibitionists have jeered at us for having convention centers full of disabled guns and no one able to possess a working gun.  The reality is that there are a limited number of places that can hold 70,000 NRA members and these are usually government buildings which typically ban guns.  This will have to be corrected at some point, but it is not the immediate problem.  We have to take these reforms one-step at a time.   When the NRA Convention closed for the night I went across the street for a sandwich.  The building the shop was in banned guns.  I was not carrying at the time but turned around anyway.  There is only so much I will tolerate.

There is a new book out called Undateable.  I shall have to read this book, and not only because I suspect that I am in it.  It recounts the annoying, unpleasant and unattractive things men do.  Since first impressions go a long way towards getting people to listen to our message, it may be useful on more than one level.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – July, 2010

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

A study by the University of Illinois says that if the New Madrid fault in Missouri’s bootheel produces a 7.7 magnitude earthquake (about what was suffered two hundred years ago) 3,500 people would die, 80,000 would be injured and 7 million would be homeless.  Emergency assistance would be delayed because of damaged transportation networks.  Worse yet, it would be FEMA coming to our aid.  So those of us who have squirreled away some food, water and camping supplies do not seem quite so crazy.  All things considered, that extra case of shotgun shells was not a bad idea either.

A Glenwood Colorado burglar attempted two “hot prowls” in a single night, only to be run out of each home at gunpoint.  The second homeowner held him for the police.  The burglar complained, “Those guys pointed guns at me.  They should be arrested.”  The burglar is not the only person who believes that acts of self-defense are morally and legally equivalent to acts of aggression.

An Unintended Consequence of our win in the City of Chicago case is that it appears to have motivated the opposition.  There is a great deal of traffics in editorials and letters to the editor to the effect that the Heller and MacDonald cases represent “judicial activism” which will kill us all.  They loudly proclaim that the only safety lies in “reasonable restrictions.”  Washington DC and Chicago have already instituted what they claim to be “reasonable restrictions” which in reality are Jim Crow laws to harass and inconvenience gun owners.  Under these laws the cost of being allowed to exercise a constitutional right almost equals the cost of the gun.  If we do not get the right people elected, this disease will spread.

Our editor has asked me to do a short article on the MacDonald decision.  Actually, he told to write one while pressing his boot into the back of my neck.  This was just after he read me my rights.  Our editor loves to read people their rights so they know which ones he is violating.  Very much in favor of education our editor.

I would very much like to approach an election in which our rights did not hang by a thread.  Our recent Supreme Court victories came with 5 to 4 votes.  The dissenting opinions were adamant and vocal if not well supported.  President Obama has replaced two of these 4 votes with someone who can be depended upon to continue the ratio.  If not for the Bush administration we probably would not have the 5 votes.  The winners of the next election will have a hand in appointing judges of various levels.  Federal judges are appointed on the recommendation of a senator.  Other politicians may have a hand in the process or the appointment of administrative officers who often make rules which can have criminal consequences.

In the last election many gun owners voted for Obama because McCain was not what we wanted.  Many believed that he was only marginally better than Obama and that Obama would not or could not do us any harm.  Many had social or economic reasons for their vote.  Obama is in the process of doing us harm.  Despite being distracted by health care, immigration and war he had appointed judges who will rule on our rights for generations.  The effects of their rulings could easily last a century or more.  He is participating in a UN treaty to restrict our rights.  This treaty has not yet been written, but we can predict what it will say.

Many have declared that they will never again vote for the “lesser of two evils.”  However, this only means that they will vote for the lesser of three evils.  Two of these will be from the major parties and the third from one of the third parties.  If one of the major candidates is with us 80% of the time, and on all the major issues, the choice is easy.  If he is with us 51% to 80%, the choice is less easy.  The later candidate is the lesser of two evils.  When the third party candidate is considered it must be realized that such candidates rarely prevail.  No matter how much the third party candidate supports us, it is unlikely that he will be in a position to help us.  Our effort on behalf of such a candidate will be wasted and may even swing an election to the worst of three evils; either result is certainly an evil.  When the major party candidates are so close together that no major difference can be detected, WMSA has endorsed the third party in order to make a point.  I have not always agreed with these endorsements, but I have always gone along with them.  In making endorsements we must also consider the harm the worst of the two major evils can do.  Part of this harm involves party majorities.  The dominant party in the legislature or congress gets to appoint committee chairmen and leaders of the respective houses of the legislature or congress.  Committee chairmen can refuse to hear bills, or make them high priority.  The leader of the respective legislative body can prevent bills from coming to the floor, or make them a high priority.  The views of a senior member of the legislature can therefore be important in determining the value of a legislative candidate from the same party.

When WMSA first began endorsing candidates, we were told to give relatively high ratings (without endorsement) to certain candidates who were clearly against us because they were from “safe” districts and would inevitably be re-elected and they controlled important committees.  We made this mistake once.  We learned from our mistakes.  If someone wants to be against us, they shall have to work for it and if we can make things marginally more difficult we shall do so.

Coincidentally I have just watched State of the Union a movie from the late 40’s with Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy.  This alone makes the movie worth watching.  Tracy plays a successful entrepreneur who is tagged as presidential material by political insiders.  They play on his idealism to run for the office.  He must first be nominated at the party convention.  He makes passionate, heart-felt speeches which generate boxes and barrels of congratulatory telegrams (in the days of telegrams) but his advisors dismiss them as “only from people.”  He is told that not one of them is from a state chairman or politically powerful person who can deliver votes at the convention.  He is convinced to target his speeches to the politically powerful who can deliver votes, in return for favors.  One such is able to deliver the votes of ethnic groups and declaims about the Italian vote, she is asked about the Abyssinian vote and is told that there were only 17 Abyssinians in the United States, and only 3 of them vote.  The implication being that they were unworthy of consideration.   The candidate’s wife, Katharine Hepburn, expresses disbelief that the votes of a free people can be delivered.  A politically savvy newspaperman tells her that the ignorant, the apathetic and the prejudiced are not free.  The scene should be required for all citizenship and government classes.  We can only hope that our Larry gets the opportunity.  It shows that politics is a matter of political alliances, pressure groups, interest groups and power brokers.  It shows that elections are determined at conventions and primaries.  People who do not participate in these preliminaries are condemned to forever consider the lesser of two evils.

There is a book, The Wolf in the Parlor.  It is by a science writer for a newspaper who became interested in the origins of the human-dog relationship.  He found that modern humans evolved about the time that dogs evolved from wolves.  In the process modern humans lost a substantial amount of brain volume from their primitive ancestors, and the dogs lost a similar brain volume compared to wolves.  The author speculates that each did not need the lost brain cells because each complemented the other.  It is an interesting book; not as good as mine but ’twill serve, ‘twill serve.’

In Nevada Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is running against Tea Party pro-gun stalwart Sharron Angle.  The NRA has considered, only considered, endorsing Harry Reid and the knee-jerk reaction has been outrage.  The NRA has been accused of being shortsighted.  It is predicted that the Republicans will re-take the Senate in 2012 and Reid will not be needed.  Reid is a reliable vote for us, but only because it is in his interest, not because he believes.  Angle will be a champion goes the argument and it is a good argument.  But it is the persons who cancel their membership who are shortsighted.  The NRA is the most powerful advocate for gun owners in the world.  To weaken a powerful advocate who stumbles is shortsighted.  It is also a mistake to take only the long view.  In the next two years there will be challenges to our rights.  The Senate Majority Leader can block these challenges while a junior senator, no matter how passionate, cannot.  In the next two years the UN treaty on small arms, our arms, will be presented to the Senate for ratification.  Whoever is Senate Majority Leader can kill this treaty without a vote.  In the absence of Reid, the senior Democratic senators are notoriously anti-gun; Schumer is named as a possible successor.  With an anti-gun zealot in place the treaty will sail through the Senate.  A treaty cannot overturn Constitutional rights, but it can be portrayed as an international standard of what is “reasonable.”  This can halt and effectively reverse our victories.  It would be irresponsible for the NRA not to consider endorsing Reid.  This involves counting future votes and possible political winds.  It must consider that some Republicans are not our friends.  It is a difficult thing to consider, but it must be considered.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – August, 2010

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

For as long as I have practiced law, a condition of a bail bond was not to possess firearms.  Now a federal judge in the Western District of Missouri has ruled that until a defendant is convicted, he has a Constitutional right to own firearms.  The judge ordered his guns returned to him, but he cannot buy any new ones because he is under indictment.  Ten years ago a motion to this effect would have been laughed out of court.  Times change and we are changing them.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s office has recovered a stolen shotgun.  It had been stolen from the Jackson County sheriff’s office.  It was recovered in the hands of a criminal, which does not surprise me one little bit.

The Kansas City Missouri Police Department has also located a missing shotgun.  It was used in a murder 40 years ago, held as evidence, transferred to some outside person, purchased by the Department for use in patrol cars and found in one of the Department cars.

The government can talk about controlling my guns when it learns to control its own.  I’ll still say no, but it should show a talent for a subject before it takes on the entire country.

I remember going to my first gun show.  I was in the Army taking Infantry Officer’s Basic.  I remember the Airborne Chaplain was at the show, and I bought a bayonet.  There was a rule on post that we could not have large knives.  We trained with automatic weapons and they were worried about knives.  When I attended my next gun show, I was in law school.  Another student and I went to the show; I bought a revolver.  I went to more and more gun shows.  I usually bought something perhaps not expensive but something.  I did Christmas and birthday shopping at gun shows.  I met people.  In time people began to ask me about gun law, what was happening and what would happen.  I was astonished to learn they believe what I tell them; it makes one careful about making jokes.  Gun shows are a social gathering, pure capitalism, a political movement, a place to compare large numbers of guns, and fun.  It is great exercise to walk past the tables.  We need people to cover our table at local gun shows, distribute literature and mingle with other gun people.  How bad can that be?

I read a comment in a gun magazine about how guns help us dream.  We can hold a big game rifle and dream of Africa.  We may have no chance of ever making a safari, but with the gun we can dream of the opportunity.  We can dream of qualifying at an Appleseed shoot, getting the perfect handgun, collecting an example of every firearm in a given category, or just those that strike your fancy.  It’s a good life.

President-For-Life Sheila has heard of persons who burn books.  To prevent this she has ordered that all books be locked in underground vaults and access restricted to persons who can prove a need.  That should take care of the problem.

I was listening to an audio book The Last Stand which of course deals with the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  I found that Custer was a democrat, which explains a great deal.  The 7th was composed of many foreigners, some of whom did not speak English well.  Many Germans emigrated to America to avoid being drafted into the Prussian military; they ended up in the US Army, generally considered to be an improvement.  However on 25 June, 1876 the 7th Cavalry was officered by men who hated each other, on the critical morning many of them were drunk.  Their horses were worn out and underfed.  In his final battle Custer faced as many Indians with repeating rifles as he had men with single-shot breechloaders.  During Reconstruction the Federal army armed with muzzle-loaders faced Southern “rifle clubs” armed with repeating rifles.  Yet, there was never a proposal to ban repeating rifles or restrict them to police or military.  Custer thought that a charge on the Lakota village would cause them to panic and abandon their base.  Deprived of a base, and with their women and children as hostages, the warriors would be less effective.  The plan had worked before.  When it did not work at the Little Bighorn Custer did not have the firepower to shoot his way out.  Having split his command several times over long distances he could not communicate and with horses shot and surrounded he could not move.  The basics of tactics are “move, shoot and communicate.”   Unable to do any of the three Custer was wiped out.  His pack train and two other elements got lucky and most of them survived.  Custer’s brother, who earned two Medals of Honor in The Late Unpleasantness, was killed.

To win on battlefields or in politics, or the courts, heroism is not enough; being right is not enough.  No matter how firmly we believe in our position, no matter if our plans have worked before, there is a chance that things can go massively wrong.  There are political and legal equivalents of “move, shoot and communicate.  When we gamble our rights on a single case, we must have the ability to deal with disaster.  This amounts to people, money and organization.

President-For-Life Sheila has written about a “whiny parasite” she met at a gun show.  The W/P strode up to the table to complain that we had not recovered all of our rights and that this personally inconvenienced him.  She encouraged him to vote for a promising candidate.  He refused to consider voting.  He was more than willing to demand results from us, but would not lift a finger to vote in support of our efforts.  I have met such W/P’s in the last 21 years.  They make me want to reach out and touch their throats.  They complain, demand, find fault and lecture, but will do nothing.  They are quite willing to join us at the victory dinner (where they will doubtless complain about the food) but will do nothing productive to get there.  Anyone can talk.  We need people who do.

Despite our recent victories, the opposition is active; it may even be more active than before.  With the support of the media they lie faster than we can tell the truth.  They insist that the recognition of our rights is dangerous and must be restricted as much as possible.  We have to resist these restrictions.  The most immediate step is to get the right people elected in November.  A big turnout will intimidate the opposition even in the races we do not win.  We must win races.  Some of the candidates we endorse will not be all we want, but may be all we can get at this point.  Even marginal improvement will serve as a warning to the Senate not to approve the UN Treaty on Small Arms, which by them are our arms.

I saw Woody Allen’s movie Whatever Works which is reputed to be a comedy.  I found it to be a mechanism for Mr. Allen to abuse the worthless imbecilic masses he believes to inhabit the red states.  The movie indicates that what persons clinging to guns and religion really want is to adopt the values of the bohemian elements of New York.  He claims that the NRA relies on sexual inadequacy for its existence.  Freud actually said that a fear of weapons indicates a sexual and emotional immaturity.

I heard professional liberal Alan Colmes defend the Black Panthers who intimidated voters in the last election.  He said that the person who videotaped the intimidation was a Republican, which is irrelevant, and there was no proof that anyone was actually intimidated.  Had the races been reversed he would have been demanding the heads of those responsible, those who did not stop the intimidation, those who did not sufficiently disapprove the intimidation and those not sufficiently loud in demanding that heads roll.  Anyone disagreeing with liberal orthodoxy is a racist, and those agreeing with it must be right.  We may rejoice that the only argument they have against us is a false claim of racism, but it is distracting.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – September, 2010

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

I was listening to an audiobook Cahokia which concerns the archaeological investigation of the remains of an Indian City in the St. Louis area.  Archaeologists have uncovered the ceremonial burials of Indians who died almost a thousand years ago, all of whom are now voting.  Some of the burials appear to have been human sacrifices.  Huge mounds of earth were built for some public works project or another.  Other evidence shows a fanatic obsession with sports.  It seems that St. Louis has not changed.  The author discusses a Cahokia figure known as “He Who Wears Human Heads As Earrings,” who must have had remarkable ears; I will bet that he was never teased about them.  The name may have referred to wearing carved copper earrings in the shape of human heads, but no one who wears human heads as any form of jewelry is trying to generate warm fuzzy feelings among his fellow man.

President-for-Life SHEILA noticed my remarks in last month’s Bullet about General Custer abusing his horses.  Consequently she has ordered her husband to remove anything complimentary about General Custer from his office.  Doubtless this will not take very long, but it is the thought that counts.

I watched a documentary, “Full Battle Rattle.”  It records the experience of an Army unit at a training facility designed to look like an Iraqi town.  It is staffed with Iraqis living in the United States augmented by US troops who rejoice in playing the bad guys; the Iraqis play the town residents.   The experience prepares the unit for the unconventional war in Iraq.  The participants wear sensors which react to a laser, so when “shot” the umpires can tell if they are killed or wounded.  It is impressive training.  The unit is given various scenarios taken from actual incidents.  Extremely realistic dummies stand in for casualties.  The Lieutenant Colonel in command of the unit does everything right, and the insurgents show up and kill or wound everyone in his unit.  This is realistic.  It is an important lesson; we can do everything right, and things can still go wrong.  We saw that in a recent election.  Yet, there is nothing to do but keep trying.  Without trying, we will never win.

Another documentary is “Election Day” which recounts various grassroots activists from a conservative Republican in Chicago who is trying to level the playing field to Indians on the Pine Ridge reservation trying to turn out the vote.  The Chicago Republican encounters a “poll watcher” sitting at the election judges’ table.  The “watcher” is not supposed to be there and the activist tells him so, eliciting only indifference.  The election judges are clearly afraid to make an issue of it.  Were it not for the activist, the matter would never have been recorded and the machine would find it easy to break the rules.  This was a small, even tiny victory, but success is made up of such events.  The Pine Ridge activists met their own “whiney parasite” who proclaimed that he would not vote, that it was useless, that if voting was worth anything they would have regained their rights by now.  He said that voting was an exercise for candidates to pretend they were pro-Indian and then do nothing.  Substitute “Gun Owners” for “Indians” and this is an argument that I have heard before.  If you don’t vote, you don’t count and politicians have no reason to do anything for you because you will do nothing for them.  Refusing to vote makes it easy for the machine to cheat.  It is a recipe for failure.

At the gun show I worked the WMSA table with Chris Midkiff.  I asked a couple if they were ready to vote in six weeks; “For what,” they asked.  I mentioned congress and they said that they were not from around here.  “The United States congress,” I explained.  Finally they admitted that they did not vote, did not believe in politics.  “Politics believes in you,” Chris warned, and I am glad that he did, I wanted to reach out and touch their throats.  If you work a gun show you meet people like this and learn how important we are.

We have endorsed Roy Blunt for the Missouri Senate race.  He has voted our way 100% of the time.  His opponent is Robin Carnahan; she has relentlessly worked against us.  In the 1999 Proposition B vote she ran the committee against us under the principle that they could lie faster than we could tell the truth.  She claims to be pro-gun under the theory that we are too stupid to know the difference.

Representative Brian Munzlinger is running for the State Senate seat in the 18th Senatorial District in Northwest Missouri.  His opponent has always voted our way, but Brian Munzlinger not only voted our way, but also carried water for us.  He went looking for water to carry for us.  All the legislation passed in our favor in the last eight years has his name on it.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed banning lead bullets and sinkers.  A ban on lead bullets would make ammunition much more expensive, and less effective.  Less effective ammunition would wound game rather than make a clean kill.  More expensive ammunition would discourage new hunters.  The EPA may have had such obstacles in mind.  The head of the EPA is appointed by the president, who is no friend of hunting.  After vigorous public comment the EPA decided not to ban lead bullets.  The NRA led (so to speak) the charge on this issue.  I have heard many people say that the NRA would never get a dime from them, citing some disagreement or error on the part of the NRA.  However, surely this result is worth a dime.  But this result is temporary.  The administration did not want to see a fight with gun owners in an election year.  The proposal will emerge again next year, depending on the outcome of the election.

In Utah Senator Reid is opposed by a 100% gun rights advocate.  Last month I described Senator Reid as a reliable vote for us.  I should have said he has been a reasonably reliable vote, and now only a somewhat reliable vote.  He voted to confirm Justice Kagan to the Supreme Court.  The NRA has rated him as a “B” and his opponent as an “A”.  However, the NRA has not endorsed in this race apparently on the theory that the Republicans may not take the Senate this year and Reid may win his race and remain the Senate majority Leader.  The NRA cannot support him but it still may not be wise to antagonize him.  WMSA takes a more demanding position in our endorsements, and is not reluctant to antagonize.

The primary race in Missouri’s 40th House District has been won by a single vote.  This primary decides the election as there is no Republican in the race.  The next time someone claims that a single vote does not count, tell him he is wrong.  When he says that primary elections don’t count, tell him he is wrong.  Whatever excuse he comes up with for not voting, tell him he is wrong.

Jacque Tucker has died.  He was one of the original members of WMSA and his efforts as treasurer, librarian, hotline administrator, in electronic communications and common sense advice enabled us to survive in the early days.  He was a man of principle and a great friend.  He will be missed.

Roscoe Morris has died at the age of 94 and ¾.  For as long as anyone can remember he belonged to the Missouri Sport Shooting Association, and was a board member for many years.  When his health prevented him from going out shooting, his greatest pleasure was to attend meetings of shooters.  He was a gentleman and will be greatly missed.

An experienced lawyer recently told me, “Stupid has been good to my family.”  Sounds about right.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – October, 2010

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

In “Window Seat,” singer Erykah Badu strips naked while strolling the path of President Kennedy’s assassination and then drops abruptly to the ground.  This would be offensive in any public venue.  The fact that it is at the location of President Kennedy’s assassination takes it into the realm of extreme discomfort.  This is something like the placement of a mosque near Ground Zero.  The placement of a mosque near the site of the radical Muslim attack could work for us.  The terrorists have been telling people that we hate Islam; this would show that we do not, if we spin it right.  The terrorists will spin it as a victory mosque.  We should do better at advertising.  We sell soap better than our strengths.

The Star’s “Readers’ Representative” refers to “doing the right thing—exercising basic news judgment and ignoring [a controversial event]”.  This event was well-worth ignoring, but the concept that basic news judgment involves censoring what they consider to be bad news is alarming.

The Taliban hates music, at least music that excites the emotions; whatever is left is clearly not music.  It is therefore our patriotic duty to sing.  I suggest “We All Live in a Yellow Submarine.”  In that movie the Beatles’ enemy was the Blue Meanies who could be defeated only through music.

Noting its popularity WMSA President-for-Life SHEILA has ordered that all future WMSA meetings be in 3-D.

For those of you who believe that the Supreme Court decisions in Heller and MacDonald mean that we won a final victory, a judge in Westchester county New York is signing “no knock” search warrants to discover if licensed gun owners are storing their guns safely.

Two new cases create trouble when transporting guns across state lines.  Federal law under 18 U.S.Code §926A states that guns can be transported through any state, regardless of that state’s law if it is unloaded and in a locked container, inaccessible and can be possessed in the states of departure and destination.  On 22 March, 2010 Gregg C. Revell v Port Authority of New York was handed down in the Third US Circuit followed on 30 June, 2010 by John Torraco v Port Authority of New York in the Second US Circuit court of appeals.  They both involved persons who were traveling by air through New York and New Jersey.  Each checked his gun at the airport counter under Transport Security Administration regulations, each was arrested and the gun seized.  The various plaintiffs sued under 42 U.S. Code §1983.  Under that section persons can sue government officials and agencies for violations of federal rights.  It appears that §926A is not a federal right; it is at best a defense to criminal charges.  I remember when §926A was passed in 1986 as the “Firearm Owner Protection Act.”  It seems that some of our eastern judicial appointees have decided to re-name the statute.  Many of these defendants were in New York and New Jersey because their flights had been diverted or delayed.  I believe that Torraco was the case where a Port Authority Police Officer proclaimed, “This is New York City, federal law does not apply!”  I ridiculed this comment in an article for “Concealed Carry Magazine.”  Now it appears that he was right.  The criminal charges against the parties were dismissed, but their property was held for years.  They were forced to go to jail, pay a bail bond, appear in court and suffer the disruption of their travel plans.  I cannot imagine the seizure of any other class of property, much less the arrest of the owner, that would result is two appellate courts treating the abuse as such a trivial matter.  These cases were written before the City of Chicago case was decided, but do not mention Heller or the fact that such a decision was pending.  We obviously have much more litigation to fight.

Chicago is forced to allow handgun ownership, but the owner must jump through a multitude of licensing, medical and marksmanship tests.  It costs $550 for these requirements to get a license to own a handgun.  You buy a gun for yourself, and one for the city.  The city requires a marksmanship test, but refuses to allow ranges in the city.  We have won recognition of the right to own handguns, but they think that these Jim Crow restrictions will beat us.  They are wrong.

Judges who hear these cases are the low profile acts of the administration.  These are lawyers who know a senator who puts their name into consideration for a federal judgeship.  The administration may not be able to get gun control through congress, but it can appoint judges who find that Jim Crow restrictions are “reasonable.”  These life appointments must be taken into consideration when we are deciding which candidate is better for us.

The Republic of Korea wants to sell their surplus M-1 rifles and M-1 carbines.  American importers want to buy them.  Our State Department blocked the deal on the grounds that they might fall into the wrong hands.  The wrong hands already have guns.  These sixty-year-old guns are valued by collectors and recreational shooters.  The Secretary of State, another presidential appointee, thinks that we are the wrong hands.

In 2008 the Missouri legislature, in its nearly infinite wisdom, changed RSMo 571.070 which bars gun ownership by convicted persons.  The new language prohibits possession by convicted persons (but not those who pled guilty).  This appeared to bring it in line with the federal statute but it failed to exempt persons who have received pardons, expungements, restoration of rights or a Suspended Imposition of Sentence.  We did not catch this omission at the time, I did not catch the omission.  It seems that pardons, expungements, restoration of rights or Suspended Imposition of Sentence would have no purpose if the statute applied to them.  The BATF sees it differently.  They claim that the Missouri Attorney General sees this statute as affecting persons who have had their records wiped clean.  The result is that persons who have ancient, long expunged convictions are suddenly told that they cannot possess firearms or work in the firearms industry.  This is wrong on many levels.  Rights have been restored to people, and then snatched away without cause.  The truly offensive element is that the statute does not have to be interpreted in this fashion.  It has always been the law that expungements and pardons and the like have erased convictions.  The new statute does not have to be interpreted as requiring a repetition of this principle.  In short gun owners who did something stupid a generation ago and went to the trouble of having it removed from their records are being abused by the same system which proclaims that we have a constitutional right to own guns.  The question is what to do.

The Missouri Attorney General’s office has not publicly announced their interpretation of RSMo 571.070.  If forced to do so they will have to justify this interpretation, they cannot.  The course of action I recommend is to get them to issue an Attorney General’s Opinion on this point.  They will not do so at the request of a citizen.  They must do so at the request of a legislator.  They may take their sweet time doing so, but they must do so.  If a number of legislators make the same request the matter becomes a higher priority.  Efforts to make this interpretation official may irritate the legislature which will aid efforts to amend the statute.

To help resolve this question everyone should contact their state senator and legislator and have them request that the Attorney General answer the question; “Does 571.070 prohibit firearms possession by any person who has received a pardon, restoration of rights, expungement or suspended imposition of sentence?”

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – November, 2010

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

The elections went better than expected.  President-for Life Sheila will reward all the gun show volunteers with a figment of her imagination.  Doubtless this will be a precious relic and much better than getting a piece of her mind.

Liberals claim that the election results were due to coalition of patent untruths, the uninformed, the misinformed, the racially bigoted and the obscenely privileged; all paid for by corporate slush funds.  President Obama thinks the problem was he didn’t communicate, that the voters didn’t understand what he was doing.  His problem is that we did understand what he was doing.  Do not expect the left to face reality.  In a few months pundits will proclaim the election a fluke.  If we do nothing they will be right.

Christine O’Donnell was the Tea Party candidate for Delaware’s Senate.  The media delighted in making fun of her.  In a debate she was asked about the First Amendment provision calling for the separation of church & state.  She attempted a gentle Socratic dialog trying to point out that the phrase does not appear in the First Amendment.  She was trashed as ignorant by very ignorant persons who did not know how ignorant they were, or did not care.

The Tea Party has been quite successful, remarkably so when one considers that it is a new movement.  One hopes that success does not spoil the movement.  It is claimed that the Tea Party is an albatross on the Republicans, claimed by liberal Democrats who do not have the GOP’s best interests at heart.  They sneer that the Tea Party cost the Republicans control of the Senate.  This is true, but it restored a sense of principle to the GOP.  There is always a pull between principles and pragmatism; we struggle with this when WMSA does endorsements.  However, without principle there is no goal for pragmatic strategic politicking.  This election gave the Republicans something to run against.  The Tea Party will give them principles to run for.

At a gun show I was looking for some 9mm Makarov ammunition.  I saw a table selling a Makarov and decided that it was a good place to look.  The seller pointed me at a pile of boxes labeled “9mm Kurtz. 9 x 17.”  I pointed out that this was really .380 but the seller insisted that it was Makarov.  The Markarov box he was selling was labeled “9 x 18” so he should have known the difference.  People have fired 9 x 17 (aka .380) in the longer Makarov chamber, but it is clearly not the school solution.  I was reluctant to do business with a person who did not know his product.  I once stopped at a Wal-Mart and asked for some #4 shot in 12 gauge.  Bless their hearts they brought me every box in the place with a “4” on it, including .410.  It is wise to do business at a gun shop where the staff can be expected to know a hawk from a handsaw.

Reports from Afghanistan and Pakistan report terrorists bombing mosques and weddings.  However, local riots only result from US air raids.  I have heard that terrorists blame their atrocities on Blackwater, a private American security firm now called Xe Services.  This indicates the terrorists have a better advertising system than we do, something we should be good at.

We lost the Raymore charter vote.  Raymore’s city council had voted to allow concealed carry in council meetings.  Anti-gun forces, some of whom had recently lost city council elections started a referendum to amend the city charter to ban concealed carry in city buildings.  It was poorly written, not even excluding police, and when the anti-gun forces proved they could lie faster than we could tell the truth, after the pro-gun mailings were delayed at the post office, we lost.  The anti-gun forces claimed, “We’re not finished.”  This claim bothers me; it is bad to give encouragement to the opposition.  It beggars belief that persons suffering from a murderous rage could be deterred by a charter provision.  It wonders me that people believe that their neighbors will suddenly fall into a homicidal rage, unless there is a charter provision.

These “No guns” signs will only work when guns learn to read; or persons who violate laws begin to obey signs.

President-for-Life Sheila has been doing radio interviews.  They have gone very well.  Next perhaps she will be on the View and when the liberals walk off in a huff she will take it over and make it “Sheila’s View”.

I was watching a DVD on Old Testament persons.  The Rabbi presenting the program said that some scholars do not believe that Job was Jewish.  The rational is that Job believes each of the messengers who tell him his flocks and fields and family are dead and gone.  The Rabbi cites messengers warning Jews of holocaust who were scorned until it was too late.  We have the same problem.  Too many gun owners insist that anti-gun activists do not mean what they say; or that they won’t come for hunting guns or target guns or whatever it is they want to believe.  Cassandra had the same problem warning Troy of Greeks bearing gifts.

I often hear vicious persons referred to as animals.  This is unfair.  Animals kill for food, but rarely any other reason.  They fight over territory, or a mate, but not to the death.  There are some insects which war against each other, and chimpanzees are known to raid each other’s band; but the chimpanzees share an alarming amount of DNA with humans.

An Old English poem, The Battle of Maldon recounts a 991AD Viking invasion of Maldon in Essex England.  The Vikings established a base of operations and prepared to raid the countryside.  An English nobleman named Byrthnoth gathered a scratch army to oppose the invaders.  The Viking leader made the usual demand for tribute to go away.  Byrthnoth indicated his army and replied, “Do you hear, seafarer, what these people say?  They wish to give you spears as tribute!”  Battle was joined and the English army was defeated.  It is not enough to take a defiant attitude; skill, organization and strategy are essential.  But, as Teddy Roosevelt said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  Byrthnoth’s army forced the Vikings to work for their plunder, which was not their first choice.  Even a small organization can make political bullies go elsewhere.

The Mexican revolution of 1910 gave Francisco Madero the presidency.  He then instructed the revolutionary forces to surrender their weapons.  Emilo Zapata responded that if the people could not win their rights when they were armed, they would have no chance once they were unarmed and helpless; “To be free a man must have three things: land, an education and a rifle.  Always a rifle!”  Hispanics will be a significant, perhaps dominate voting block in our lifetimes.  Citing figures from their history will help bring them to our side.It is a good day for Liberty.

Sheila running for re-election as WMSA President.  Her campaign slogan is “Off with his head!”  Sounds like a winner.

We shall overcome.