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Liberty Notes – January, 2009

Kevin L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

A Pennsylvania woman openly carried a handgun at her child’s soccer game.  She did nothing with the gun, did not refer to it, did not argue with anyone, did not threaten anyone, simply carried it openly.  Some hysteric complained, and her license was revoked.  A judge ruled that her license was improperly revoked and she is suing.  I very much hope that she wins, but I also think she made a bad decision to carry openly.  There is an open carry movement to make people accustomed to seeing citizens with guns.  This is a noble goal; the means to the end is the mistake.  People are still afraid of seeing citizens with guns.  A 19th century playwright (whose name escapes me) said something to the effect that if a pistol appears in act one, it must be fired before the play is over.  The modern entertainment media continues this tradition.  Guns appear accompanied by an ominous sound track and their appearance inevitably ends badly.  This has created a cultural prejudice that anyone carrying a gun is about to use it.  This is wrong, but people believe it.

The Kansas City Star, (a daily tabloid) on 2 Jan 2009 at A5 has mentioned that self-defense shootings have doubled, but includes them as homicides.  They are technically homicides, but the term is commonly thought to be synonymous with “murder”.  When I try a murder I get the death certificate excluded because it gives “homicide” as the cause of death.  The Star still refers to the survivor of a self-defense shooting as a “gunman” and the deceased criminal as a “victim”.

A client of mine is an African-American veteran of WW II.  He was in one of the few African-American combat units of that war.  He gave shelter to a woman fleeing an abusive neo-nazi boyfriend.  In due course the racist called him, attempted to intimidate him and used the inevitable racial slur.  My client said, “I killed people like you in Europe”.  This ended the conversation and the nazi filed for a protective order claiming that he was afraid of the old man.  Remember when nazis were actually competent at something?   Remember when they used to threaten entire countries?  Now one needs a protective order to intimidate a senior citizen.

I have finally heard of someone being bayoneted.  In State v Stephen Mark James, a court of appeals case filed on 10/31/08 the guest of honor bayoneted the victim with an SKS rifle.  He also shot her four times.  He made some wild defenses concerning self-defense, the Castle Doctrine and accident.  He seems to have had mental problems and this appears to have affected the reasoning in his defenses.   He was convicted and the conviction upheld.

Why is there no football team called “The Terminators”?

There is a strong chance that Al Franken will be a United States Senator.  Mr. Franken used to be on “Saturday Night Live” and the prospect of him as a senator seems to be appropriate to that show.  There is a legal challenge.  Some voting places recorded more votes than there were qualified voters in the precinct.  Ballots were found in odd places and questionable ballots were all ruled to have been for Mr. Franken.  All decisions of the election board resulted in more votes being recorded for Mr. Franken.  This is not impossible, but it seems unlikely.  My guess is that the Democratic majority in the Senate will decide that rotting corpses clawed their way out of their graves so that they could vote for an intellectual equal.

Carl Sagan once said that “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”  This is a good phrase to use when the prohibitionists make wild claims of massacres.

My younger son, College Boy, was recently given the opportunity to walk across a stage.  The bet was that if he did so successfully he would graduate from the University of Missouri Journalism School.  It was touch and go there but he did it so well that the next day he was allowed to do it again for the honors program.  He received honors in print and digital news.  The honors program gave him a medal which is substantial enough to beat his way to the bar in any saloon in the world.  I made him swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  We’ll see how that works.  He is now in a different school, learning to be a corporate raider with the United States Marine Corporation (a metal fragment delivery service since 1775).  This seems to involve a certain amount of playing on the beach.  Since College Boy is no longer in College he can’t really use that name any more.  We put some other name on his birth certificate, I probably have it written down somewhere.

The Boy Scouts of America seek to double its number of Hispanic members by 2010.  This seems to involve something more than translating materials into Spanish.  There are some cultural considerations as well.  This is the reality of American in the new millennium.  We shall have to do the same.  It does not matter if this is a good thing or a bad thing; it is the only thing.  If we do not show these folks what America is about, we can be sure that the other side shall bring them over to the dark side.

New regulations allow licensed persons to carry concealed weapons in National Parks.  The licensed person must follow the rules of the state surrounding the park.  For parks that straddle state lines licensed persons must follow the rules of the state covering that portion of the park.  This could make for some misunderstandings.  I would much prefer a rule which covers all parks, but we must recognize that this is a tremendous advance.  The “Brady Campaign” has filed suit against the rule, and I fear that the new administration may rescind the rule.

Mom does a daily crossword puzzle.  She was in the practice of coming to me for help, and I would occasionally google for answers.  For Christmas I gave her a crossword puzzle dictionary.  Now she no longer needs me.  You see how dangerous books can be.  I remember being in a bookstore and seeing a couple of teenage boys giggling over a copy of the Anarchist Cookbook, which is not a diet book for alternative political ideologies.  It gives formulas and procedures for making explosives.  Many of these books do not give important safety information.  There is a reason the Weather Underground kept blowing up their own bomb factories.  Still, these works continue in print and on the internet and no serious attempt is made to censor them in the name of free speech.  But, let someone have a bayonet on a rifle and all semi-automatics must be destroyed.

Robert W. Butler, the Star’s movie critic on 1 January, 2009, page 13, discussed the recent rash of movies set in the nazi era and gratuitously states that for many people in the world the US forces are now the nazis and the terrorists in Iraq can be compared to the Jewish anti-nazi partisans of WW II.  He asks that we do not “go all DAR” on him.  I take this as a reference to the Daughters of the American Revolution.   I presume that this his way of asking that we do not contact him with criticism.  Where do I start?  Why should I contact him?  If he does not understand the difference between the US removing a tyrant and the nazis imposing a tyrant there is probably no point in talking to him.  If he does not see the difference between Jewish partisans fighting nazi soldiers and terrorists who daily commit war crimes by bombing markets, weddings and school children, then he probably lacks basic reasoning skills.  Mr. Butler cautions against claiming that we are the good guys and they are the bad guys.  He assures us that the situation is much more complicated.  He is wrong.  We try to avoid killing children; they try to kill them.  We aim to create democracy; they aim to impose tyranny.  We are the good guys.  Claiming that life is too complicated is an excuse to do nothing.

Twice in the last month I have been asked what to do with a gun that has had its serial number removed.  A private purchase, inheritance or similar acquisition that is not examined at the time was later found to have the serial number removed.  On one occasion some drunken friends decided it would help their host if the serial number of his pistol was removed.  Mere possession of such a gun is a crime.  The gun was of indifferent manufacture so I advised tossing it in the river.  I would have given the same advice if the serial number was intact.  Some guns are worth salvaging.  Hatcher’s Firearms Investigation Identification and Evidence has a chemical formula for raising serial numbers.  I believe that there is a procedure for re-registering a number for mutilated guns but I will have to do some research.  There is no point in grinding off a serial number, the number can usually be recovered and possession of such a gun is akin to holding a sign saying “Arrest me now!”

On 5 September, 2009 WMSA will celebrate its 20th anniversary.  President Sheila has not organized a celebration yet.  If she does not we can organize a mob with pitchforks and torches to march on the Winter Palace.  Of course, if we organize a mob, we could just as easily organize a celebration.

Missourians for Personal Safety, an umbrella group for Missouri gun rights organizations has released its legislative priority list.  It is on the WMSA site.  We hope to improve the License To Carry law and some other matters.  The list is a product of what is considered necessary together with what is considered possible.  There are other matters I would like to see on the list, but we cannot spread our efforts too wide.  Some may ask who drew up the list.  Tim Oliver, one of the leaders of the Movement has said “Those who do the heavy lifting get to decide what is lifted.”  The list was passed around among the activists in the state.  We did not consult everyone, but we think we got a consensus.

When Gunnery Sergeant Hathcock, the deadliest sniper of the Viet Nam war was leaving Viet Nam he encountered the commander of a 155 mm howitzer battery who scorned the snipers efforts, claiming that he killed as many enemy in a single mission as Hathcock did in his entire tour.  This is true.  Hathcock replied that the difference was that he had looked into the eyes of the men he killed.  This is also true.  Neither man understood the point.  Each had a different mission.  The battery commander killed numbers.  The sniper killed individuals.  The difference is not that the sniper looks into the eyes of the man he kills, the difference is that the survivors know that he looked into the eyes of their dead comrade.  The sniper made a deliberate choice.  It is not random; it is not general like an artillery barrage or a battalion in the attack, it is personal.  It is like the street thug who screams at the police that they will never take him alive, the police aiming shotguns and rifles at him.  Then one officer with a sidearm places the red dot from the laser sight on his chest and he surrenders.  Over the years snipers have been used for various purposes, removing officers, causing casualties, harassment and preventing free movement.  During WW II the Russians used them to rack up statistics for propaganda purposes.  It always amounted to the same thing, enemy troops wondering if there is a man in the tree line deciding if they would live or die.  When the bullets become certain and personal macho disappears, the offensive looses steam and American diplomacy has to step in to save the enemy.

I saw a program on the Military Channel about the Chinese Repeating Crossbow which has been used since about 300 BC.  According to the program it had been used as recently as the Boxer Rebellion which if memory serves was about 1905.  The repeating crossbow was magazine fed and lever action.  The lever cocked and fired the crossbow, much like some of the early pump shotguns which could be fired if the trigger was held back and the action pumped (this is not considered safe by the way).  It was considered to be a peasant weapon used to protect the home from marauders.  It had poor power and range, but made up for it with poisoned arrows.  There is a story that one of the Chinese Emperors was urged to ban possession of bows by the general population.  The Emperor was told that this would reduce crime.  Another advisor asked how bandits could be deprived of their bows and that the measure would work against the peasants, and for the bandits.  The Emperor saw reason and rejected the idea.  I wish there was a way to put that story in a fortune cookie.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – May 2009

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

I continue to see bail bonds set based on the “this kind of case” standard rather than the likelihood of appearing for trial.  If charged with a crime after a self-defense shooting, expect a bond in the tens of thousands of dollars. My last client involved in a killing is in jail on a $250,000 bond.  A bond reduction was denied based on the “this kind of case” standard.

A suspect has been arrested in the “Craig’s List” killings.  His financee stuck by him until it was discovered that he had women’s panties under his bed.  Everyone has their limit.

A very pregnant woman took a License To Carry class.  Her doctor gave written permission for her to do the shooting portion.  The instructor wisely had her shoot alone on a range which had not been used in 24 hours.  This minimized the risk of inhaling lead.  During the legal portion she asked me what she should do if someone kidnapped her baby.  I told her to fire warning shots into his head.  That was a tab flippant so I clarified that she should shoot him stone dead.  In teaching these classes simple declarative sentences are critical to communication.  A flippant response can lead to misunderstandings.  We cannot afford misunderstandings in these classes.

A number of students in my LTC class have expressed doubts about actually getting the license.  This is good.  This shows that people are thinking about the consequences of carry.  They think first.  This is good.  The senior instructor tells me that some people have waited two years after taking his training before going to the sheriff for their license.  There is no expiration date on the training.  They can wait that long if they feel the need.

Some advocate criminal charges against members of the Bush administration for actions taken during the war.  The advocates must not stop there.  No member of the Roosevelt administration was punished for putting Japanese-Americans, some Italian-Americans and a small group of German-Americans into concentration camps during WW II.  No member of President Wilson’s administration was punished for persecuting German-Americans, pacifists, socialists and others during WW I.  Kit Carson was the Angel of Death to the Navajo nation and was never questioned much less punished.  President Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus during the Civil War and his administration went unpunished.  President Andrew Jackson sent the Cherokee nation on a death march to Oklahoma and was never punished.  Jefferson was never called to answer for the Alien and Sedition Act.  We never did get even with the Founders who owned slaves.  I realize that a number of these men are dead and must be dumped from their coffins and pilloried for acts which sounded like a good idea at the time.  That they may have some defense means nothing to victor’s justice.  I realize that the above list is incomplete and I am not positive if it was Jefferson or Adams who was guilty of the Alien and Sedition Act.  But, there is plenty of guilt to go around.  I’m sure that Jefferson did something and in the current client that is more than enough.

I have a new book entitled Crossing Hitler.  In the early 30’s a couple of Storm Troopers attacked a man and were charged with assault.  Hitler was subpoenaed as a witness and examined by the prosecutor.  Hitler did not like it.  The attorney died in a concentration camp.  When I heard of the book I knew that I had to read this transcript.  I also have The Nuremberg Interviews.  This book concerns a psychiatrist’s interviews of German war criminals and concentration camp victims.  This is interesting.  It is remarkable that sixty years after the war such history is still coming to light.

When I travel by air my handgun has to go in checked baggage.  The law requires that the ticket agent check my gun to see if it is loaded.  The agent frequently does not know what a cartridge looks like, it doesn’t have to make sense, its just the law.  Recently they simply relied on my signature on a card certifying that the gun was unloaded.  I hand the agent a letter stating that I am carrying an unloaded gun and small amount of ammunition.  This avoids saying GUN in an airport.  A low profile is called for when armed, more in some places than others.  One of our members is an airport police officer.  I really do not need him taking me down.

President Sheila saw a program on the History Channel about the building of the pyramids.  Now she wants us to build her a pyramid.  Fortunately Cass County is not zoned for pyramids, so we luck out.  Just don’t tell her I said so.

I attended the NRA convention in Phoenix Arizona, recently christened the “kidnap capital of the United States”.  I took my gun.  At the time of the convention there was a debate in the Arizona legislature over allowing people to carry into places where alcohol is served.  The media presented ominous stories about the consequences of allowing license holders into establishments with liquor licenses.  This did not allow them to drink, only be in the establishment.  While I was there I went looking for dinner and passed two establishments which obviously had liquor licenses.  It would appear to be in the business interests of these establishments to change the law.

The Convention was interesting.  Arizona is an open carry state and I saw a number of people with exposed guns.  This is not to say that the practice would transfer to other states.  I fear that it would only scare people in other states and they will demand that Congress do something, and we do not want this Congress doing something relating to guns.  At the Convention Rick Poe of the Missouri Valley Arms Collector’s Association had an exhibit of PIGs; Politically Incorrect Guns.  Every gun exhibited was banned in at least one state for purely cosmetic features.  It won the prize for best collector’s exhibit.  I tried to get a photograph of the award, but every attempt was met with a glare in the middle of the shot, which I blame on light reflected from Rick Poe’s big smile.

A Libertarian spoke at the National Firearms Law seminar.  His topic was the criminalization of private acts.  He made some good points.  Of course he insisted that drug addiction is a private matter which does not affect others.  I have represented drug addicts and I beg to differ.  At times it appears that drugs were involved in every criminal case I have defended.  People commit crimes under the influence or in order to get money to buy drugs.  One driver had a PCP flashback ran over and killed a woman.  And it must be pointed out that addiction is a sickness which burdens social security and medical care.  I do not have a solution but I would sooner deal with a society full of zombies than one full of addicts.  Zombies are slow, speed addicts are; well, speedier than I am.

In my youth I associated with a group of people who did not know me well, so they liked me.  One night we stopped at a restaurant and the more graceful members of the group fed the jukebox and prepared to dance.  The manager ran up protesting that he did not have a license for dancing.  Imagine, a license for dancing.  It is like a license for singing or for laughter.  The Libertarians have the right concept.  It is application of that concept that is the tricky part.

Going through the gun show materials we found an Afro-pick.  It belonged to the late, great Gary Davis, he was always leaving such things in the gun show box.  We also found materials left by the late, great Dean Johnson.  Both men are sorely missed.  When they joined this organization I remember them protesting that they did not have the abilities to do very much.  But they plodded on and found that what they did was not only enough, it was great.  Lots of people would like to become active but fear they do not have the talent.  Once started, they surprise themselves.

The Tea-Parties have been a great success measured by the turn-out and a HUGE success measured by the howls from the left.  The left insists on calling them “T-bag” parties.  It was explained to me that “T-bag” refers to a homosexual practice.  I do not understand the pleasure in the act (as it was described to me) but the course of true love often passes understanding, my divorce practice relies on this fact.  There may be a streak of homophobia in the left when they refer to us with this term.  When attending these Tea-Parties carry some WMSA materials and pass them around.

The Gun Right Policy Conference will be in St. Louis Missouri at the Airport Renaissance Hotel on 25-27 September, 2009.  Blocks of rooms are available at a reduced rate.  The Conference itself is free as is lunch and a small library of books.  I met Allan Gottlieb, the event’s sponsor, at the NRA Convention.  He told me that he relied on me to promote a big attendance.  I replied modestly but he fixed me with a steely eye and said there would be a big turnout “or else”.  He pointed to his bow-tie and said that this could happen to me if there was not a large turnout.  The Gun Rights Policy Conference is an invaluable training event and provides bags full of books and materials.  It is well worth attending.  I hope there is a record turnout.  I do not want to wear a bow-tie.

September 5th, 2009 is the twentieth anniversary of the founding of WMSA.  A picnic is planned at Crossfire Range in Independence.  I have not been threatened over attendance yet, but there is time.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Second Amendment must be respected by the states.  The Heller decision only ruled that the federal government cannot violate the Second.  This is huge.  This is a case out of California.  With a case proceeding against Chicago this increases the chance of another Second Amendment case going to the Supreme Court.  Chicago’s gun law is not only severe, it is selective; the politically powerful are exempt.  This fundamental unfairness makes it a prime target for litigation.

The current administration is trying to get the United Nations treaty on small arms ratified by the Senate.  If this happens the opposition will have a tool to restrict firearms beyond their wildest dreams.  The federal government has used treaties to gain jurisdiction over subjects before.  This does not trump the Constitution, but it clouds the issue and sells American sovereignty in the process.

Jeff Knox is putting out a book of his father’s writing on the gun movement.  The late, great Neal Knox was in the middle of all the gun rights battles of the last forty years.  I told him that he should write a book, but he was taken from us before he did so.  Putting his papers together will give us an invaluable history of our movement.  The book will be out this July.  Expect a book review somewhere nearby.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – June 2009

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

Conservative activist Richard Nadler is dead.  HePublished the old K.C. Jones weekly and gave me a start writing for publication; however, he made up for this with many other activities.  He was one of the original commentators on the Public Television program “Ruckus”.  Mr. Nadler was self-educated and well-educated in a variety of fields.  He will be missed, but someone will step up to take his place.

At Richard Nadler’s funeral the Rabbi’s sermon  asked “If I will not be for myself, then who will be for me?” and “If not now, when?”  No one is going to fight for our rights for us.  If we do not fight now we shall never have the chance.

I was asked why I support Sarah Palin.  Well, we haven’t had anyone like her since Teddy Roosevelt.  She will say exactly what she thinks on any given subject, not leaving any blank spaces.  She lives her principles.  Liberals do not understand this, fear this, and so abuse her.

I was helping to work the gun show table recently when a chronic complainer approached the table.  This is the sort of gun owner who has no end of complaints about restrictions on our rights, but never does anything about the problem.  He asked if we were a local group and when told we are, complained that the problem was in Washington D.C.  If asked to support the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action in Washington D.C. he would have complained about local issues.  He looked and me and demanded “Do you know what you should do?”  Of course I know what I should do, I would not be sitting at the table if I did not.  Sitting at the table is part of what I should do.  I told him that if he wanted to be part of the solution, membership cost $25 a year.  He walked away, full of complaints but not a bit of action.  We showed a number of people a path of action.  Every little bit helps.

At the NRA Convention I was stopped by a man who was absolutely furious at having been arrested.  Criminals regard arrest as an inconvenience, a cost of doing business.  A citizen regards arrest as an insult.  For some reason he identified me as an attorney.  He told me that he had tried to eject a trespasser.  He had fortified himself with a pistol and when the police arrived he was the one arrested.  When police answer a “man with a gun” call, they tend to arrest the man with the gun.  I could advise the man only that he must keep his temper in court.  Juries fear angry men and punish them accordingly.

At the NRA Convention I saw ex-state representative Susan Phillips.  She had answered a call to volunteer at the Convention.  Years ago, when she first ran for office in a special election, the opposition suggested that the contest be about issues, not personalities, and promptly sent out mailers warning that she was a member of the “radical Western Missouri Shooters Alliance”.  This outraged our people and we swarmed her district with volunteers.  She won decisively.  We hope to see more of her in the future.  I also saw Dick Heller, the plaintiff in the DC gun case giving away gun T-shirts to kids.  He urged them to wear the shirts to school and if the school complained to sue.  We shall see more of him.

I helped teach a Missouri Bar Association Continuing Legal Education seminar on Firearms Law.  We may form a Firearms Law Committee.  Alan Gura, the lead attorney on the DC gun case spoke, and spoke again at a dinner that evening.  He was enthusiastic and inspiring.  There was speculation on the next Second Amendment case to go to the Supreme Court.  It now appears that the Chicago gun case will carry the flag.  Alan Gura is on that case and progress can be seen at www.chicagoguncase.org.

When people attend the Gun Rights Policy Conference they must bring a second suitcase with them.  This must be a suitcase, not just an overnight bag.  Great stacks of free books and materials are given to attendees, and there must be some convenient way to haul off the booty.  This year’s GRPC will be in St. Louis on 25 through 27 September, 2009.  Details are available from the Second Amendment Foundation www.SAF.org.  Nationally known speakers will explain the status and future of the Second Amendment as well as tactics to improve our prospects.  The hotel has a block of rooms available at a reduced rate for persons attending the conference.

At a recent MVACA gunshow I found more .380 ammunition than I had seen in the previous year.  I reflexively pulled out my wallet but then considered that I do not own a .380 pistol.  The hoarding instinct is strong and nearly irresistible.

In my last column I mentioned having great quantities of empty brass.  Since that indiscreet revelation I have been stalked by reloaders.   You know the type; they go shooting only to have empty brass to reload.  They run beside practical pistol shooters with baskets trying to catch the brass.  Their metal detectors are set to ignore coins and jewelry but alert on cartridge cases.  Their ambition is life is not a trophy elk or a perfect 10-shot bullseye, but a perfectly loaded cartridge; and they are after me.

The liberal media claims that only conservative judges are activist judges.  The absurd claim is floated that the DC gun case is just like the Roe v Wade abortion case.  Guns are mentioned in the constitution, abortion is not.  This would appear to be a significant difference but some only see what they want to see.

Conservative speech is accused of encouraging killers.  Conveniently, the administration has a “fairness doctrine” available to stifle conservative speech.  This is not law, but we shall have to make sure that it does not become law.  Liberal screeds against police is never blamed for the murder of police officers but let a howling barking nazi shoot it out with police, it is blamed on the NRA.

A Soldier was killed at a recruiting station by a person who was reported as acting out of “Political and religious motives.”  The killer was a Muslim terrorist who sees nothing wrong with killing soldiers given what is reported about massacres in the War.  This proves that terrorism can happen anywhere.  This is not the first Muslim terrorist who has committed random murder in the United States, but ideology is never mentioned, only their gun.

An anti-Semite reportedly murdered a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.  Security guards promptly shot him down.  Washington D.C. allows armed guards for buildings, but is reluctant to allow people to protect themselves.  The anti-Semite used a .22 rifle.  Given that he was a convicted felon and forbidden to possess firearms and was illegally carrying the rifle, this should warn the nation’s capital that their laws are ineffective.  Instead, the usual suspects are dancing in the blood and demanding that we reinforce failure.

A vendor at a gun show gave me a great price on some ammunition so that he could boast that he took money from a lawyer.  He was happy, I was happy, whatever works.

I have frequently thought that if the administration continued to adopt policies of the Bush administration the Republicans could claim that they won the election.  Whenever this occurs to me the administration promptly does something like appointing Judge Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and I am jerked back to reality.

I was consulted by a gun shop owner who had recently moved to a new location.  The day he opened in the new location the ATF inspector arrived and demanded to see paperwork and guns.  A great many notes were made by the inspector who then announced that going to jail for multiple violations or surrendering his license immediately.  ATF inspectors do not have arrest authority.  We don’t know what violations were claimed because no copy of the inspector’s notes were left with the owner, as is required by regulation.  I am often told that inspectors have told gunshop owners to keep records contrary to how previous inspectors have demanded they be kept.  This is not a defense in court.  However, when given instructions of this nature it is important to record the name of the inspector and the date the instructions were given.  It might be valuable to write the district director to determine which sets of instructions were policy.  This provides a record of attempted compliance.

A recent article in the Gun Owner’s Action League newsletter advises good manners in letters to the editor.  A 1967 Shooting Times article gives the same advice.  After forty years of activism, we must remember that good manners work for us.  One commentator said that there were five books that everyone who carries a gun should read.  They were by the usual suspects and Miss. Manner’s Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior.  The point is the being polite is good advertising for our side, and very difficult for the opposition to counter.  They live on stereotypes of thuggish, inbred, threatening gun owners.  When we are well-dressed and excruciatingly polite we break the stereotype and take away their best weapon.  When one of us shouts into talk radio that they will take his gun from his cold dead hand, it plays into their stereotype; it scares people and motivates them to have the government take guns from scary people (the voter will not be out taking the guns himself).  If a polite voice asks if the government has considered the cost and difficulty of taking guns from people who are certain they have the right to keep them it gets across the same message without the stereotype and without scaring people.  We are more effective when we remember Captain Kangaroo’s magic words “please” and “thank-you”.

I met a man who had been at a conference with a socialist who was outraged at the varieties of breakfast cereal.  The socialist was furious at this amount of choice and demanded that the number be reduced.  What if this socialist saw the varieties of ammunition?  There is bullet weight, bullet hardness, bullet shape and bullet design.  There are a world of calibers .22, .221, .222, .223, .224 and twenty different cartridges of nominally .38/9mm caliber.  There must be a need, people buy these different cartridges; however, there is always some socialist who presumes to decide what we really need.

The Customs department has proposed redefining switchblades to include all knives that can be opened with one hand.  This does not appear to include kitchen knives which are already open.

The new law legalizing concealed carry in National Parks does not go into effect until February, 2010.  We were fortunate to get it attached to the credit card reform bill which Congress had to pass and the administration had to sign.

The N.Y. State Assembly held a hearing on microstamping, a process to serialize ammunition so that it can be registered.  Proposed microstamping laws would outlaw reloading and create an enormous database of shooters.   Ammunition would be taxed to pay for the database, which could then trace ammunition to the point where it was stolen.  The N.Y. Assembly invited anti gun groups to the hearing but excluded the NY sportsmen’s club, the NRA affiliate.  They refused to listen to the people most affected by the proposed law.  They would not even allow them to listen to the opposition.

Several businesses have popped up in which customers pay to smash things.  This exercise releases anger.  Robert Stack got into trap shooting for the same reason; he could break things and not be charged with vandalism.

Detroit’s Wayne State University is spending a $2.6 million federal grant to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly.  This may sound that a waste, but to be fair it will cost at least that much money to get a prostitute to drink less.  Chinese prostitutes may abstain for less, but they may abstain for more.  There could be cultural values at work and one of those cultural values may be an abiding curiosity to see just how stupid we are.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – July, 2009

Kevin L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

Today a judge accused me of posturing in court.  What he considers posturing I consider a vigorous defense of my client’s interests.  But he is the one who makes the decisions.

A man found a bullet and claiming that he did not want his children to be hurt by it, he struck it with a hammer.  In doing so he shot himself in the stomach.  It is not reported if alcohol was involved.

A man wanted to know what it felt like to be shot and so goaded his brother into shooting him in the leg.  It turns out that being shot hurts.  Surprisingly, alcohol was not involved, but he had been smoking marijuana.

On the 4th of July I attended a tax protest; it seemed appropriate.  Over 300 people attended and it was only one of several tax protests in the area that day.  A number of people driving by honked in support but this support was not universal.  A person in a “Barrak the Vote” T-Shirt hurried up in an apparent attempt to provoke something.  His first comment was to observe that there were no “people of color” among us.  He repeated this several times until one man demanded that T-shirt stop calling him a racist.  T-Shirt claimed, all innocence, that he had done no such thing, but he had.  I told T-Shirt that if that was his best observation our conversation was over.  He protested that he had many more observations.  I told him that he had fired his best shot and he knew it.  He did not leave, but did not approach me again.  He formed a knot of like-minded, self-satisfied tax advocates, one of them wearing a Handgun Control T-Shirt.  They succeeded in distracting some of our number away from their goal of communicating with people driving past.  Since communicating with people driving past was the goal, the T-Shirts were lightly successful and very pleased with themselves they were.  I passed out some WMSA materials.  President Sheila attended a similar gathering in Harrisonville and was more successful.  There will be many more such gatherings.  Our people who attend such gatherings must seize the opportunity.  We shall need many friends in the coming years.

The Washington Post newspaper proposed to sell access to the Obama administration to lobbyists at a rate of $25,000 per head.  These days newspapers have to make money somehow.

I am often asked if Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will prevent gun ownership.  By itself, it will not.  To prevent gun ownership there must be a court order committing a person to a mental health facility.  The court must first hold a hearing in which the subject has the right to counsel and to submit evidence.  Under federal law if an administrative agency finds that a person is disabled for reasons of mental incompetency AND also finds that the person is also dangerous or cannot handle his or her own affairs.  After years of research I am satisfied that if someone came back from a war and did not have PTSD, he was not paying attention.  Some handle it better than others; some have it worse than others.  Persons with strong religious beliefs or family ties deal better with PTSD, but there is no charm against it or elixir that will send it away.  Stress later in life may bring it up like some nasty infection that has festered deep in the body waiting for some weakness to give it a chance for control.  I represented a man in his divorce who attended the PTSD clinic at the Veteran’s Hospital.  After a time I determined that he did not have PTSD from Viet Nam, he got it from that woman.  He may have suffered, as John LeCarre put it, “A bad war” but it was the stress of his marriage coming apart that brought the germ to the surface.  Another man in a similar case argued with his wife.  In the aftermath he sought solace in routine activities.  As a shooter his routine activity was to load and unload rifle magazines.  This alarmed his wife and increased the tension.  Forty years after each war sees a spurt of autobiographies of men who have been in heavy combat or were prisoners.  Forty years after a war the warriors are retired and without work or family to occupy them and the old germs come to the surface.  They confine the old germs to paper.  This often helps, but can leave a written confession.  The victor in a gunfight will suffer from PTSD to a greater or lesser extent.  This is not a weakness; it is a fact of life.  If one suffers from stress-induced ulcers, one sees a medical doctor.  If one suffers from PTSD, one sees a doctor who is familiar with the brain-box; this is the way things are.

Missouri Attorney General Kris Kostner has signed onto a brief with thirty-three other state attorney generals in support of the Chicago gun case.  This case challenges Chicago’s arbitrary and selective restrictions on gun ownership.  The case has been submitted to the Supreme Court and the brief asks that the Court consider if the Second Amendment prevents the states from restricting gun ownership.  The Heller decision only found that the federal government cannot restrict handgun ownership in the home.  The Chicago case will be a tremendous expansion on this principle.  Mr. Kostner must be congratulated for giving us this support.

The Missouri Sport Shooting Association has joined with the other NRA State Associations to yet another brief supporting the Chicago gun case.  WMSA has voted to support this effort.  The cost of the brief is not yet known; it may be as much as five hundred to one thousand dollars for each state, and this is to begin the briefing processes.  If the Court takes the case, it will cost more.  If we do not spend the money now, it will cost our children and grand-children many multiples of this amount.  Progress on the case may be tracked at www.Chicagoguncase.com.

A local park is overrun with deer.  The deer eat neighboring gardens and experts warn they will suffer from starvation and disease.  Experts recommend that they be hunted.  Opponents of the hunt argue that the deer were here first and local residents must endure anything occasioned by the deer.  It is over looked that when the residents moved in, the predators wisely moved out.  Without predators, the deer over-populate their range.  They die from starvation and disease; they spread the disease before death.  Deer are also killed by cars.  I see a great numbers of deer by the side of the road, the obvious result of collisions.  In the middle of Gladstone a deer ran into the side of my car.  It probably did him more harm than it did to me, but it indicates that there are entirely too many deer.  Every year a number of people are killed in collisions with deer.  I had a client who hit a deer while on his motorcycle, he lived but broke everything he had that was breakable.  This was unfortunate; I relied on his continued employment to pay my bill.  Opponents of hunting demand that deer be captured and relocated, assuming some place can be found with a shortage of deer.  They also demand that deer be injected with contraceptives.  There are logistic problems with both these plans, and they cost as much as a congressman’s favorite plan to revitalize the economy.  Hunting is the only economical approach, and results in meat to feed the hungry.

I have been hearing from gun owners that the BATF has asked to see their collection.  This is especially true of Curio & Relic licensees and multiple handgun purchasers.  The BATF appears to be interested in seeing if the collector still has the guns or has been selling them.  There have been newspaper reports from the southern border states regarding these requests for inspection, but I am hearing this from people in Missouri.  The BATF will call and ask politely for an appointment.  The gun owner is fully within his rights to decline.  However, that will only inspire the BATF to ask every thug they arrest if he has purchased guns from the person who stands on his rights.  Eventually one of the thugs will get the point and work off his own charges with a statement that will support a search warrant.  The search will not be polite.  This makes it difficult to advise gun owners facing such a call.  To stand on one’s rights will be taken as concealing evidence, suspicious behavior and will attract attention and not out of respect for standing on one’s rights.  I have explained the facts of life to callers and told them to make their own decision.  This is not a matter of being a coward; it is a matter of surviving to fight another day.

A client of mine was stopped for speeding and during the process it was discovered that he had a pistol in his pocket.  He was arrested and charged for carrying a concealed weapon.  I was astonished to hear of this case.  The statute specifically says that it is perfectly legal to carry a concealed handgun in a motor vehicle even if one does not have a License To Carry.  There were more surprises.  At the first hearing I presented a motion to dismiss based on the statute.  The prosecutor was astonished to hear of the statute, which astonished me.  The statute only allows concealed handguns, and only in motor vehicles.  I should be used to this by now.

During a home invasion in Arizona a woman called 911 to report that her husband and child had been killed and she was wounded.  During the call the invaders came back into the house, she shot at the intruders and then asked 911 how much trouble she was in for doing so.  This is not an unusual reaction for persons who have been the victor in a gunfight.  It should not be, but the attitude of society wounds the gunfight victor.

At the NRA convention I met a man who wore a cap which remembered the Tiger March in Korea during the war.  I have read about that march.  When the UN forces penetrated North Korea a North Korean officer known only as “Tiger” gathered military and civilian prisoners, told them they would march and if anyone fell behind “this would happen”.  He then shot a nearby prisoner, and it would not be the last.  He marched and murdered prisoners out of the reach of rescue.  When all the prisoners were turned over to the Chinese, he disappeared.  One hopes that such a creature died in agony and is now burning in hell.  It would be poetic justice, but one cannot count on poetry.  I am aware of American and allied soldiers who killed prisoners and civilians then and now.  War brings out the best and the worst in people.  It has brought out the worst in some of our soldiers, but our society condemns such loss of control and punishes it.  Tiger starved and murdered helpless people for weeks in public.  One does not do such things unless one expects approval.  Some nations imprison their psychotics other nations unleash them.  I have seen pictures of terrorist prisoners in Iraq being humiliated hundreds of times.  The terrorists make videos of torture and murder.  I have seen these photos, but rarely, and only in passing as if they were isolated incidents and equivalent in some way to the humiliation of prisoners.  We know that life is not fair.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – August, 2009

Kevin L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

Members received two copies of the July Bullet. This was not a clever plan, although that would have been a great story. The August Bullet was sent to the printer by e-mail, as usual. For some reason only the July Bullet came up when the file was opened. The error seems to have been on the printer’s end. They have made things right with us and everyone will get the copies they deserve.

The Gun Rights Policy Conference will be in St. Louis, Missouri on 25 through 27 September, 2009 at the Airport Renaissance Hotel. Call for room reservations at (800) 468-3571. Persons attending the Conference will get insights into the status of our gun rights, and what is going to be done. The Conference itself is free as well as books and materials; take an extra suitcase, you will need it.

There have been a half-dozen reports of small gun dealers who were inspected by the BATF, and then told that they have many violations and they have the choice of turning in their firearms license, or being arrested. I’m told that this is not a new tactic, but it appears to be new in Missouri. It cannot be too strongly stated: inspectors do not have the power of arrest. Paperwork violations could be a crime, but it is unlikely that they will be criminally charged. Even the store where the D.C. sniper stole his rifle, which had hundreds of guns missing, did not see criminal charges. Dealers have the right to see the violations against them. They have the right to a lawyer. They have the right to a hearing. They have a right to know the violations that the BATF inspector claims have occurred.

There is a liquor store in Bethany which also has a firearms license. When I am up that way I stop by to check their ammunition prices. On my last trip I passed the beer cooler and noticed that a brewer had fortified his beer with clam juice. I do not drink beer, and I have not been waiting for it to be flavored with clam juice to start.

I write this on the 64th anniversary of the atomic attack on Hiroshima. I anticipate hand wringing over the attack. I shall not join this self-flagellation; it was war and the atomic bomb was one of those regrettable necessities. It is true that the firebomb raids did more damage; the book A Torch to the Enemy provides perspective, including 16 pages of photographs, for subsequent use of air power. The emperor was trying to negotiate a settlement, but doing so through the “good offices” of Joseph Stalin, which shows a fundamental lack of understanding. The Japanese military was ready to fight to the death. In 1945, fighting Japan was like fighting Klingons, no negotiation, no surrender. They believed that they would be treated the same way they had treated conquered nations, so the preference for death was understandable. Even after two atomic bombs when the emperor declared his intention to surrender, there was an attempted coup to continue the war. The Japanese Army was composed of the old, the young, and recruits. It was short of heavy weapons but had learned from other invasions. It dug in on the likely invasion beaches; all it had to do it sit in its bunkers and die fighting. Projected American casualties were enormous. At minimum we would lose more men invading one of the Japanese home islands than we had in the rest of the war. Japanese defense plans included civilians with bamboo spears and children being told to approach American vehicles and pull a cord leading to explosives in a backpack. It would not have taken very much of this for the GI’s to start killing everything that moved. Many will claim that the Japanese military would not really do such things. However, the Japanese military really, really did horrible things during the war. From the mass suicides of Japanese civilians on Saipan we can assume that when the military boasted “100 million souls ready to die for the Emperor!” they really meant it; there were only 80 million Japanese at the time. One of the American staff officers slated for the invasion visited the beach his unit was scheduled to invade. After touring the defenses his reaction was “Thank God for Oppenheimer’s bomb!” It is strongly implied that America has the mark of Cain for being the only nation to have used nuclear weapons. I remember during the Cold War American news media and editorial cartoonists said that the U.S. was more likely to use nuclear weapons than the Soviet Union; after all, we had done so before. Yes, a long time before, faced with two bad alternatives, we picked the one with the fewest casualties and never did so again. There was a period when we were the only nation with nuclear weapons. We did not use them when the enemy had no equivalent response. We are not worse for having used nuclear weapons; we are better.

A number of collectors have received calls from the BATF with polite requests to look at their collections. These are licensed collectors or persons who have purchased more than one handgun in a week’s time, and therefore are in the computer. The agents appear interested in seeing if all the weapons are still in the collector’s possession. Of course, once the agents are in the home anything they see is evidence. We all remember the Branch Davidians were the target of a search warrant based on magazines they read and child abuse reports. A collector is fully within his rights to refuse entry and to refuse to even discuss the subject. However, to do so seems suspicious to the BATF. They will ask every thug they arrest if he has purchased guns from the collector. One of these thugs will get the message and swear that he has done so. This is enough for a search warrant. Even if the affidavit is later found to be a lie whatever is found will be evidence. The search will not be polite. It is therefore difficult to advise a course of action. Everyone will have to decide for himself or herself. If it is possible to display the guns in a garage or other detached structure, that may help limit the search. This would be a bad time to display anti-government attitudes. It is necessary to consider what the government considers anti-government, which at this point appears to be telling the truth about certain government proposals. I had an elderly client who was liquidating his gun collection and was charged with being in the firearms business without a license. Looking over the list of guns I saw hunting rifles and shotguns, very few handguns and none of the paramilitary or combat weapons that usually draw attention. Liquidating a collection is perfectly legal. In conversations with the client I learned that he flew the Confederate Battle Flag in front of his home on a daily basis. Here was something. He protested that this was in honor of his Confederate ancestors and states rights and so forth; but that is not what the government thinks. They see the Confederate flag in connection with racists and that is their first thought. I heard an ATF agent say that he never saw guns without drugs. Of course, he should move in better circles. These are the attitudes that we face.

The Last King of Scotland is an excellent movie about Idi Amin, the psychotic dictator of Uganda some twenty years ago. The American actor playing Idi Amin defended the dictator as being against imperialism. Of course he murdered some 300,000 people. The actor argued that a scene in the movie was not historically accurate. He said that Amin did kill one of his wives, but did not dismember her and re-arrange her limbs; I feel so much better about him. He was an anti-imperialist who did not re-arrange the limbs of the wife he murdered; something that anyone would want on his tombstone, and soon. An English advisor to the production said that his country was responsible for Amin because it had not produced a governing class. This assumes that if Amin had been given classes in civics and administration it would not have occurred to him to murder 300,000 people. Ugandan members of the cast who remember those days did not remember him fondly. Mass murderers seem to have their defenders, I’m sure that if we had the full story, Jack the Ripper would have exhibited some desirable characteristics; although he did re-arrange some organs. As Mark Twain said, we never get Satan’s side of the story. But perhaps we know enough.

I have paid little attention to the “Birthers” movement. This movement claims that the current president is not a native born U.S citizen as required by the constitution. This has drawn the usual sneering from the left. There is some evidence of a citizenship problem. It does not appear to be compelling but it is silly to say that it does not exist. Since this is a constitutional requirement, it is important. I am not an advocate of this movement because if successful it will result in President Joe Biden or if he is irrevocably tarred, with President Pelosi. I do not know who follows her in the chain of succession; for questions like that we have Larry Swickard. However, this is not a glorious trip through American statesmen. Removing the president would place someone who hates us in the Oval Office just in time to run in 2012 as a sitting president, but not with enough time in office to make serious mistakes. Regardless of the merits, it is a bad strategic decision.

Harrisonville’s city park has a sign forbidding all firearms. Under Missouri law, cities can post buildings, but not parks. The sign is illegal. The city’s defense is that it has posted that sign for many years. My reaction is that doing something illegal for many years is not a defense. There may be some excitement in store.

There is a new book called The Unpopular Mr. Lincoln which points out that the president won with a minority of the popular vote and would be remembered as a hated figure had he not been assassinated. I’m not sure Mr. Lincoln would believe his current stature worth such rehabilitation. I have given an article on the book to Larry Swickard who can explain it to us.

There is still controversy about killing deer in a local park. The deer have over-populated the park and will starve to death if not killed; opponents of the hunt are upset at the word “harvested”. They claim that the deer should be given contraceptives in feed. This has the makings of an expensive project to my primitive, blood-lust, pro-hunting thinking. Opponents of the hunt proclaim that bow-hunting is unusually cruel and results in deer bleeding to death. This certainly may happen. The hunt opponents seem to want a perfect solution to an imperfect problem. There is an old saying that for every problem there is a solution that is simple and easy and wrong.

The left continues to disparage Sarah Palin. She is harassed with bogus ethics complaints to prevent her from organizing or raising money. She has resigned as Alaska’s governor a move that is either career ending or a genius move which changes the playing field to her advantage. Without the distraction of lawsuits she can support candidates, organize, and raise money. Despite its disparaging remarks, the left fears her. They would not spend so much time attacking someone they did not fear.

There is a tribe in the Amazon jungles called the Waodani who value egalitarianism and autonomy above all else. This sounds good but they have no means of dispute resolution; if there is any violation of their rights the only possible response is to kill the offending party. They had the reputation of being the most violent group in the world. I say “had” because missionaries have reached them. The missionaries started taking family histories, and found that 60% of the adult deaths in the last five generations were murders. In a documentary Beyond the Gates of Splendor tribesmen speak casually, even happily about family members being hacked to death or speared; the tribe has no guns. The first missionaries carried guns, but resolved not to use them because “They were ready for Heaven but the Waodani were not.” This sort of fuzzy thinking led to the missionaries being massacred. The missionaries cut down on the tribe’s rich cultural tradition of murder, but early missionaries asked about where a certain path led and were told that the tribe never went that way because “those people are killers.” The Waodani were notorious killers, but there were people that even they feared. My question is how the path got there. Paths do not spring up naturally; they are created by busy feet. The missionaries, lacking the suspicious gene, failed to cross-examine on this subject. Getting the tribe to lay down its weapons when a path led to a group of killers may not have been a good strategic move.

A local mother says that she is trying to understand why the police shot her son. It appears that the son had a history of drug and anger problems, stole a car, had drugs and alcohol, had been shooting in the air, fled from the police and then pointed the gun at police. This has the makings of an answer to me.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – September 2009

K. L. Jamison

WMSA has just celebrated its 20th anniversary.  We began when President George Bush I issued an executive order banning importation of “assault weapons”.  The organizers contacted people they knew from shooting events, and I was called in because the first president had read a letter I wrote to the newspaper.  We have accomplished a great deal in twenty years.  Simply surviving as an organization is an accomplishment.  When we began politicians did not answer our requests, now they contact us.  In twenty years two minor anti-gun bills passed; they flew under our radar.  The roving gun-free schools act bans possession of firearms near schools or school events.  Passing a school bus with a deer rifle violates the act.  A change in the definitions section took muzzle-loading guns away from persons with a felony record.  We stopped much worse and passed much better.

The Lockerbie terrorist has been released from prison in Scotland.  The guy was convicted of blowing up a commercial jet with 270 people on board on behalf of Libya.  It was supposed to happen over the ocean to conceal the evidence.  Due to flight delays it went down over Scotland.  He is dying of prostate cancer, and the release was claimed to be on compassionate grounds.  He gets to die at home with his family; 270 people, mostly Americans, died screaming in the air.  It has since been learned that the terrorist’s name was “brought up” during negotiations with Libya over oil leases.  I thought that we were trying to discourage terrorists; I see that I was mistaken, the war has taken a back seat to financial deals.  Every year Britain celebrates Guy Fawkes Day.  Several centuries ago Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the British Parliament.  He was caught and his capture is celebrated with bonfires and fireworks as saving the parliamentary system.  I imagine this release will take the shine off of Guy Fawkes Day this year.

Our Stay Out of Jail card needs an update.  It still has information about the Permit To Acquire system.  We intend to update the card, but every time we have addressed the issue, there is a chance of further changes in the law.  We have been doing other things as well, preparations to make further changes in the law.  We will get to it.

The law allowing concealed carry in federal parks goes into effect on 22 February, 2010.  Until then it remains a felony.  After 22 February, 2010, one may carry in a federal park under the same circumstances as one would in the surrounding state.  If the surrounding state recognizes the Missouri License, the federal park will as well.

The young singer Mis. Miley Cyrus did her act on top of an ice cream cart holding onto the pole which ordinarily would support an umbrella.  Miss Cyrus dressed and behaved inappropriately for someone of her age and this act was described as “pole dancing”.  I saw some of her act on the news but am not familiar enough with strippers and pole dancing to make an authoritative comment.  Further research is required.

An armed robber entered a convenience store and demanded money.  The owner, who had left the Middle East to avoid random violence, pointed a shotgun at the thief.  The thief immediately dropped his weapon, fell to his knees and begged for mercy, offering to convert to Islam if his life was spared.  The owner threw him out of the store.  I wouldn’t take the sniveling rat either.

Kansas City’s Mayor is in conflict with the City Council over the role of his wife.  The Mayor insists on having her work in his office as a volunteer, but no one else seems to like her and demand that she stay out of the building.  The Mayor has gone so far as to work from home instead of being without his wife.  It is romantic in a way, the Mayor fighting a city for the woman he loves.  It reminds me of Britain’s King Edward VIII who abdicated the throne in the 1930’s when he was told that he could not marry Wallis Simpson, who was an American and twice divorced.  The King went on the radio and told the British public that he cannot continue, “without the help and support of the woman I love”.  Of course, in the Mayor’s case he is fighting the City he is supposed to be leading.  The dispute works for us in that it has delayed the Mayor’s desire to join New York Mayor Blumberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns”, which by them is all guns.

A History Channel program on architecture explains that at a distance a straight line looks curved and a curved line looks straight.  Politics is also a matter of perception.  Open carry creates the optical illusion of a threat.  I agree with the objective of the open carry movement; however, exposing guns creates the perception of a threat.  People fear weapons and frightened people do stupid things.  They will contact their legislators and demand bad laws.  We do not need another fight at this time.  I would like to carry openly.  I sport gun rights bumper stickers, I wear a button which proclaims, “Guns Save Lives”.  People look at my button and whisper, “I like your button.”  When people stop whispering about my button it will be time for open carry.

I was watching a DVD “Edward and Mrs. Simpson”.  In one scene King Edward VIII knocks on the door of a slum and asks, “I’m the King, may I come in?”  If this is not a true story, it should be.  Anglo-American common law holds that a man’s home is his castle, no matter how humble, the wind and rain may enter, but the King of England cannot.  Today there are many exceptions, often due to a perceived crisis.  In 1584 the first head of state was killed with a handgun.  Queen Elizabeth I became the next target of assassination.  A law was immediately passed with cursory bans of handguns within two miles of the Queen.  There were very specific provisions allowing the search of any home thought to belong to an enemy of the Queen.  Today the BATF calls collectors asking to view their collection to confirm the guns are in Missouri and not Mexico.  Refusal to accede to this request doubtless puts one on a list of suspicious persons, a list for future search warrants.  Legend holds that a vampire cannot enter a home unless invited.  It is sad that vampires have more respect for a home than the government.

Deer overrun a local park.  The decision has been made to hunt them and anti-hunting groups have taken this as an opportunity to publicize claims against hunting.  We need to take advantage of such opportunities as well.  Letters to the editor, talk radio, conversations at work.

A number of persons have elected to carry guns at town meetings.  It is against the law to carry concealed at a government meeting.  I do not believe that town meetings are government meetings.  A judge may believe differently.  Some have carried openly.  I believe that this only adds to hysterical claims that we are dangerous.  People who carry guns in the same city as a presidential event are accused of being a threat to the president.  This creates a perception we do not need.

There are demands to place everyone on the “terrorist list” in the NICS system and deny them the right to buy guns.  The problem is that no one knows how one gets on the terrorist list, why one might be on the terrorist list, or even if one is on the list until one is denied the right to get on an airplane.  There is no way to get off the list even if one knows one is on it.  The list appears to be full of mistakes.  At one time Senator Edward Kennedy was denied the right to board an aircraft due to this list.  The hoplophobes claim that this is another “reasonable” restriction.  It is an arbitrary denial of a constitutional right on secret information by secret persons who are not accountable to the law.

My younger son, the Marine Person is in the Veteran’s Administration computers as a veteran.  Accordingly, he must tell stories about how tough things were in the “Old Corp”, which for him was earlier this year.

A NY City man left the receipt for a flintlock rifle at a copy shop.  The shop panicked and called the police.  NY City law allows possession of muzzle-loading guns without a permit; however the police demand that he get a permit for the gun.  Detectives were sent to Pennsylvania to interview the man who made the gun.  It is said that orders have come from very high up to press this case.

The opposition claims that criticism of the administration is based in racism and I fear that we are helping them.  Hanging an effigy of the president is a long tradition, but in the current environment is linked to lynching, the “great white hope” comment, Obama hunting licenses, and racially based jokes, cartoons and stories.  This is not a matter of political correctness, it is a matter of not giving the opposition sticks to beat us with.

It is said that the war on the Afghanistan front is “unwinable”.  The same was said about the Iraqi front.

The Mayan Calendar ends 2012, some take that as proof that the world will end in three years.  I fail to see how the Mayans, who disappeared a thousand years ago could foresee a disaster in our time, yet failed to see the one that ended their culture.  Still, it will be an election year.

I continue to be astonished that gun people voted for Obama.  One man with impeccable pro-gun credentials said that he voted for Obama, instead of the “moderately more centrist McCain”, in the belief that it would end racism.  I am stunned that he thinks McCain was “moderately” more centrist than Obama or that his election would end racism.

They are called “boobs” because they turn men into boobs.  I don’t object, I don’t complain.  I just notice these things; from a distance.

A NY City couple took pictures of their children holding guns.  They have been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of minors.

Local columnist Guswelle proclaims that NRA warnings of potential government confiscation of sportsmen’s firearms are silly.  I wrote a reply reminding him of the confiscations in New Orleans after Katrina and in Greensburg, Kansas after the tornado.  In both cases there was not a speck of legal justification, the government stole guns because it could.  Mr. Guswelle does not believe the NRA has done anything productive for sportsmen like him.  The NRA has taught hunter safety, passed a tax funding the Department of Conservation, preserved wetlands for hunting, and passed a law to prohibit seizure of his hunting gun on the excuse of an “emergency”.  In the fullness of time six NRA members will carry him to his reward; after all, we have carried him thus far.  My response was not published in the Star, I did not expect that it would be.

The conventional wisdom is to remain silent after a shooting.  However, in the aftermath of a self-defense shooting other people will not remain silent, they will be lying.  Relatives and friends of the aggressor will seek revenge by giving false information to the police.  Certain responding law enforcement personnel will leap to the wrong conclusion, and the news media will do its own thing.  It is necessary to give the system something to think about.  Remember the acronym SHIELD.  Remain Silent, He attacked me, I am Innocent, there is the Evidence, I want a Lawyer and Don’t resist or consent.  This should put something of a defense case out until the lawyer gets there.

A Kansas woman who had applied to adopt an infant called me.  Everything went well until the social worker asked about weapons.  The woman replied that she owned a handgun and had a license to carry.  The social worker declared that she would never feel safe again.  The adoption was denied.

We continue to get e-mails warning about SB-2099 and HR-45.  The e-mails warn that one will require us to list all guns on our tax returns and the other will impose enormous taxes on guns and ammunition or in the alternative, restrict gun ownership and outlaw some guns.  It is claimed that the bills will pass secretly without the knowledge of the full congress.  The e-mails often claim a SCOPES confirmation.  These bills are of no danger whatsoever.  One bill does not exist, the other languishes in a committee without a single co-sponsor and no chance of ever getting a hearing, much less becoming law.  If these supposed bills were a real threat, there would be information on the WMSA web site www.WMSA.net.  I sometimes wonder if these falsehoods are distributed by the opposition to take up our time and make us look foolish.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – October 2009

Kevin L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

At the bottom of page 5 of the last Bullet is the quotation, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”  Thomas Paine.  Well said.  We all do our bit for the cause, some small, some large.  Some are reticent to do large jobs for fear of failure or lack of time.  If we fail while trying, we fail among friends who will admire the attempt.  Time is the same for everyone and there will be no more time later on.  Blocking out a few hours a month bears rich rewards for our children and grandchildren.

There was a big turn-out at a local gun show spurred by the rumor that a box of .380 ammunition would be there.  I do not have a .380 pistol, but lit a candle at the shrine anyway.

I saw a DVD “American Pit Bull” by Braverman Productions which introduces people to a misunderstood and misused breed.  The strengths and defects of the breed are set forth, the defects are valued and encouraged by the enemies of the breed.  It will be interesting to nearby friends who like dogs.

A Star columnist denounced Fox news citing “wrong” information he claims that it broadcasts.  The sources he cites are political commentators, not news reporters which may account for some differences in opinion as to what is “wrong.”  The columnist claims that Fox viewers have been found to be “misinformed”.  He does not link this “misinformation” to Fox News broadcasts, or even what this “misinformation” might be.  Of course, it may be a difference of opinion.  I enjoyed watching Fox News when they would have Democratic guests who complained that Fox never had Democratic guests.  They still have Democrats on their programs, but the Democrats seem to have realized what network they are on.

I have little use for pacifists, they are kept safe and free by the efforts of violent men and women.  There are some pacifists I admire.  I recently saw a DVD “The Conscientious Objector” by Cinequest Productions.  It is the story of Desmond T. Doss who earned the Medal of Honor in WW II.  He is dead now.  He would not touch a gun under any circumstances for personal and religious reasons.  He joined the Army, which tried to get rid of him, tried to put him in a Conscientious Objector unit to sweep hospitals and other safe comfortable work.  He insisted on being in the Army, which tried to put him in a hospital unit, good duty in any army.  He insisted on being a medic with a combat unit.  This is a man who fought to put himself in harm’s way.  During an attack a cargo net had to be taken up a cliff for troops to climb.  Doss volunteered to take a rope up the cliff to haul up the net, all in the face of the enemy.  The attack went badly.  At one point the unit was clinging to the hill and Doss could hear Japanese voices below him.  There was a pile of grenades in front of him, all he had to do was pull pins and drop them.  This would doubtless save lives, but he would not do it.  When the unit was driven off the hill he returned again and again to recover 75 wounded men while under Japanese fire.  He was wounded himself, but rolled off his litter during evacuation to crawl to the aid of another man who had been wounded.  This man can stand with Sgt York anytime.  He does not appear to have been a pacifist.  He called himself a conscientious “cooperator”.  He suggested that if someone attacked his mother, he would make him wish he had not, but he would not kill.  Other people killed for him.  He supported them in killing but would not do so himself.  The men he patched together returned to the fight to kill.  He took a rope up the cliff so that his company could kill Japanese; but he would not kill himself.  I think this is disingenuous, but I will stand up for Doss anytime, anywhere.  Some people are weak when it comes to doing unpleasant things but Doss was as brave as they come.  He’ll do.

Roman Polanski faces extradition to the United States for drugging and raping a 13-year old girl over thirty years ago.  It is astonishing the number of persons in the arts who are adamant that he should not be prosecuted.  Whoopie Goldberg says that it was not rape rape.  It was rape.  However Polanski is one of the liberal elite and the laws do not apply.  We have seen this before.  Senator Teddy Kennedy had armed guards, Mayor Dailey of Chicago has armed guards, Carl Rowan was a virulently anti-gun columnist who shot an intruder in his Washington D.C. yard.  Nothing happened to these hypocrites.

A “Star Panelist” writes that congress has voted to allow people to carry guns on trains and that this would lead to people shooting from trains.  Of course this is not true.  The Senate voted to allow people to check guns in Amtrack luggage, just as the airlines do every hour of every day.  This cannot lead to firing from the trains.  I wrote a letter to the editor complaining of these falsehoods.  I was told that the editor would try to get it into print, but I must include that the “Panelist” was being “facetious” about firing from trains.  I said that I did not believe he was being facetious given the misinformation provided.  The letter never saw print.

I was at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in St. Louis, along with 700 other people sponsored by the Second Amendment Foundation.  I made the SAF’s Alan Gottlieb an honorary Missouri Gun Nut.  I painted a four-inch machine nut blaze orange and put his name on it.  I was going to put it on a ribbon so that he could wear it, a little bling, but it was heavy enough just to carry.  The question is what these conferences accomplish.  We heard a great deal about pending and future litigation.  We made contact with other activists.  This is how the founding fathers started; this is how they won.

I saw a DVD of “The Wind and the Lion”, a movie made before DVD’s existed.  It is well worth the viewing.  A heavily fictionalized version of a real incident in which a Berber Chief named Raisuli, “last of the Barbary Pirates” rides into a North African city to kidnap an American widow named Pedecaris and her two children.  A British guest of Mrs. Pedecaris stands like a representative of the British Empire and empties four saddles with a 5-shot Bulldog revolver but collides with the irrefutable math that a five-shot revolver cannot hold off fifty determined raiders.  The widow is held for a ransom of rifles, gold, and the head of a supporting character in a basket, type of basket not specified.  The character richly deserves to have his head in a basket, but certain behavior cannot be rewarded.  President Teddy Roosevelt is informed that Raisuli had kidnapped people before and had returned them, or at least pieces of them.  Teddy declares that Raisuli has no regard for human life and sends the message that “America wants Pedecaris alive or Raisuli dead.”  Raisuli sees this message and is appalled that Teddy has no regard for human life.  Marines are sent, world war is risked, deserving people are shot, alliances shift, hostages are rescued, Raisuli rides back into the dessert and Teddy goes on to win an election.  It is an interesting case study of anti-terror operations; parts of it are true, the rest should be.  It has Teddy Roosevelt declare that the grizzly bear is the proper symbol of America:

“The American grizzly fears nothing not man not guns not death.  The American grizzly bear is a symbol of the American character:  strength, intelligence, ferocity; a little blind and reckless at times, but courageous beyond all doubt.  And one other trait that goes with all previous—loneliness.  The bear lives out his life alone; indomitable, unconquered, but always alone.  He has no real allies only enemies but none of them are as great as he.  The world will never love us.  They respect us, may even grow to fear us, but they will never love us; for we have too much audacity and we’re a bit blind and reckless at times too.”

A lawsuit over a hunting accident in Kansas has settled for $500,000, the insurance policy limits.  The brief article I saw did not mention how insurance covered the matter; it may have been general liability.  A party was out after turkeys.  One or two appear to have gotten out of their planned positions.  A man fired at noise in a bush and peppered his companion with shot giving him permanent disabilities.  The defense was that the injured man did not wear orange, (not required in turkey season) and did not make noise identifying himself as a hunter, also not required.  As the woods become more crowded this case demonstrates the need to exercise extreme care; all members of a hunting party must remain in assigned positions with assigned fields of fire.  Movement must be tightly controlled.  At some point a hunter will have to relieve him or her self and this must be controlled as to route and perhaps time.  It cannot be too strongly stated that one does not shoot at noise, one does not shoot at movement, one ONLY shoots at a clearly visible game animal and then only when one is certain of the target and what is beyond.  The lawyers made a great deal of money on this case; they will look for others which is bad for us.  Extreme carelessness of this sort endangers the shooting sports.  This case will be cited for the dangers of our sport.

Our great friend Congressman Sam Graves asked me to speak at a youth leadership conference on the Second Amendment at William Jewel College.  The opposing view, the wrong view, was to be presented by Professor Rostron of UMKC Law School.  In the event another person, well worth forgetting, spoke to the morning groups and the professor arrived after lunch.  The professor used to work for Handgun Control Inc AKA Brady Campaign.  He seems to have profited by association with Missourians and believes Heller was properly decided and the City of Chicago case will be won by the gun nuts.  He sees no problem with the way Missouri’s License to Carry program has worked.  The other guy ranted that gun shows sold to criminals and that when computers went down the FFLs sold without background checks.  He pulled out a plastic handgun and rhetorically asked what would have happened if gun owners were present.  In case the students did not see things as he did, he painted a scene where one gun owner would shoot another by mistake.  Of course, not brandishing weapons in a school might prevent such problems but he did not see the simple solution.  He demanded “reasonable” restrictions.  He demanded that states be allowed to restrict guns to a greater extent than the federal government.  This is an interesting development.  Now that the prohibitionists are losing on the federal level, they are embracing states rights with the fervor of Jefferson Davis.  I explained that we couldn’t accept restrictions based on the example of Act II Scene 4 of Shakespeare’s King Lear.  Lear had divided his kingdom between his two daughters (poor estate planning) on the condition that they would maintain 100 men at arms for him.  Once in place the daughters find this inconvenient and say it must be 50, then 25, then 10, then 5, or 2 or even 1, in fact, why do you need this one guy?  Lear says, “Reason not the need.”  He demands his rights, and goes insane.  We intend to preserve our rights before they are whittled down and we are driven mad.  Quoting Shakespeare threw off the opposition, who clearly expected me to appear in stained camouflage, chewing tobacco, acting and talking like a supporting character from Deliverance.  There is nothing like throwing the opposition off their game.

I have been told of a police officer in Columbia, Missouri who pulled over a woman for driving too carefully (and thus suspiciously standing out) ran her car plates, found she had an LTC and demanded to see her gun.  The lady explained that she did not have her gun as she was returning from her job which forbad guns.  The officer proclaimed that this gave him probable cause to search the car.  Of course, the officer was wrong.  Another woman in Columbia was stopped and the officer demanded to see her gun.  She explained that it was in her purse, a rather large accessory with multiple compartments and after watching the lady pull out the myriad objects which find their way into women’s purses, without finding the gun, the officer decided that he had better things to do, which he certainly did.  One hopes that the lady took a lesson as well.

I was stopped for speeding; I was framed.  I told the officer that I had an LTC.  He asked me to step out of the car and that he was going to take the gun from me.  I went along to see how this played out.  He wrote the ticket, I signed it and he handed back the gun.  He was very courteous and I was excruciatingly polite.  I might have stood on my rights and refused letting him take the gun, the brief exchange was a waste of both out times, but this would have caused more dramatics and I believe that being excruciatingly polite and cooperative will get us further.  He was polite, no need to disrupt anyone’s day.  Of course, I was the victim of police profiling, and I doubt that he filled out his statistic forms correctly.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

My Constitutional Law Professor John Edward Scurlock has died of natural causes.  He was a great scholar.  He taught law concerning matters of great contention without once interjecting his personal opinion.  He was a man so brilliant that he could not understand why we did not understand what was obvious to him.  He knew the most difficult of legal principles like he knew the lay of the Kansas farm where he grew up.  He knew the law like every hill and rock of his farm, he knew it like he knew how the wheat grew what made it grow and not grow, how it was harvested, made into food and eaten, and how this benefited the consumers.  He knew how the mice and bugs and birds and blight affected the crops.  He knew the law like he knew the land and the soil and the geology under it.  He knew how the rain flooded the crops, the wind scattered them and the sun burned them and that all of these elements were necessary to a certain degree and he knew the degree.  He knew the law like he knew all these things and he knew them in five languages.  I have dared to write and teach about the law.  If I have written and taught well and truly of the law, it is only because I have tried to match his shadow.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – November 2009

Kevin L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

An attorney with the Missouri Attorney General’s Office has claimed that the LTC law only applies to firearms.  He is wrong.  He answered a citizen’s inquiry with an informal opinion.  Even so, he is wrong.  The LTC exempts the holder from the provisions of Missouri’s concealed weapons law.  The definition of weapons includes far more than firearms.  The law does refer to firearms at one point.  This allows us to carry through cities that might have ordinances against open carry of firearms; there is always a chance of a gun being seen.

For Halloween the newspaper asked readers opinions of the scariest movie scene.  For me it was a scene in Cabaret.  In a beer garden an angelic child with a clear soprano voice sings about the beauty of nature as the camera pans to his Hitler Youth uniform as the song changes to “Tomorrow Belongs To Me.”  To me that was the scariest of all movie scenes because it was true and remains true.  The ideology changes and the uniform changes, the words change, but the song is always “Tomorrow Belongs to Me.”

The Star advised continuation of the anti-drug tax, it never having seen a tax it did not support, but advised the police not to raid drug house citing the possible trauma to children.  It urged the police to find some other way to enter drug houses but did not indicate what other way might exist.

It is proposed that the Medal of Honor be awarded to Father Emil Kapaun.  Father Kapaun was an Army Chaplain during the Korean War.  When his unit was surrounded it had to leave the wounded behind in order to break out.  Father Kapaun volunteered to remain with the wounded who couldn’t run.  Although wounded himself he helped the other prisoners.  He improvised means to clean their clothes, stole food for the sick and encouraged the men to resist Chinese indoctrination.  He became sick himself and the Chinese sent him to the “hospital” from which no man returned.  Father Kapaun is also up for Sainthood, there have been some miracles attributed to him.  I think he qualifies for both honors.

The Elks organization has a Veterans Leather Program.  They ask for deer hides to provide vocational training for veterans and gloves for veterans in wheelchairs.  Anyone with a deer hide to contribute should call Jerry Mullins (816) 322-9555.  Jerry asks only four things, 1.  After cleaning. fold the hide in thirds (hair down) then roll tightly.   2. Put into a plastic bag.  3.  Put in Freezer.  4.  Call Jerry for pickup.  The Elks are to be commended for this service, and so is Jerry.

I have been reading, and defending, cases involving drunk with a gun charges.  The standard for being drunk is “substantially impaired either mentally or physically” through alcohol or drugs.  It does not use the DWI standard of .08% blood alcohol content.  However, judges are accustomed to hearing this evidence, and prosecutors are accustomed to putting it on.  It has been part of all the cases I have seen since it became a felony.  This is interesting because DWI and drunk with a gun measure different standards of impairment.  DWI measures the physical ability to control a two ton guided projectile.  Intoxicated with a gun measures the judgment to use a firearm.  This will be a subject for future litigation.

For some time we have been concerned over the prospects of a Mumbai type terrorist attack in the United States.  Now we have had one.  Although the authorities insist that the mass murders at Ft. Hood reported to be committed by a person who shares the ideology of the enemy (as distinct from religion) was not a terrorist act.  In fact every excuse is being presented for the accused killer by the very government that will prosecute him.  The only blame is assigned to us.  The anti-gun people are again dancing in the blood of a mass murder.  They insist that the blame is on the gun culture, our culture.  They say it is the fault of the availability of guns.  The accused killer is said to have pursued the ideology of the enemy and praised suicide bombers on the internet.  It beggars belief to claim that he could not have researched the formula for bombs on the internet.  Even if there were no guns in private possession, even if he could not get one on the black market, even if he was not issued a military firearm, he wanted to kill.  People that strongly motivated find a way.  Until the Oklahoma City bombing the biggest mass murders we have suffered were arson attacks.  The record is a 1986 hotel arson in Puerto Rico that killed 97 people.  Second place goes to a Detroit school in 1958 that killed 92 children and three nuns.  Killers kill, terrorists commit acts of terror; they need to do these things, so they find a way.

A new company called Redsky Industries has established itself in the West Bottoms at 1212 W. 8th St 4th floor.  See www.redskyindustries.com.  They build and sell firearms and accessories.  They also have an airgun range.  People working downtown can hustle over on their lunch hour with a photo of the boss and work out their frustrations.

A murdered child has been found dumped in the garbage.  A TV court commentator has expressed outrage that the defendant will have “right” under the “constitution” to a lawyer.  She emphasized the quotation marks around the words “right” and “lawyer.”  I am outraged that she questions the right to a lawyer.  The right to a lawyer is in the Bill of Rights because it is important.  The founders knew how important.  We cannot pick and chose the parts of the Constitution we want to enforce; it is a package deal.  Vicious crimes of this nature test our adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law.  Over a century ago a similar crime was committed.  The criminal was caught and lynched by a local mob.  A traveling minister volunteered to preach his funeral.  He said, “If this man was as crippled in body as he was in his soul, you would have taken him into your homes and cared for him.”  We do not take these animals into our homes, but we do give them lawyers to care for them.  This is not entirely altruistic; it keeps the prosecutors honest.

The attempt by Customs to expand the definition of switchblades to include “assisted opening” knives has resulted in a new law.  The NRA has joined with knife organizations to amend the switchblade law to prevent such an expansion.

Briefs are being filed in the Supreme Court for the City of Chicago Case.  This case seeks to expand the Heller decision.  That case was limited to ruling that the federal government must respect the Second Amendment as an individual right.  The new case seeks to require state and local governments to respect the right as well.  The Missouri Sport Shooting Association along with 39 other state associations has contributed to an amicus brief in support of the right.  The State Association brief stresses the effect of the Chicago law on Association members in other states.  As a transportation hub persons going to competitions on shooting must surrender their right to self-defense at the city limits.  It is interesting that even persons who hate the right to own guns assume that we will win this case.  The critical question is determining the standard by which we win.  We have argued that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right and laws infringing on it must be strictly reviewed.  A review by any lower standard runs the risk of courts using a balancing test which upholds a restriction if the government proposes some excuse which seems rational.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – December 2009

Kevin L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

Our friend Tim Oliver of Dares International is selling Crossbreed holsters and certain tactical gear.  I got a Crossbreed from him.  It is by far the most comfortable inside-the-waistband holster I have used.  It is made by a Missouri company, and we like to send our money to the gun industry that is close to home: holsters, bullets, and lawyers.

The Missouri Supreme Court has ruled in State v John Richard.  Several years ago Mr. Richard was given the wrong medication by the VA.  He blacked out.  When he felt himself passing out he gave his pistol to his wife so the paramedics would not be concerned.  A sheriff’s deputy arrived first and jumped to the delusion that this was an attempted suicide.  The deputy confiscated the pistol and two other guns that were locked up.  Mr. Richard was cleared physically and psychologically, but the sheriff refused to give his guns back.  After a month of this, I was asked to threaten a suit for replevin.  A week later Mr. Richard was charged with being intoxicated (through drugs) and in possession of a firearm.  The trial judge dismissed the case as unconstitutional in the aftermath of Heller on the grounds that Mr. Richard was at home and the US Supreme Court had ruled there was a constitutional right to have pistols at home.  The prosecutor appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court which reversed on the grounds that drunks with guns are dangerous and the statute was a reasonable use of the police power.  The result is that if one has a beer with a gun in the house, one can be charged with a felony.  If one drinks at all, the guns should be unloaded and locked up.  The court went on to state that Mr. Richard was not acting in self-defense at the time the deputy entered his home.  In reality, Mr. Richard’s life had been threatened by a neighbor and he was carrying the pistol because of this threat.  He has a valid Mississippi LTC.  I would argue that his reaction to this credible threat was an act of self-defense.  It is alarming that the Court took the prosecution’s recitation of the case as the facts of the case.  It can only be hoped that the facts will be better developed at trial.  Of course, Mr. Richard will have to post bond again.  As a disabled veteran he does not have the funds to do so.

The local paper has given front-page prominence to stories about guns, and not in an encouraging way.  They have warned of guns on trains, recounted tragic stories of promising young people killed by thugs and the like.  An article about Raymore putting its ordinance in line with Missouri’s License To Carry law says that Raymore is “Locked and loaded.”  I do not think they are deliberately stirring people up against us.  I know it.

A lady driving in rural Cass County was shot in the cheek by a rifle bullet.  It is believed that someone was sighting in a deer rifle in some private spot and the bullet overshot the target.  It cannot be too strongly said that deer rifles can send a bullet up to three miles.  The cartridge is not accurate over that distance, but it can be fatal.  In 1967 a man in New York City fired his new rifle at trash in the bay, the bullet skipped across the water like a flat rock skips across a pond and killed a woman a mile away.  The hysteria was used to justify registering rifles and shotguns in the City, which they now use to confiscate rifles and shotguns (although they promised they never would).  People lost their rights because this man was not safe and evil persons took advantage of his negligence.  We worked very hard to establish public ranges in Missouri.  During the fight over the Parma Woods range in southern Platte County we argued that the places where people had always practiced shooting were no longer safe because of urbanization.  If we do not meticulously follow the safety rules, evil persons will take this as an excuse to take our guns.

A letter to the local paper claimed that because four policemen were ambushed and killed, this proves that self-defense is not possible.  Obviously police and private citizens have acted in self-defense but the opposition insists that these events do not exist and demand that we not be confused by the facts or any other unreliable source.  This silly letter attracted a variety of responses which actually saw print.  The newspaper’s prejudices are no excuse for not responding to nonsense.  The reality is the newspapers are hurting for readers, controversy attracts readers, we can use this weakness against them.

A sheriff’s deputy took her mother to the hospital for an MRI.  The process was not adequately explained to the deputy for the machine pulled the deputy’s Glock from her holster.  The deputy tried to grab it but only succeeded in pinning her hand between the Glock and the powerful magnets in the machine.  This proves that Glocks contain metal but the opposition does not want us to be confused by the facts or any other unreliable source.

There is a bill to allow train passengers to check guns in their stowed baggage under the same rules the airlines use.  The local paper warns that this will create the airline security delays on trains.  To strike the correct frightening note the article was called “Have Gun, Will Travel.”  According to the article, it is not terrorists with bombs in their shoes that inspire security checks, it is NRA members checking their gun at the ticket counter.  Doubtless we are the cause of tight underwear as well.

On 22 February, 2009 the National Park will begin to allow concealed carry under the same conditions as carry in the surrounding states.  If one can carry in the state the park is in, one can carry in the park.  This will allow members to carry at the Arch in St. Louis.

Sarah Palin’s book, Going Rogue has been a roaring success.  Before the book was available it was being denigrated, by people who had not read it but assured us that it was juvenile and incorrect.  We were told that she was insignificant and unworthy of attention.  However, people came out in droves to buy the book.  She could not be ignored, so she was mocked.  Ms. Palin proved to have a sense of humor, which makes mockery difficult.  Ms. Palin gets this amount of attention because the left fears her.  They should, we have not seen her like since Teddy Roosevelt.  She fought corruption and trusts, she loves the outdoors and she lives her principles.

I have finished reading Dr. Susanna Gratia-Hupp’s From Luby’s to the Legislature.  A review will be coming to a newsletter near you.

Dr. Gratia-Hupp was in Luby’s cafeteria with her parents when a misogynist madman drove his pickup through the wall and began killing.  He was fifteen feet away, a clear target, her target until she realized that her revolver was in the car.  She had decided to stop carrying her gun because it was illegal in Texas at the time and she feared losing her professional license.  The gun might as well have been on the moon.  Her parents were killed but she escaped.  The media sought her out expecting the usual hatred; they were mistaken.  She did not hate the madman, it would have been like hating a rabid dog.  She did not hate the gun; it was just an object.  She hated the legislature for denying her a fighting chance.  She was told that if she had a gun she could not possibly have made the shot, even that she would have made things worse.  But, she had taken the head off of a rattlesnake with the same gun at a longer range.  The reality was that the first officer on the scene fired an ineffective round into the ceiling and the madman retreated to an alcove and eventually committed suicide.  A miss from the Doctor’s gun would have ended the massacre, even if the miss had hit an innocent person it would have cut down the casualties.  The Doctor has extensively traveled the country to support License To Carry.  She testified at a committee meeting in the early days of our effort and asked a legislator that if a madman was about to kill him, wouldn’t you like me to shoot him first?  “Not necessarily,” the legislator replied, proving that Darwin was wrong; the unfit survive and become Missouri legislators.  The book spends a great deal of time explaining how to best argue the gun rights case before the media and the legislature.  For this portion alone it is essential reading for our community.

We shall overcome.