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Liberty Notes – November 2004

Liberty Notes –  13 April 2004

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

The Missouri Supreme Court upheld its previous decision on the constitutionality of the LTC law. ALL counties, including Jackson County, can issue if they want. As of this writing over a third of Missouri counties are taking applications. The only obstacle is the Hancock problem which does not allow sheriffs to use the fee to pay administrative costs. A bill to fix this is in the legislature, but many legislators do not want to do anything with it. Some are nervous about the issue. Some want to use it as an issue in the fall elections. Others want to tack unacceptable amendments on the fix. They want to make felons of license holders who blunder into schools or school activities with gun. This used to be a misdemeanor before it was decriminalized for license holders (and only license holders). They want to take away car carry, they want to take away out of state licenses. These changes are unacceptable. When Proposition B was stolen from us, no one came to us and offer to give us part of what we wanted because we felt so strongly about it. We had to fight for every inch, and we shall not give up a fraction of any inch we have gained.

My Mother has had her knee replaced.  The old one was not economically repairable. I asked what was the trade-in value of old knees, but it appears that after 80 years they are fully depreciated. I was asked what caused her knee problems. I am convinced it is due to turning us kids over her knee for all those years. Perhaps now she will stop..

Magicians Penn & Teller say that they are “registered Libertarians”. I didn’t know Libertarians registered people. Perhaps there are licenses and permits to be Libertarian as well.

As I understand it, President Bush did not act quickly enough to prevent 9-11 and too quickly regarding Iraq. Like Goldilocks he searches for a perfect policy in an imperfect world..

The Scholar’s Bookshelf catalogue has a book entitled “A History of Orgies.” I try to imagine an orgy with a guy in the corner keeping the minutes; but I keep getting distracted.

Since we have won License to Carry the prohibitionists seem determined to harass the process. Our fight is not over, but now it is just over the details.

The Eastern District Court of Appeals in St. Louis (of Course) has ruled that a Special Process Server can only carry concealed when actually serving process.

The Fahrenheit Gallery in the West Bottoms held an art show entitled the “Gun and Knife Show”. It was not as bad as I thought. Many of the pieces were entirely too abstract for me. A number of pieces featured bullets erupting from a variety of unlikely places. They all looked like lipsticks to me. Some were lame depictions of violence. There were some clever sculptures of guns made of tape. One is a nice tape 1911 inside of a tape suitcase. There was an exhibit of pillows and a chair with guns embroidered into the covers. As a chair it was very nice, as art it was $800. The exhibits seem to be by people who do not understand guns, to be appreciated by people who hate guns. There was a framed letter on stationary from a London hotel telling someone that the author had received letters like his when he marched with Martin Luther King in 1961. The Constitution won the day then, the same Constitution which guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. The writer encouraged his correspondent to read “that sacred document”. It was signed by Charlton Heston.

I got to the range, something I don’t do as much as I’d like. I shot a magazine without my glasses. When I took Jim Cirillo’s course he had us shoot with a film of soap over our safety glasses, to prove to ourselves that we could hit a blurred target. Since there is a better than average chance that I could loose my glasses in a fight, I thought I’d give it a try. I wouldn’t like to qualify that way, but I put them in the black during both exercises. .

A talking head claims that it is a violation of the Geneva Convention for US troops to fire on a mosque being used as a fighting position by terrorists. This is unbelievably stupid. The Geneva Convention says quite the opposite. When a protected place is used by belligerents, for any reason, it looses protected status. The Alamo was a church before it was a fortress..

I was reading about a holster which recognizes the fingerprints of authorized users, allowing them to draw the weapon. The problem is that it takes a second to recognize a print. This defeats the purpose of having a gun handy.

“A gun may not be the answer; but if it is I want it to be in my hand”. Eleanor Frutt, “The Practice”.

I do not think that guns are the answer, only that they reduce the question to manageable proportions.

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has opened an office in London. The office is funded by British gun owners and hopes to assist in restoring rights to own guns, hunt, and act in self-defense.

I have determined that my new bullet should be of .27 or .28 caliber, for the compelling reason that there is no pistol cartridge of that caliber and therefore a desperate need. I could call it a 7mm, 7mm short, or 7 mm KPC (Kevin’s Pistol Cartridge). However, this puts an effete European air to it. Inch pattern calibers show that it was made in America by immigrant labor. Deciding between .27 and .28 is of great importance. Since there are .22, .221, .222, and .223 cartridges, it is obvious that even one-one thousandths of an inch provides enormous difference in ballistics, otherwise why would these different cartridges exist? So split the difference and make it .275.

It is interesting that the charge of insider trading against Martha Stewart were dismissed. She was convicted of LYING about insider trading, that she never did. You have the right to remain silent for a reason.

I note that I have not followed the lead of all other commentators by writing what I think of the Janet Jackson half-time show. This is because I don’t think about the Janet Jackson half-time show. It has started a stricter examination of obscenity in the media. I remember George Carlin’s routine called “7 Words You Can’t Say on TV”. Some radio station played the routine and was cited. It turned into a First Amendment case, and I remember my Constitutional Law professor reading the 7 Words in the same dry measured tones he used for all cases. It is definitely Mr. Carlin’s delivery that makes them funny. There is some use for obscenity in art and elsewhere, it should be confined to those places where persons expect such things, and can avoid it if offended. I remember the case of a soldier who was separated from his unit between the lines and saw an American patrol. Realizing that they would kill the first thing they saw or heard, he got behind a tree and shouted an obscene euphemism for sexual intercourse. Given his enthusiasm and familiarity with the word, he was immediately recognized as an American.

I see that the government of Sudan and the Southern Rebels have entered into another peace agreement. They are getting real good at this; illustrating the value of practice. I believe that these agreements would last longer if the Government would stop raiding the South for slaves. Yes, this time it’s the Damn Yankees who are practicing slavery.

Missouri Sheriffs have met with the Attorney General’s office to coordinate the fix to the funding problem in the License to Carry law. The sheriffs want the law fixed so that they can apply the fee to administrative costs. The AG wants it fixed so that he does not have to defend the law in 114 county courts. The legislature, however, is dragging its feet. The Al Brooks legal team has sued the sheriff of Moniteau County for issuing the first license to Rep. Crawford, who sponsored the law. They want the license revoked and further licenses stopped. The sheriff, who has known Rep. Crawford for many years, issued the license after conducting such investigation as he saw fit, which was very little in this case. There is no requirement to wait for the fingerprint check to come back. The local plaintiff is a political opponent of the Sheriff and Rep. Crawford. This same mob threatens to sue other sheriffs who issue licenses. Even after loosing on this issue this mob continues to harass us. This indicates the mindless hatred they have for us.

As of this writing, 43 Missouri counties are taking applications for licenses. The number grows rapidly. We are winning and need only keep on.

Dean Johnson, Gary Davis and I went to meet Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry; we were in the crowd meeting him, not the crowd welcoming him. There were signs with shower shoes hanging on them to honor his history of flip flops when it was politically expedient. The Democrats had a much large crowd of course. I was struck by how rude they were. Obscene gestures and snide remarks were the order of the day. Dean attempted to use the bathroom and was told one a loyal Democrat that he could not, that he could stay outside and “piss his pants”. Backed by a number of, by then, outraged Republicans, Dean went in and used the facilities. I strongly suggest that we do NOT emulate these people. Good manners will get us further than abrasive behavior. Someone wrote that we are trying to dismantle fear, not elicit it.

Years ago Tawana Brawley claimed to have been kidnapped and raped by racists. Later she was more specific saying that it was racist police, prosecutors, and anyone who questioned her story. The usual suspects supported her. She gained some support from persons who reasoned that there were racists, racists did that sort of thing, so she must be telling the truth; despite forensic evidence to the contrary. We run into this in our movement. Opponents believe that anything that supports their theory must be true, anything in opposition must be a lie, and evidence is irrelevant.

I saw a history of cowboys which explained the birth of cowboy song and poetry. Being months on the trail the same story got dull, but put to rhyme or song it was entertaining and would be repeated over and over. There is something about meter and rhythm which engaged a person’s attention. We should try thing, putting the old stories to songs from commercials, folk songs, nursery rhymes and the like.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes for May 2004

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

I listened to a tape of WE REMEMBER THE HOME GUARD, a book compiled by Frank and Joan Shaw. It is an oral history of the British Home Guard of WW II. After Dunkirk Britain expected invasion and called on men who were exempt from service to form a militia. This being Britain the upper classes became officers, this being Britain, there was a shortage of arms. One platoon had a half-dozen rifles, but no ammunition. This was not the major problem that it seems; the rifles had no firing pins. In the early days some units were armed with pick handles. There were shotguns, and some .22 rifles, one veteran of the first war carried a captured Mauser, but had only a single cartridge. An old Africa hand donated an elephant rifle and eighteen cartridges. The Home Guardsman used one cartridge to test the rifle, and determined that if Hitler invaded with elephants they could take care of the first seventeen up to 500 yards away. There were many veterans of WW I and boys who received basic military training with the Home Guard before being called up to the regulars. Many members were in critical occupations who did a full day’s work before a full night’s guard. They released regular troops for training and reaction forces. When a regular is guarding factories, he is not learning to call artillery fire or other professional skills. They served as opposing forces in war games with the regulars to good effect on both sides. Even with volunteers the British Army penchant for mindless regulation of an irregular force emerged. One man could not wear the boots he was issued, and was repeatedly arrested for being out of uniform, eventually doing a total of six months imprisonment. Another man took his unloaded rifle to a crashed German plane and captured the pilot. He took some items of equipment as souvenirs. He was subsequently charged with stealing enemy equipment which was the property of the Crown. He beat the charge. There is much speculation over how useful the force would have been in combat. One unit was asked how it would disable to local railway if it was threatened with capture. One brave partisan said he would destroy all the train tickets, in the belief that without tickets the enemy would not be allowed on the train. There were false alarms in which the Home Guard took up prepared positions ready to do their duty. If there was an invasion, and each fired off his five rounds and threw his molotov cocktail this would probably not cause a wholesale nazi retreat. It would delay the invaders, forcing them to deploy and maneuver. This could be enough. In June 1944 the Panzer Division Das Reich moved from southern France to counter the Normandy landings. It was met with small groups of Resistance fighters at every town. The constant fighting was hard on the tanks causing them to break down. It entered Normandy understrength and in small ineffective groups. The Home Guard could have done as much. A number of the Guardsmen fondly remember days when men and boys had rifles and ammunition at home, and later submachine guns and machine guns. There was no wholesale murder.

Any group outside the Kansas City area that wants to form a group similar to WMSA will receive help incorporating, writing bylaws and organizing. They can operate under our charter until they are ready to become independent. We can arrange some literature for gunshows. I will donate ten copies of MISSOURI WEAPONS AND SELF-DEFENSE LAW that the group can use as it sees fit.

The prohibitionists think that we are stupid. John Kerry does a photo with a shotgun claiming to be a hunter and supporter of the Second Amendment (“as it has been interpreted”). He then goes to Congress to push an amendment to the Industry Protection Act to outlaw 30-30, 30-06, .308 and .223 ammunition. If it was illegal to own such ammunition I’m sure that real hunters would notice.

I’ve listened to a couple of books in the “Gunsmith” series. This series features a lady who operates a gunsmith shop concentrating on antique firearms. The twist is that she has some type of magical power which reacts to the history of guns. When a gun comes into her shop which has an unfulfilled destiny she is snatched back in time to fix events as well as the gun. This disrupts business operations, her love life, other things. They are well written with an interesting plot and well drawn characters. It is good to see a strong female character who appreciates and uses guns. There is the occasional error regarding firearms, taking the safety off a Ladysmith revolver, or firing both barrels of a shotgun elsewhere described as a pump action. I contacted the author who says that she knows better, but the type of gun was changed in a rewrite and not all references were caught. This is fine, part of the fun of a gun nut reading such books is catching mistakes. At least she is trying to be accurate. Of course she has a web site at www.CKCrigger.com. She writes other types of books as well.

I keep hearing about racy billboards along I-70. Gary, Dean and I have made a couple of I-70 trips to grassroots meetings, and the billboards did not make the experience any more enjoyable. We met with our NRA-ILA liaison and grassroots groups in Jefferson City and then in St. Louis. It was decided that absolutely nothing would be sacrificed in order to get a Hancock fix to the License to Carry law. There are legislative races we need to concentrate on. The legislative session ended without loosing ground. Next year we gain some.

At this time 80% of Missouri sheriffs are issuing licenses. Approximately 5,500 sets of fingerprints are being processed for licenses. This is added to the unknown thousands of licenses obtained from Pennsylvania, Florida, and other states. For over two and a half months people have been carrying concealed weapons (legally). Now that we have won the right, we have to fight to keep it. St. Louis County has filed a lawsuit claiming a Hancock (financing) problem with implementing the LTC program. The relief they seek is to restrain enforcement of the entire law, licenses issued by any Missouri sheriff, car carry, out of state licenses, everything. The court should not consider such relief because it is grossly disproportionate to the hardship they claim. However, we cannot count on the court doing what it should do. The Missouri Attorney General has filed an answer to the suit, a very good answer. There is discussion among our people about intervening in the lawsuit. I have spoken to the attorney representing the NRA. He has an excellent plan. The grassroots groups may intervene, however we are over $40,000 behind in legal fees as it is.

When you get a Florida LTC it comes attached to a card which says “Fresh from Florida”. Nice. For a Florida license call (850) 488-5381.

Gary has thirty years worth of shooting pins on his NRA hat. That is why no one wants to stand next to him in a lightning storm.

Dean Johnson wore his personalized NRA hat to the St. Louis grassroots meeting. On leaving someone offered him $100 for the hat. Dean refused, but the guy gave us the $100 for the legal defense fund. If you like Dean’s hat, the bidding starts at $101.

Prime time TV shows increasingly mock politicians who are on our side. The shows make bald critical statements that are not true. This is a bad sign. By the time the new TV season starts, we are prohibited from supporting our friends, but they can do as they please.

I remember a movie about the OSS recruiting German POWs to work as agents in Germany. One of the recruits was fingerprinted and asked “In America I thought only criminals were fingerprinted”. Well now we are fingerprinted for a License to Carry. Some have reported that law enforcement agencies refuse to do fingerprints for a Florida License to Carry. Tell them it is for a job, in Florida, if they ask.

I have done some more work on my new .275 cartridge. Having decided on a diameter, I need to determine the bullet length and weight. It can start with 100 grains; this will make it easy to work percentages if it is made heavier or lighter. The length is easy, it shall be long enough. Moreover, it shall be shaped like a barbell.       In the days of wooden ships, gunners fired barbell shaped projectiles to tear through enemy rigging. It has never been done with pistol ammunition, and therefore it must be done. This design alone will sell enough cartridges to cover expenses as gun writers try to see if it actually tumbles, tears, hits sideways, or whatever action marketing claims. The next question is the cartridge case. It could be straight, tapered, or bottle-necked. It could be rimed, semi-rimed, or rimless. I say rimless, this works best for semi-automatics, and if anyone wants to use it in revolvers, they can use moonclips. I have also decided to make it bottle-necked.       This will require a dramatically curved magazine. This bothers certain anti-gun persons, which is reason enough to adopt the design. This leaves the powder charge. I have decided to leave this to the reloaders; they will enjoy it and it will save me a great deal of work with chemistry, and perhaps some lost fingers.

Anyone who wants a Florida license needs only call (850) 488-5381 for an application. The fingerprints MUST be on the card provided by Florida. Read the instructions carefully. There is one question which asks if you want to keep your address secret. Only law enforcement officers are eligible for this. It also requires a passport photo. These can be done at any Kinko’s, or Sears. It must be a passport type photo; they will not accept snapshots, digitals or really neat caricatures.

We shall overcome

Liberty Notes – July 2004

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty.

The Bush administration’s Justice Department has successfully sued a school district. The district had followed the example of France by banning head scarves worn by Moslem girls. Unlike France everyone in America is guaranteed the right to practice their religion without government interference; within broad limits. We do not seem to be getting credit for this effort in the Middle East where everything we do is taken as an assault against Islam in some quarters.

The movie “Osama” is an Afghan movie about a girl in the Taliban era who disguises herself as a boy so that she can work. There is no happy ending. It illustrates what can happen when people take control who believe that religion must be as joyless, difficult, and unpleasant as possible.

I see that a “dark matter” will tear the universe apart in about 30 billion years. Democrats are already demanding to know why the Bush administration has done nothing about it.

A Democratic organization in Florida has written that Secretary of Defense Rumsfield should be shot. After the predictable uproar they claimed that they meant it symbolically. The text I saw was more graphic than symbolic involving putting him up against a wall and the trigger pulled.

The “Alamo” movie has revived interested in the Bowie Knife. At a recent gun show I was offered Mr. Bowie’s original knife, which appears to have been made by someone named Pakistan.

I like the show “Joan of Arcadia” in which a high school girl is given obscure directions by God to perform acts which have Unintended Consequences. I do think that she needs an employment contract. On a recent episode Joan’s father, a sheriff’s office detective, investigated a home invasion in which the homeowner had a gun, and the incident a relatively happy ending, however the intruder was dead. His investigation showed that it was open and shut self-defense, but he thought that it would be best if there was a trial. This is easy for him to say. He does not have to be arrested, pay thousands for a bail bond, pay for the legal defense, at least one lawyer, preferably two or more, investigation, experts, and costs. He does not have to endure the stress of being judged by his neighbors who assume that if he was arrested there must be something to it, he does not have the stress of his future decided by twelve people who have been told by the media, their schools, and the pulpit that everyone who owns a gun is evil.

Tim Oliver has tried to obtain Continuing Legal Education from the Missouri Bar Association for his LTC course. It was denied because the bulk of the course involved the practicalities of gun use and was geared to laypersons. I have sat through innumerable CLE courses which told us how to make methamphetamines, something valuable to know if handling such a case, but involving the practicality of drug use and manufacture and geared to laypersons. Any attorney who is doing criminal law in this country and is not familiar with the basics of firearms is unfit for his position in the kingdom. I was called by a Jackson County prosecutor who would be handling all the firearms cases in Eastern Jackson County. She knew nothing about guns, knew that she was ignorant, and wanted references to increase her knowledge. I am reluctant to help prosecutors, so often it seems like trading with the enemy. However, she could do a great deal of harm in her ignorance, so I recommended my book as a start, and a couple other books as a beginning.

It is encouraging that when law enforcement, politicians, lawyers, educators and so forth want answers about the LTC law, they call us. I have been asked by the Missouri Bar Association to appear on a panel discussion on the LTC law, the Al Brooks legal team was not. Some Sheriff offices have called for advice on implementation of the LTC law.

I read a piece on cults. It defines cults as any group which has a strong leader and demands absolute obedience. I am a strong leader and demand absolute obedience, but no one listens; we dodged a bullet there.

Michael Moore is the Leni Riefenstahl of leftist film makers. Ms. Riefenstahl made documentaries glorifying Hitler. Moore is, well, Moore.

I’ve listened to a tape of THE WORLD WITHIN WAR by Gerald F. Linderman. It concerns the effect of combat on troops in WW II. He discusses what was called combat fatigue at the time, and called post traumatic stress disorder now. It is quite interesting. It also discusses what can only be called war crimes. These range from taking gold teeth from Japanese dead to murdering prisoners. People do things under stress they would not do otherwise. A recent movie reminds us that even in the classic era soldiers mistreated enemy dead.

I have been writing down the substance of these computer pop-up ads. I hope to track down the source of these ads someday and re-enact “The Passion of Christ”, with the advertiser playing the part of our Lord and Savior, over and over again.

The movie “Prey for Rock & Roll” is about a rock band of young women. It contains sex, drugs (rock and roll), violence, and I fear that some references to God are not theologically correct. It has a song called “Every Six Minutes” referring to the frequency of rape. The singer says that if she had a bullet for every six minutes the world would be a better place. Probably true.

A year or so ago I saw a movie called “Ginger Snaps”, about a girl who goes through puberty and transformation into a werewolf at the same time. Either is traumatic, they should be avoided in conjunction. There is a sequel called “Ginger Snaps 2”.       The sequel shows that these things just do not get better. Sequels are a commentary on the failure of our criminal justice system.

Jacq Tucker has been our Web Captain for many years. He did a great job. Sheila Stokes-Begley has taken over as Webmistress. The site continues to improve.       Some of the articles are illustrated with cartoons. There is a new section called “Living LTC” with practical advice for carrying a concealed weapon and keeping it concealed. If a method of carry works for you, pass the word.

Gun Week has published a book review I did. This influenced my Mother to read the entire magazine. She was impressed by an article about a high school boy who raised $600 for the Second Amendment Foundation by holding a skeet shoot. So, Gun Week can gain another reader if they keep publishing my reviews, if it’s worth that much to them.

It is said that there are more terrorists in Iraq now than before the war. We can only hope so. Since there are people who want to kill us, it is best that they come to the one or two places where we can shoot them.

Election choices often come down to a candidate who might screw us if a safe opportunity to do so came up and the other candidate who would go out looking for ways to screw us. We dislike voting for the “lesser of two evils” and have often endorsed Libertarian candidates. But sometimes we must choose to fight the greater of two evils, with a less than satisfactory ally.

Abraham Lincoln said “Important principles may and must be inflexible”. However, we are often forced to be flexible in defending these principles. The stronger we are, the less flexible we can be.

A nurse in Miami was accosted late one night in the parking lot of her hospital, by a man who held a knife to her throat. The lady had a concealed weapon. As she shot him to save her own life, his last words were, “That’s not fair.” I disagree.

In 1933 a Des Moines Iowa mugger chose to attack Melba King, then a nursing student. He chose to do so in front of Ronald Reagan’s apartment. The future president leaned out his window, and in his firm sportscaster voice told the mugger that he would shoot him between the shoulder blades. The mugger realized that it was hard to hit targets that are running like hell, and did so. Fifty years later the President admitted that the gun was not loaded. When we say to bring a gun to a gunfight, we mean a LOADED gun, however, it is only unloaded when the enemy knows it’s unloaded.

Steve Umscheid, Director of the Vermont Project which fought for a Vermont style concealed carry law, has dissolved the corporation and donated $869.03 to MPS. Steve has done great work for the movement.

An Indiana Pizza Hut deliveryman has a License To Carry. He used his gun when attacked and saved his life. Pizza Hut fired the man for carrying the means of self-defense against company policy. You might ask the Pizza Hut executives how much the company spent on security, and why their employees cannot. Pizza Hut Inc, 14841 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, Texas 75254 (972) 338-7700.

Senator Gibbons took a tremendous risk when he voted in favor of License To Carry. He voted based on the evidence. A member of the “Million” Mom March is running against him. We will need him in the Senate next year. Send him a note and a check at Gibbons for Senate, POB 220825.

For 125 year only criminals carried weapons in Kansas City’s government buildings. Since honest citizens now have the right to carry the means of self-defense the City has taken steps to protect itself. It has banned all “deadly” or “dangerous” weapons which it defines as BB guns, pocketknives, and “electronic defense devices (tasers)”. They specifically include defense devices. They forbid these devices in city parking lots, so employees and visitors cannot leave them in their cars. But the mayor has a police bodyguard; they just cannot have mere employees being defended.

I attended the Gay Pride festival. It was a bad place to meet girls, for me anyway. The Kerry people and to a lesser extent Holden were all over the place. The referendum over gay marriage will create activism in the gay community, which the Kerry and Holden people intend to exploit.

I went to the gay “gayrage sale”. Could not find one pink purse that would fit my .45; and they are supposed to be the fashion czars. Still could not meet any girls. There is a MVACA show 23-25 July, 2004 at the KCI Expo Center near the airport. I shall try there; for girls, not purses. The Antique Bowie Knife Association will be present, I am a member and perhaps that is just the attraction I need.

Some years ago we reached out to the gay community after an especially nasty gay-bashing, thinking that they would be interested in self-defense, and not wanting them to do something that would ruin things for the rest of us. They were not interested. Their view was that everyone should stop hating them, and the government should protect them until that happened. I don’t think either one of these things will happen, and told them so, but they were fixated on the concepts.

It used to be illegal to engage in homosexual relations. Offenders were put in prison, with a bunch of men. Not well thought out.

For the next month, ask people, where are all the gunfights? We were told there would be shootouts if LTC passed. Call radio shows, drop the sentence, and say nothing more. Leave the thought in splendid isolation.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – August 2004

K. L. Jamison

It is a good day for Liberty

I have watched NYPD Blue since the beginning, and I have learned one important lesson; stay away from Detective Andy Sipowicz. His wife is shot, his son is shot, his partners die, and this was after he kicked alcohol.

On “The Shield” Detective Vince Macki is corrupt and violent. The actor playing Detective Macki told an interviewer that police officers he’s met really LIKE his character. This worries me

I’m listening to a tape of BEARING THE CROSS, about the early civil rights struggle. It shows some decisions Martin Luther King made during the Montgomery bus boycott. After the police chief joined the White Citizens Council, after threats on his life, after his home was bombed, Reverend King applied to the sheriff for a pistol permit. His reason cited on the request was to arm the guard at his house. The request was refused. He later spoke to the Governor of Alabama and asked for a license to keep a gun in his car, the Governor said that he would have to talk to the sheriff about that, and it was not mentioned again. Later a pacifist argued that it was inconsistent for the leader of a non-violent movement to have a pistol in the house. Reverend King disagreed. The Deacons for Defense in Louisiana found that racists were less violent when the civil rights workers carried guns.

THE AWAKENING is a take of a book about a Protestant pastor in Germany who exorcised a demon or demons from a woman in 1848. This drew a great deal of attention. There were several attempts on the pastor’s life. One would attribute these attempts to agents of the Devil, but the pastor also drew parishioners from other congregations, and patients from doctors. He was disliked for secular reasons as well.

The May edition of the NRA magazines shows two pistols carried by nazi saboteurs who landed at Long Island in 1942. One pistol was a Mauser, the other a Walther.       The Mauser clearly has nazi proof marks on it. This sort of screams “spy”. These were the guys who were supposed to be so clever.

At a recent gun show, I could not find any women to date, but contented myself with buying some copies of the NRA’s “Rifleman” magazine from 1952, a year of some importance to me. The magazines carried articles warning of laws restricting firearms. They did not carry the “Armed Citizen” column, which may not have been standard until the 60’s. I found a column of news from the shooting community. One traveler had found a flintlock blunderbuss marked “U.S. Navy”. From muzzle to buttplate the gun was less than 21 inches. It seems that these small smoothbores were useful in boarding parties and firing at guncrews from the rigging. This need for handy shotguns continues. A buckshot round was issued for the M-79 grenade launcher, which had a 14 inch barrel. The same round was used in the M 203 grenade launcher. Today we frequently see shotguns used to blow open doors in dessert cities.

A medieval Rabbi in Prague was warned of the prospects of anti-Jewish riots in the city. For protection he created a Golem, a supernaturally strong being made of clay and endowed with life. Regrettably, a golem has no soul, no conscience, and so strong it could not be controlled. It ran amok and had to be destroyed. Today we create governments to protect us, also without a soul or conscience. We have some measure of control, but the ultimate control is the ability to destroy the beast. If we do not get out and vote, we will ultimately have no choice but to destroy the beast, and we do not know what beast will rise in its place.

A rancher suffered a predator killing his cattle; so he bought a donkey. Donkeys are territorial and will protect other animals in their territory. There always has to be someone to protect the cattle.

The Second Amendment Sisters appeared to counter the “Million” Mom March on Mother’s Day In Washington DC. They headquartered at the same hotel. One of the “M”s found herself on an elevator with a Second Amendment Sister and told the Sister “If I had a gun I would shoot you.” This illustrates the hypocrisy of the opposition; and the media. If one of us had said the same thing it would have been all over the news.

Members of the Pink Pistols, a pro-gun group of gay people, appeared at the Columbus Ohio Gay Pride parade. This seems normal to me. However, the organizers appeared with clubs and announced their intention to take their (unloaded) pistols. The police arrived and the matter was settled. It is never easy in the movement.

I attended the NRA convention in Pittsburgh, as did Dean and Gary and some 60,000 other people. Dean and Gary planned to travel together; imagine, two old sailors on Liberty in an innocent town, and Homeland Security allows this. Fortunately their wives came along and Pittsburg still stands. It was nice to have the convention in a hall which did not ban the possession of guns by members.

At the convention there was a seminar for lawyers on firearms law. There was a block of instruction on ethics. I asked if there should be something done about the plaintiff attorneys in the License to Carry lawsuit who, in the opinion of many lawyers, lied to the Supreme Court in their brief. I was told that it would be wasted effort; the bar would not sanction anyone for lying for the anti-gun crowd. I do not find the attitude acceptable.

Minnesota has enjoyed a License to Carry system for two years. By all accounts it has been enormously successful. On 13 July, 2004 a judge found the law unconstitutional, on technical grounds. It is being appealed. It is interesting to note that the judge found that because the law was attached to a natural resources bill, no one could know of the law and it was not given hearings or debated. The gunowners introduced evidence of hearings and that it was the most debated bill in Minnesota history; the judge ignored this. This goes to show that we cannot let down our guard; the opposition will never leave us alone.

The St. Louis County lawsuit against License to Carry still hangs over us in Cole County Missouri’s county court. The plaintiffs say that the county cannot afford to issue licenses and demand that the entire law be invalidated. This would take away all our licenses, in state, out of state, car carry, everything. This “remedy” so far exceeds any damages the plaintiffs can claim that it should be dismissed out of hand. However, the court has ruled that it will go forward, and we must see how far.

WMSA was incorporated on 5 September, 1989. I mentioned this at a Board meeting, and Tom VanEyck said that he was celebrating his anniversary on that day. I have met Tom’s lady wife. If do not think that one celebration is nearly enough. I have ordered Tom to celebrate the 5th of EVERY month for the remainder of the year.

WMSA will celebrate its 15th anniversary this year. It has been a long fight, and it is not over. We will have a picnic with politicians and a fun shoot (two completely separate events). A company is advertising a shotgun round called “safetydisc”.       Instead of round buckshot, it has discs stacked in the shell. The idea is that the discs open up making a serious wound, but are less likely to penetrate walls and so forth. I wrote the company asking for details, whenever I write a company on legal stationary asking about their product they write back asking “Why do you want to know?” I explained myself, and they have sent me 25 rounds we can test at the picnic. See their web site at www.safetydiscammo.com.

Our anniversary picnic will be on 5 September, 2004 at 1:00 in the afternoon at Crossfire Range/Arms Mart at 21200 E. Truman Rd in Independence this is east of 291 Highway. It is potluck, bring something to eat. We will test the “Safetydisc” ammunition at about 2:30. Politicians will be invited; we will see who shows up.

Claycomo Guns in Claycomo, Missouri has a new gunsmith, Steve Clark. It seems that he is another one of these people who shoots just so he can have empty brass to reload. Give him a piece of reloadable brass and he’s your friend for life.

I am a gun nut; and a damn good one.

At President Reagan’s death many liberal commentators felt compelled to tell us what a horrible person they thought he was. This is how horrible they are.

A lawyer I know is in Iraq working with their department of corrections. Formerly each department of government would have its own prison system, the department of education, agriculture, transportation; etc., all had their own prisons. Have an argument with your boss and you go to prison. When he got to Iraq, our government issued him an AK 47. They would have given him a pistol too, but they were out. I envy him, not for the hardware, but for making history.

WMSA Board member Jacq Tucker showed up for the last Board meeting wearing a cap in the Marine’s new camouflage pattern; everyone noticed it. This appears to defeat the purpose of camouflage. Context is important. When I was in Korea I often saw fighting positions prepared for the Southern Homeland Defense Force. This is a tightly controlled militia used for security purposes during alerts; thus releasing regulars for combat. I saw a street in Seoul lined with small concrete buildings, one was painted camouflage colors, guess what was inside.

I recently purchased a camouflage pattern suitcase. Some might argue that it is a floral pattern, but I am a snake eating Special Forces veteran and I say it is camouflage.

Canada has a new government coalition. Its foreign policy appears to be advocating gun control in the United States.

This fall we will be prohibited from publicly supporting our candidates. However, TV programs will spread hate and propaganda about our friends. Newspapers will publish fawning “reviews” of Michael Moore’s propaganda epic. We have to do a lot, and we have to do it early.

The Libertarian candidate for Lt Governor indicated that I might get a job in his office cutting out unnecessary laws. It could work, I just bought a chain saw.

Some people refuse to vote, claiming that all politicians are corrupt and therefore not worth voting for. This is not really their problem. They disdain politicians who are corrupted by the other side, and object to the lack of politicians corrupted by our side. There is a shortage of politicians who are true believers on our side. This is unfortunate, but it is not necessary that they be true believers on our side, only that they vote our side. If they vote our side because we have corrupted them, they can never be fully trusted, but it is enough. Politicians become corrupted by many non-traditional factors. Beyond money, they want re-election, they want power, prestige, approval, the opportunity for more power, prestige, and approval. So, go out and corrupt a politician for our side.

Mom thinks that I should get an electric pencil sharpener for the office. This from the woman who thinks that electric typewriters were an unnecessary extravagance. I don’t need pencil sharpeners, I have a drawer full of pocketknives, and for serious work a chain saw.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – September 2004

K. L. Jamison

It is good day for Liberty.

Sheila tells me that she reads my Liberty Notes before she posts them to the web site. This is censorship, this is tyranny, this is my job.

One writer states that we have been at war with Islamic-fascists since the Embassy in Iran was seized in 1979. Recently we have begun to fight back, which is a trifle late.

President Bush is criticized for not “connecting the dots” prior to 9-11. This is nonsense. In the world of intelligence it is not so much a matter of connecting the dots as knowing which dots to connect, and those among a world of dots laid out deliberately to confuse.

During the Democratic convention a flack for John Kerry was asked how the candidate’s claims of war crimes by US troops in Viet Nam would play with veterans. He neatly avoided the question, and the interviewer dropped it.

There is a new documentary about Viet Nam which has then Secretary of Defense McNamara deploring our misunderstanding of the nature of the war. He says that it was a civil war, and we wrongly thought it was part of the Cold War. Silly man.       The Viet Nam war was a civil war like the Spanish Civil War was a civil war. There were civil war aspects of both, but the ideological and international aspects predominated. To say that it was all one or the other is nonsense.

A writer says that war creates hatred. Doubtless it does, however if I am to get out of bed early in the morning to go to war, I would have to hate someone a great deal first.

I am told that when these notes reach certain shops, everything stops until they are read. This is flattering. It also occurs to me that if I were to increase production, I could bring some commercial activity to a halt. This has the makings of a protection racket, but just because I can do something does not mean that I should.

WMSA has contributed to the Missouri Veteran’s Home in Warrensburg in memory of President Reagan. This year WMSA will contribute $5,000 to candidates, Democratic and Republican, who hold to the ideals of Ronald Reagan.

By the time this is printed in the newsletter, it will be days before the assault weapon ban sunsets on 13 September, 2004. There will be time for more calls to legislators to prevent it from being attached to another bill.

Some complain that President Bush is not completely on our side. He is not. He may be only 80% on our side. Kerry, however, is 100% against us, and gets up every morning thinking of ways to hurt us. The next president is going to nominate judges, including three Supreme Court judges. If Kerry wins our hope for a favorable Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment dies.

Claire McCaskill won the Democratic primary for governor against Governor Holden. It seems that rural Missouri took revenge against Governor Holden’s hostility to the Second Amendment, primarily his veto of License to Carry. Ms. McCaskill had a debate with the governor in which she tried to say she was more anti-gun than he was, and she was right. I have heard Ms McCaskill express hostility to us at Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Classes, she has attended conferences against us. In 1992 she made several comments, including a campaign commercial for a legislator claiming that any twelve-year-old can walk into any gun shop and buy an AK 47 with no questions asked. After the first such claim I told her this was not true and provided copies of the relevant state and federal laws; she continued to tell this lie. She told the truth in the debate; she does hate us more than Holden does. If elected she will make her reputation at our expense. There is resistance to cleaning up the finance problem with the License To Carry law. If she is governor, it will never be fixed to allow sheriffs to charge the reasonable expense we intended. If she is governor they will whittle down the law making it more complicated, more expensive, more difficult to get a license.

Matt Blunt is the Republican candidate for governor. He is the current Secretary of State and responsible for purging the St. Louis voting rolls of dogs and dead people. Had he been Secretary of State in 1999, Proposition B would have passed. Matt Blunt is 100% on our side and will work with us. We can expect to pass the funding fix for the License To Carry law, we can expect to protect our rights; but only if we get out and work for these people, contribute to these people, and vote for these people.

I have heard some complain that it is useless to vote since “They” have the process fixed. Refusing to become involved makes it easy for “They” to fix the system. I do not believe that this is a solution. WMSA exists to make it as difficult as possible for “They” to fix the system, and to tilt things back our way. We have had some success.

We have beaten back dozens of anti-gun laws. This year we have fought a License To Carry law into existence. A federal law has passed which allows police officers and retired officers to carry in all 50 states. This creates a precedent for licensed carry in all states. We have an industry protection law in Missouri. We have a range protection law. We have a very good chance of forcing the assault weapons ban to sunset. We have a history of proving that we can win, we just have to make the effort.

Sir Francis Bacon wrote that “We read that we ought to forgive our enemies; but we do not read that we ought to forgive our friends.” In the movement we often have disputes between groups and members within a group. These disagreements have often been more savage than disputes with the prohibitionists. We need to remember that we do not have to agree on everything, only that all citizens have a right to all guns.

Senator Kerry thinks the UN should have a greater role in Iraq, and American foreign policy in general. This is the organization that ran the gloriously corrupt Iraqi “oil for food” program which lined pockets but few stomachs.

I have a dog. His name is Max and he is an Irish Wolfhound. No sooner did I close the deal than I started receiving e-mails advertising dog food, dog treats and something else connected with dogs I cannot identify. This marketing thing has gotten out of hand. However, it shows that we are all on a list. We just need to make it mean something.

As of this writing, only 5 sheriffs are not issuing licenses to carry. Buchanan County will only be issuing through the election, once he no longer needs the votes, he will stop. This indicates that we have a great deal of success, but cannot stop working. A local weekly claims that there is little interest in getting licenses. However, license applications are only taken during business hours, which cuts down applicants to the retired and people who can take long lunches. At this point almost everyone who wants a license has one from Florida. There are still advantages in having a license from the home state. The ATF claims that the exemption from the “gun-free” schools act for license holders only applies to persons with licenses from their own states.

The media claimed that if the Supreme Court found License To Carry constitutional, there would be blood in the streets. Six months later where are the smoking guns? None of these horrors have come to pass. We are entitled to an apology at the very least. Call in to radio shows, write to newspapers, ask them “Where are the smoking guns?”

The internet carries lists of places banning concealed carry under Missouri law. These lists help plan shopping excursions. However, one must realize that THEY chose to boycott US. There is no evidence of License holders being more dangerous, no evidence of a sudden passion causing a shootout. Most importantly, there is no evidence of thugs honoring these signs. A business which decides to boycott us becomes responsible for the safety of customers.

Rex Shell of Harrisonville has donated a 12 Gauge Benelli shotgun to support our drawing. Also in the drawing is a Legend derringer, which fires a variety of ammunition from .410 shotgun/.45 long Colt to .380 depending on whim and barrel changes, and a leather NRA jacket. Rex Shell wanted to name his gun shop after a great American, it is called Shell’s Gun Shop, and we agree.

Together with other members of Missouri Sport Shooting Association I attended a candidate rating session with our NRA-ILA representative Mary Ann Bradford.       I checked with other grassroots groups for their input. The NRA has rigid guidelines for rating, which often favor incumbents who have supported us, even if they have not supported us at all times. This provides the advantage of consistency. The WMSA rating system is more flexible, and there are advantages to both. Getting input from grassroots people is of some benefit to the NRA rating system, we know these people. The review of responses from candidates was interrupted with shouts of “liar, liar”. This did not come as a surprise to the NRA, but the exchange of information was useful.

In order to safeguard our rights it is necessary to get out and hustle for our candidates. With a little more effort we can win. Our candidate for Jackson County Sheriff lost to an incumbent by only 6%. The 5th Congressional District candidate of Freedom Inc gained barely 60% of the vote against an outsider. Freedom did great work during the Civil Rights era, but has recently become a flack for the Democratic machine. They have hired an outside agency to teach them how to relate to the inner city community. This indicates that the machine is becoming vulnerable, not bleeding and floundering, but adrift. Every election season I plead for one more effort to preserve our liberties for another two to four years. I would not do so unless it was crucial. After a string of victories this year we must cap it off by electing pro-gun candidates. If successful, we will have two to four years in which to pursue and destroy.

The government is recruiting truck drivers into a program to identify suspicious, possibly terrorist activity. They are given a small amount of training and a phone number to report events which are not normal. This is a good idea. Truck drivers get around, and know when something is not normal. A truck which seems over-loaded, whose driver is new or does not seem familiar with procedures may mean nothing, and it may mean a bomb. There was a similar program during WW I in which local civilians did low level work for the justice department. Some of them got out of hand, but learning from experience the truckers have been ordered to take no action, only notes. This is a use of the classic militia.

The Independence Housing Authority has a provision in its lease which FORBIDS any resident from owning gun or “offensive weapons” either legally or illegally. Residents with hunting guns will be evicted. The Authority does not look at violence or threats; mere possession is enough. I am now representing a victim of this policy. The WMSA Board of Directors has not voted on this issue, but my guess is that we are against it.

We shall overcome.

Liberty Notes – November 2004

K. L. Jamison

In fact it is a very good day for Liberty.

The Star (a daily tabloid) printed a national map showing which precincts went for Bush and which for Kerry. The map is a sea of red, with blue splotches here and there. This shows that we have something to build on in almost all parts of the country. It also shows that the prohibitionists have something to build on in almost all parts of the country.We mobilized our people to get out the vote. This effort was crucial. We increased the pro-gun majority in congress and the legislature. Nationally 60% of gun owners voted for Bush. This means that Kerry was able to fool 40% of us.

We lost some races, there is now a Carnahan representing Missouri in Congress, and another is Secretary of State, her job is counting votes. This cannot be good. She dared to run claiming to be the pro-gun candidate. There was a slight effort to vote out Supreme Court Judge Richard Teitelman. He had voted that the License to Carry law was unconstitutional. He won with 62% of the vote. There was an ill-conceived and poorly executed effort to rate all judges up for retention elections. Concocted by outside parties, it was presented to movement activists by a usually reliable source as indicating anti-gun judges. The system was to vote against any judge appointed by either Holden or Carnahan. This condemned circuit judges who had previously been appointed by Governor Ashcroft, and judges I knew were NOT anti-gun. This effort also failed. While intended to warn judges not to let personal opinions into their judgments, it only served to make judges circle the wagons. The bar associations rallied behind the judges. This only makes the judges less concerned about public opinion. The moral of the story is that to remove a judge one had better be right and well-prepared, and better win.

Senator Gibbons in St. Louis was targeted for supporting us on License To Carry, even running someone from the “Million” Mom March against him. Two days before election day propaganda portrayed his vote for LTC as “racist”. In a district which voted overwhelmingly against Proposition B, he was thought to be easy pickings. Our people supported him aggressively, and he won decisively. WMSA assisted the efforts of Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance on his behalf. When the “racist” claim was launched WMSA was asked to have people to back him up. Gary Davis had his pickup fueled and ready for the trip had it been necessary. His district is far from us, but the laws he passes are very close. Closer to home, Luann Ridgeway won in the 17th Senatorial District in Clay County. Such is our confidence in Luann, we endorsed her as soon as she filed for the position, before we knew who would oppose her. This will replace an anti-gun senator with one who is very pro-gun. State Representative and WMSA member, Susan Phillips in southern Platte County was attacked by the Star as having a “radical conservative” voting record (I think they meant us). She was opposed by a great deal of money, and won.

The Democrats could not understand these results. They offered us money for our votes; money in the guise of jobs, medical care, social security and the like. But the pundits agree that election results were about principles; moral leadership, and gun rights. The Republicans were defined as the party of moral principles, the Democrats as the “party of Michael More’s Fahrenheit 911”. The Democrats cannot understand why voters took principle over what they considered to be our economic self-interest.

I am proud to know men who went to the war and risked their lives for their country. They are called heroes. Today we have heroes who sacrificed time and money to defend our principles. Our principles define who we are, and they are not for sale.

Liberty Notes – December 2004

K. L. Jamison Esq.

It is a Very Good day for Liberty.

The election is done and well done. The reaction of leftist pundits to the will of the people is remarkable. One takes comfort that a second term will be a punishment to the American people for failing to heed the advice of

their betters. Another says that all the people in the red states have lost his respect. We are portrayed as mindless, intolerant, primitive, bigoted, religious ,fools who should not be trusted with sharp objects (doubtless we shall..

hear more on this point later). It seems that we are unworthy even of the contempt they so generously give us. These people demand that President Bush reach out to them, to the people who are disgusted by him as well as

the people who voted for him. They seem genuinely hurt and confused that he has not done so.

Some of the defeated party advocate the secession of the states that voted for Kerry, perhaps joining with nearby Canada. I can visualize the president calling up the National Guard units of northern Virginia and asking if they would like some pay back.

A lady who has spent her career cleaning houses has written a book “Other People’s Dirt”. She recounts what people throwaway, what they keep, and the eccentricities of her employers. The book demonstrates that one should be polite to everyone. You never know who will write a book.

Speaking of which, Christmas is coming and not everyone has a copy of MISSOURI WEAPONS AND SELF-DEFENSE LAW available through my office..

Gun shows require that guns be unloaded and patrons not have loose ammunition or 1oaded clips This is uncomfortable for those of us who have become used to carrying a loaded gun, and an extra magazine or two.

Shows must be careful about guns being loaded by negligence or misadventure.

Finding a new holster, grips, or bayonet for the carry gun make it tempting to draw the gun. This may create a very remote chance of an accident.

There have been accidental discharges. There have been incidents where it appears that a cartridge was deliberately loaded into a gun on a dealer’s table.

Yonder see the morning blink:

The sun is up, and up must I,

To wash and dress and eat and drink

And look at things and talk and think

And work, and God knows why.

Oh often have I washed and dressed

And what’s to show for all my pain?

Let me lie abed and rest:

Ten thousand times I’ve done my best

And all’s to do again.

A E. Housman, Last Poems

No matter how many times we work an election, man a gun show, or debate prohibitionists, it seems that we always have it to do again. Only by doing it again and again will we keep our rights. I am told that the cause of mad cow disease defies disinfectants, heat, and sterilization. The prohibitionists, however, are even more persistent; and so must we.

A television program videotapes real jury deliberations. One of these involved a murder case in which the defendant claimed self-defense. One of the jurors insisted that it is not self-defense unless the other party is actually pointing a gun at you. The jury insisted that the lesser offense of manslaughter applied only to hunting accidents and the like. Neither claim is true. There must have been definitions of these terms in the jury instructions; this shows that such basics must be hammered home to the jury over and over; and if to a jury then even more to the general public. An article on our web site is titled “Don’t Hesitate to Kill the Rapist”.

Some have wondered if it indicates that we are intolerant of rapists. Let me put your mind at rest. We are VERY intolerant of rapists; the only good rapist. is a dead rapist, rapists bad, rapists very bad, rapists evil.

Rapists are not just a little bit evil; rapists are Buffy the Vampire Slayer kind of evil. Some people have trouble with this concept. I was on a radio call-in show once, and a lady called in to oppose self-defense. She said that if someone tired to rape her she would try to understand him. I’m afraid that I did not refute this statement; my jaw dropped so fast and hit the table so hard that I was unable to express what I thought of this statement.

This is the sort of person we confront.

At a gun show I bought a stainless steel magazine for a 1911. The seller said that it was used at the battle of the Little Bighorn, so I paid the extra dollar. It had no markings on it of any kind, which the seller explained

indicated that it was made for the CIA. Some will argue that the CIA did not exist for the Custer fight in 1876;which is just what the CIA wants you to think. The things you learn from venders at gun shows. The magazine functioned flawlessly. When I took it apart for cleaning it was encrusted with carbon and unidentified crud. It was only a matter of time before the follower stuck on a layer of crud, even rust (stainless steel can rust if given time and opportunity). Another time I found a magazine with a slight, almost imperceptible dent; this prevented the spring from moving smoothly and feeding bullets. Today I cleaned my carry gun and the brand new magazine I had been testing. All was well; however I had some patches left over and decided to clean one of the used magazines I had purchased. It soon appeared that the magazine had been “rode hard and put away wet” so many times that it took longer to clean the magazine than it did to clean the gun. On another occasion I tested a sack of old 1911magazines;a third of them had persistent malfunctions. When I was in the Army I was often the range officer for rifle and pistol qualification. I always took a hatchet with me. When I found a magazine with cracked feed lips or parts rusted off, I beat it into scrap metal. The quartermaster could turn it in for a new one, but it would not have the opportunity to fail in combat. People test their hand guns paying attention to the firing pin, extractor, and ejector, they check to see if the hole in the chamber goes all the way to the muzzle. People test the ammunition for compatibility with their gun but they do not check to see if the expendable little box will reliably push bullets into the bullet launcher. Sometimes the peculiarities of magazines are not apparent until they are loaded., At the same show I bought a 1911 magazine with a shooting star stamped on the follower, which the vender told me indicated early Star Fleet issue. It had six inspection holes on each side of the body, which usually indicates that it will hold eight rounds, instead of the usual seven. When I tested it, it would only hold seven rounds. After cleaning I reassembled it, and it would only hold six. I took it apart and again reassembled it, and it took seven. then I left it alone. I have seen magazines which did not show cracked feed lips unless loaded. You can never tell what feathers or Klingon blood might coat the insides of these magazines unless they are disassembled, which must be done before taking them in harm’s way.

My oldest son, my treasure, my jewel, my joy, one of them, went to a gun show with me. He got a set of dogtags. I told him that I could get him dogtags for free, but he didn’t want the foreign travel that went with them. On the line for branch of service he put “private citizen”; so he is a private after all.

At the same gun show I bought a bundle of socks with a Winchester label. The label also warned the user to be safe. I am not sure how one could be unsafe with socks, but there is no end to human mischief.

Virginia Tech geological scientists have found that lead bullets in an old shooting range have no environmental impact. They found that the lead does not wash away and remains in the soil inches from impact. This is good news for ranges, and bad news for prohibitionists who will seize any excuse to harass our sport.

I continue to hear from people who have been told by Jackson County deputies and “staff that out of state carry licenses are no good in Missouri This is not true. I continue to hear from people who have protested this misinformation to the Sheriff and senior members of his staff. I continue to hear misinformation from Jackson County deputies and staff.
Out of state carry licenses ARE LEGAL in Missouri, ALL of Missouri, including Jackson County. My web site has updates and specifics on the law, see www.KLJamisonLaw.com. We have a link to this site from www.WMSA.net.

Kansas City police officers were called to a home where a mentally’ ill man attacked them with knives.

They killed him, unfortunate, but necessary. The family complained to the Board of Police Commissioners and received a settlement of $250,000 and an agreement that the police would train 20% of its officers in dealing with mentally ill persons, and provide a police liaison officer to families of persons killed by the police. I understand the grief of the family. Their son may have been crazy, and may have been dangerous, but he was still their son. However, giving them $250,000 so readily is the equivalent of telling the responding officers that they were wrong to kill him. This adds to the police officer’s typical remorse over killing one of our own species. Training officers to deal with crazy people puzzles me. By definition crazy people are harder to control’ than rational people, less likely to be deterred by authority or weapons. I may be missing something; if there is a trick to controlling crazy people it will solve many police problems. Lastly, how would you like to be the police liaison officer to the family of a person killed by the police? These are usually criminals, often from families of criminals. This could be decidedly awkward.

I was at Guns Unlimited talking about the election results, which seems to have motivated the owner to show me his inventory of videos providing tips on hunting turkeys. The videos are about hunting regular feathered turkey, and not directly related to the election losers, however I can see how his mind drifted in that direction.

There is some conversation concerning what the UN’s role will be in Iraq. Based on their work with the Oil for Food program this should be a short conversation.

Some criticize President Bush for not placing guards on one of the hundreds of ammunition depots in Iraq during the invasion. It seems they think the President is some sort of jumped up officer of the guard. There is a point where attention to detail drowns the decision maker in facts and paralyzes his ability to decide. I like the incident in the first Gulf War where General Schwarzkopf was going through a book of issues for his attention. He came to one involving the amount of spare parts each battalion would carry. Ripping the page out he announced “this is not a General Officer’s decision”. At that point I knew we would win.

Missouri grassroots groups will meet to decide our course of action next year. There are corrections needed in the LTC law and we must fend off those who  would condition these corrections on abridging the law.
There are other improvements needed. We have learned that the best way to prevent bad legislation is to push good legislation.

A Democratic pundit recently suggested failed VP candidate John Edwards as a presidential candidate in 2008, and did so on the grounds that he is a “moderate”. Mr. Edwards was actually one of the most liberal members of the senate and was moderate only in his accomplishments. Such foolery may seem comforting to us who fear the anti-gun orthodoxy in much of the national Democratic Party; however, they have three years to get it together. They feel cheated, they are angry, they are motivated, they cannot be dismissed. They came back from worse, and gave us Bill Clinton.

As this is our December issue; have a Merry Christmas, do it right now, I know where you live.
We shall overcome.