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Liberty Notes – January, 2002

Liberty Notes – April 20, 2002



Liberty Notes 17 January, 2002

K. L. Jamison


It is a good day for Liberty

An American has been captured fighting with the Taliban. This is not the first time an American has served the enemy. Axis Sally and Tokyo Rose were convicted of treason. Robinson Jeffers [Ed. an alert reader has notified Kevin it was actually the mad poet Ezra Pound, not Jeffers, who helped the fascists.  Kevin acknowledges the error and requested this change on 5/4/2003], one of the great American poets, and a fixture of all American poetry anthologies made propaganda broadcasts for Italian Fascist radio during WW II. He was sent to a mental institution for fifteen years after his capture. As a poet, this was an easy call. There were a minuscule number of British and Americans who joined the enemy in WW II. There were Americans who collaborated with the enemy in POW camps in Korea . Their liability was mitigated by the conditions of the camps, but fifteen were court-martialed. One was convicted of murdering fellow POWs. For an excellent review see BROKEN SOLDIERS.

I reviewed The VILLISTA PRISONERS for Military Review. It is the only account of the trials of Pancho Villa’s men who were captured during or after his raid on Columbus New Mexico . They were tried for murder in the County Court. The book is frustratingly brief, but presents some of the questions we will have to answer in putting terrorists on trial. I also reviewed A PECULIAR CRUSADE, concerning an American attorney assigned to defend SS troops who doubtless murdered American troops during the Battle of the Bulge; as well as other atrocities. They were convicted, but were eventually released because the trial did not comport with American notions of justice. The nazis had much lower standards of justice, but they are not our teachers.

Our WMSA Webmaster, Captain Jacq, has advised me to write brief reviews of Second Amendment related books for our web site. There will be links to Amazon so that we get a commission on the sale. This is a good idea. Actually, Captain Jacq did not advise me to write the reviews, he advised me that I WILL be writing the reviews. In all the reviews I write for Military Review, I try to throw in some Second Amendment angle. Some of these reviews have passed Captain Jacq’s standards and appear at www.wmsa.net.

I live and work in Gladstone Missouri . The water supply was cursed last week. It required the ministrations of exorcists chanting for three days while wielding ceremonial objects to lift the curse. To be frank, it looked like plumbers with wrenches swearing at pipes, but Gladstone is a suburb and we are not that crude. Still, the water was unfit to drink for three days. This was a minor annoyance. During the Y2K hysteria, I washed out 2 liter Coke bottles, and empty Gatorade jugs and filled them with water; I thought it would be embarrassing if the hysterics were proved correct. The supply thus put by was ample to cover this minor emergency. There are greater and lesser emergencies, and greater and lesser tyrannies.

The Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment in part to ensure that citizens had the ability to resist a tyrannical federal government. Aside from the late unpleasantness in the 1860’s, this has not come up. There has been resistance to local tyrannies, political machines such as in Athens Tennessee in 1946. There has been a great deal of resistance to the lesser tyranny of crime. An elderly person who is a prisoner in his home for fear of crime is as oppressed as if targeted by the KGB. A woman afraid to work in an area after dark is as persecuted as any racial minority suffering apartheid.

The Liberty Memorial will re-open on 25 May, 2002 . The tentative keynote speaker will be President Bush. The Liberty Memorial is the only museum of WW I in the United States . It has examples of the various substitute standard rifles used during the war, the militarized shotguns and revolvers, and wooden guns used in drilling for lack of the real thing. It is a unique and valuable resource.

A WW I hero has still not received his due. Henry Johnson, then of the Black 369th Regiment of the New York National Guard and father of Herman Johnson of Kansas City, was given the highest French award for gallantry, but never recommended for the Medal of Honor. Pvt. Johnson was on outpost duty when a raiding party tried to take a comrade prisoner. Pvt. Johnson, although wounded 20 times fought off the raiders, liberated his friend and, out of ammunition, was hobbling after the Germans with a knife when relief arrived. He’ll do.  

The dancers at Diamond Joe’s contributed a portion of their tips to a Christmas charity. If anyone needs a reason to visit a topless joint.  

The City of Kansas City has proposed regulating newspaper vending boxes.           The concept is only that the various “unsightly” individual boxes be replaced with a set of connected vending boxes. The newspapers, which rabidly endorse any and all restrictions on firearms, did not once consider if this is a reasonable restriction, a step in the right direction, or good for the children.  

There is much hysteria that terrorists are buying guns at American gun shows. The idea that a terrorist would fly to America and spend $1,500 for a semi-automatic AK when he could buy the machine gun version at home for $75 is farcical on its face.

In Mozambique , an AK with two magazines of ammunition can be purchased for $14, or a bag or grain. The few cases where this may have occurred seem to have involved persons with more enthusiasm than sense. They were caught.  

The family has a photo of my father-in-law escorting a North Korean infiltrator he had captured. The North Korean had a PPsh 41 submachine gun with 71 round drum magazine. My father-in-law (the South Korean) had a 1911A1. In the photo he clearly had the North Korean outgunned. I’m sure Colonel Cooper would agree.  

Elgar Macy, the Missouri for Personal Safety president, recounts attending a legislator’s meeting with constituents. One rose to say that the legislature could do anything they want to pistols or semi-automatics or sniper weapons or etc, so long as they left his shotgun alone. Right, that always works.   

We had scheduled a demonstration in front of the Kansas City Star (a daily tabloid). Unfortunately, we scheduled it for 11 October, the anniversary of the terrorist attack. There were a number of other activities going on, the governor was in town and media coverage unlikely. It was canceled. We still had 8 hard core souls show up.

The rally in Jefferson City is scheduled for 17 April in the Rotunda of the Capital. The repairs on the Rotunda have been put off until after the session. This will be a working rally. There will be no politicians to say how much they support us.           We reward results, not platitudes. Buses will be scheduled and a good time had by all.  

The book ARMIES OF THE RAJ is the history of the Indian Army up to independence. During WW I, a unit in Singapore mutinied and began killing every European they found.           Local civilians were formed into a self-defense force until the Navy and loyal units got matters in hand.           The Founding Fathers were always suspicious of a standing army and guaranteed us arms in case units went bad.  

The UN says that Afghanistan must be disarmed. Right, that worked really well when the British tried it.           The Taliban began by disarming citizens on the grounds that they no longer needed guns, and that the Taliban would protect them.           The Taliban protected them into tyranny.  

I am reviewing a book on Army lawyers in Viet Nam and after. In Grenada , a lawyer went in with the assault force and wrote “use of force” guidelines. This told the troops how much violence to use. He told young men with automatic weapons to use minimum force, use bullhorns to convince snipers to stop, and, my favorite, “shoot to wound”. This last, which is laughed at by every police trainer in the country, is akin to asking a golfer to make a putt, on the run, while the hole, moves, hides, and tries to kill him. When I write this review, I get to call somebody stupid again.  

Missouri House Bill 1049 is presented as giving License To Carry to former law enforcement officers. However, in the next paragraph, it requires that ANYONE who wants to buy a permits to buy a pistol, not to carry concealed, just to own, must pay $100 (currently it is $10) and must provide a certification of physical and mental health. This will act to prevent collectors from collecting, and large segments of society will be priced out of owning handguns. Write your politician-thing, call them, e-mail them. Tell them we are coming.  

Randy Farr is the new president of WMSA. Gary Davis, our president for the last three and a half years, found a way to retire; he convinced the Board that he had taught Randy how to talk to White People. Since that is the only qualification for the job, Randy was in. His first order was “Off with his head”. “Whose head?” we asked. “Use your imagination”, he replied.

It was immediately moved, seconded, and unanimously passed, that we begin conspiring against Randy immediately. Randy insisted that it could not be a unanimous vote, since he didn’t vote for it. He doesn’t seem to understand this conspiracy thing yet.  

If you want to learn to talk to white people, start by working the gun shows.  

I have reviewed THE LAW OF WAR, a treatise on the subject. It seems that civilian armed groups are considered legitimate combatants, so long as they carry arms openly and refrain from war crimes. This allows them prisoner of war status if captured. This may seem to be an odd sort of benefit, but the alternative is often execution.  

Senator Carnahan is being elevated to sainthood by the local media. Jim Talent is running against her. He is strongly in favor of our rights. Ms. Carnahan is from the party faction that hates us. We need to give Mr. Talent all our support.  

“Americans for Gun Safety”, which has never taught a gun safety class, claims that thousands of people who should not have passed NICS were allowed to buy guns. “Allowed to buy guns” is the appropriate term, it is government permission. I question the validity of their “study”. I do so on principle. The claims are typically constructed from invented data. They claim, for “gun safety”, we have to place more restrictions on honest citizens. There are state and federal restrictions on who can buy guns. A third set of restrictions only reinforces failure. In the rare instance that a check is not done in three days (actually five) and in the rarer case when it comes back bad, a federal agent goes out to collect the gun. He could arrest the buyer as well, but that seems to be against policy. This “study” is simply more hysteria to distract people from the facts. WMSA was called by some media for our reaction. This is encouraging. However, the Kansas City Star (a daily tabloid) did not care to hear our opinion.  

When Hemingway was covering WW II, he collected some weapons and an entourage of French Resistance fighters, and set out to create some war to cover. See HEMINGWAY AT WAR for the details. War correspondents are not supposed to carry guns, but go argue with Geraldo Rivera. This rule may well need reform given the irregular nature of modern warfare.  

I was called by AOL, asking that I buy their service. I told them that I had just canceled them because they contributed to anti-gun organizations, and that was a sore point with me. The nice lady asked me to remember that the donation was not her idea. We meet people all the time, each is an opportunity.  

If a person dies without a will, his estate is distributed according to the law.           This means that the Missouri legislature decides who gets your stuff. If this does not set off a stampede to estate and trust lawyers, you have not met our legislature.  

We shall overcome.



Liberty Notes – April 20, 2002

K. L. Jamison


It is a good day for Liberty.

A man came into my office to complain that people were conspiring against him. His proof? He had been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic; they wouldn’t have done that if they weren’t out to get him

At www.sarahbradycampaign.org there is a parody of HCI /”Brady Policy Center”. We must laugh sometimes, or we shall surely go mad.

I debated local prohibitionist Linda Spence on public radio, although I’m not sure “debate” is the appropriate term. The word ‘debate” supposes well thought out positions and factual arguments for or against. I often had trouble making out what she was saying. Remember, I deal with many people who have a tenuous grasp of the English language, and many drug users with a tenuous grasp on reality, despite this experience, I had trouble following her comments. Her comments were on the line of her, as the self-appointed arbitrator of what was good for the children, had decided that guns were bad.

She was reminded that 44 states have some form of license to carry, and asked if they did not care about their children. “Apparently not” she replied. She claimed that Texas license holders were heavily involved in crime. I told the audience that whoever told her that lied to her. People do not like to have to decide which of two persons before them are lying. By placing the lie with an anonymous third party, it is easier for the audience to accept, and still states that it is a lie. The temptation to be more personal was tremendous.

She denied that she had ever called Gary Davis (then our president) “tar baby”. I was THERE, I heard her do so, and so did some fifty other people. She implied that I was carrying a gun to intimidate the gathering. The host of the show passed this insult off with an agreeable comment. I stopped the amused chuckles and demanded that she tell us where I had the gun. She was accusing me of the felony of carrying a concealed weapon, the crime of brandishing or intimidation, the federal crime of carrying on school property (the station was on the UMKC campus) and saw nothing wrong with it. Suffice to say, I was not carrying. This is interesting.

Moments before, I was being asked why we did not simply carry openly. If she accuses me of these crimes when there was no gun visible, can you imagine what she would come up with if she saw a gun? She complained that I supported the war against terrorism, but wanted to arm people against local criminals, she found this terribly inconsistent.

She claimed to have completely refuted John Lott’s study (Mores Guns Less Crime) which proved that license to carry concealed weapons laws reduce crime. I doubt that it is possible to refute a study without reading it first. I read their claimed response to Lott’s study. They claim that he did not take into account factors he had taken into account. Prize nonsense.

She dared “double dog gone dared” us to take this to a popular vote again. Well, if they will promise not to commit vote fraud, not use state and federal funds, facilities and personnel for propaganda, not require donation to their group as the price of doing business with the state, and to only tell the truth, it might be worth considering. However, if they promise this, why should we believe them? I told them that the prohibitionists made a conscious decision that they could lie faster than we could tell the truth, and they were right.

Even so, we were winning until they counted the cemetery precincts in St. Louis. There were other factors as well. Counties where we were expected to do well did not have enough ballots, so some of our people were unable to vote. Election judges neglected the security of ballot boxes, and electioneered on duty. This argument takes some of the wind out of the “the people have spoken” argument. I am told that her arrogant attitude turns off listeners. I am told this by people who are anti-gun. This is not something I picked up on sitting across the table.

The augments Ms Spence presented were nothing new. There was the old claim that law enforcement would have to “start” approaching suspects as if they are armed. If they are not doing this now, they are violating department policy, training, and common sense. She claimed that there was no crystal ball to see if people were lawful; past history, however, is a good indication. She said that police are disarmed; this so rarely happens to a citizen that it is virtually an urban myth. She complained of “weak” training by the NRA “of all people”. In reality the proposed training is some of the strongest and most specific in the country. She referred to our “outlaw rules”.

I am told that Ms. Spence attended a meeting of the UMKC Alumni Association. During the meeting, she abruptly stated that she had debated me on the radio, and that I had called her a “tarbaby”. Of course, I did nothing of the kind. Henry Lyons, a local businessman I have known for years stuck up for me. This illustrates the deceit and hatred we face.

I briefly debated Alvin Brooks, of the Kansas City, City Council. He cannot believe that people can possibly act in self-defense. The mere fact that it happens does not seem to have sunk in.

Sarah Brady bought her son a 30-06 rifle, with scope in Delaware; at first this was thought to be in violation of Delaware state law, although not federal law. The Delaware “strawman sale” law appears to be stricter than the federal. The Delaware department of justice later retracted their suspicions, saying they had misunderstood the state law they are charged with enforcing. Remember this the next time we are told to pass more laws. Ms. Brady was subjected to the NICS check. She complains that the dealer spoke “unnecessarily loudly, repeating and spelling my name over and over on the phone”. She does not understand that we are all treated this way, and it is her fault. She left out that she had to return the next day to get the rifle because the NICS system was down.

I have THE IRISH WAR, by Tony Geraghty. There is a section on IRA arms procurement. The book mentions a Barrett light .50 rifle. We will doubtless hear of this rifle, but we will not be told that the rifle was stolen from the US Army. The IRA had an organized effort stealing weapons from the US Army, regular, reserve, and National Guard. I am reminded of Johnny Carson reporting on a Canadian armored car that was held up by bandits with an anti-tank gun. “The gun was traced to the Canadian Army. The Canadian Army has been taken into custody . . . “. 

I am told that Ms. Yates, the woman who drowned her children, was warned not to have any more children. Her husband, the one who never changed a diaper, declared that they would have as many children as God gave them. An interesting defense, “I didn’t get her pregnant, God did.” There is a precedent, but only One.

There have been a series of break-ins and attempted break-ins of guns stores. They have been smash and grabs, despite alarms, one store was within sight of a police station. Stores should have secondary barriers inside the store. It is incredible that law enforcement did not notify other stores. We shall have to take it on ourselves. Any store with a theft attempt should call two stores, with the details, and they two more. We have to do this ourselves, we should do this ourselves, we are individualists.

A Colorado man is encouraging a March on Washington D.C. on 4 July, 2003. He calls it the Million Gun March. I like that idea, but he says we should all carry guns and ammunition. We need to have more public demonstrations; massive civil disobedience is a valid tactic. But. To imagine that one million of us are ready to be arrested and have records is wildly optimistic. Second, the purpose of demonstrations is not to make ourselves feel better, but to sway public opinion. An armed march on Washington D.C. in the current climate would be counter productive. Now, if it were a Million Gunowers March, and we let it be known that somewhere in the crowd there were guns, but no one knew who had them, (and no one shot) well, I’m there.

I went to a gunshow, slipped in through a loophole, and surveyed the crowd for girls. I was struck by how polite everyone was, and this is so at every gun show I have attended. Imagine a room of narrow aisles, so as to crowd in the most tables. At any point in these aisles are three corn-fed country boys, two authorities in animated conversation, one bored girlfriend, and a stroller. Still, everyone says “please” and “excuse me”. Heinlein was right, “an armed society is a polite society.

Prohibitionists do not conspire against our rights because we have not been accommodating enough. They do so because they hate us.

There is a story that Osama Bin Laudin was killed and approached the pearly gates to Heaven. He found that the pathway was lined on one side with George Washington and another 34 of his Virginia homeboys, and on the other side with Thomas Jefferson and another 34 of his Virginia homeboys. Moments later, a bruised and bleeding Osama is lifted over the abyss. He caught the eye of the Archangel and shouted, “This is not what I was promised!” The Archangel replied, “I promised you would be met by 70 VIRGINIANS, what did you think I said?” There are many people who claim to know what God wants, expects, plans; but I suspect that they are not listening closely.

April 6 was the third anniversary of Proposition B and the theft of License To Carry. I was at a Friends of NRA dinner in Sedalia with Dean Johnson, his lady wife, and a couple hundred gun nuts. Gary Davis had organized the trip but at the last minute had a family emergency. Dean and I got three-quarters of the way to Sedalia, when we realized that Gary was the only one who knew where the dinner was. We followed the first pickup truck we saw, and it went straight to the Dinner.

There is a booklet “How to Beat the Democrats” available from PoliticalWar.com, PO Box 573, Oxon Hill, MD 20750 for $7.50. There is a web site, www.political-war.com. This is a good book for our movement, as we help pro-gun Democrats. 

One of our opponents in the License To Carry debate said that we would “have to agree to disagree”. No. No possible way will we do any such thing. To agree to disagree implies that they have a valid point of view. They do not. We can agree to agree with us. This is not a matter of taste in music, the best car, economic policy, or other issues where there are arguments on both sides. They have no valid arguments. They don’t “feel” safe if other people have guns, and therefore all manner of horrible thing must result from License To Carry. I cannot “agree to disagree” with people who refuse to listen to our case, and who lie about theirs. 

Jim Talent, running for the U.S. Senate from Missouri, spoke at Shell’s Gun Shop. That fact that he chose such a venue is significant. He told us that he has adopted the motto of the French Foreign Legion, “If I falter, push me onward. If I stumble, pick me up. If I retreat, shoot me.” This is a bold thing to tell a group of gun owners. He was asked if he would vote to sunset the assault weapon ban in 2004. In no uncertain terms he said that he would. He went on to say that he made a mistake in voting for the Lautenberg (lifetime ban on gun ownership for any adult abuse at any time in history) amendment, that he believed what he was told about it rather than look for himself, and that it needs revision. Mr. Talent is teaching a course at Washington University called “Thinking Like a Congressman”. I have made some snide remarks about this topic in the past, but he is enthusiastic about the course which he describes as teaching students to think like statesmen. In discussing the value of keeping promises, the students always refer to re-election, he asks them to think about integrity. Incredible to have a politician mention integrity. One hopes that he will soon be teaching a course called “Thinking Like a Senator”.

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Gun Nut rallies in Jefferson City, I had ten orange coconuts for the governor; orange being the movement’s color. Ten volunteers delivered them. The governor’s security detail searched the coconuts for weapons. Behind the metal detectors, behind the capital police, the governor’s security details searches coconuts. Voters, however, are not entitled to protection and can take their chances. The governor is openly contemptuous of the people he claims voted for him.

We Shall Overcome.