Winner of AR-15 Pistol

Here’s the happy winner (Ken L., Blue Springs, MO) with his new Extar EXP 556 Pistol from the WMSA raffle.  It was presented to him on August 7, 2017, by WMSA Corresponding Secretary, Dick Hime, at Raymore Outdoor Sports, LLC, the transferring FFL

Ken is an avid collector and shooter. When I told him this firearm may take the position of the loudest one he owns he responded that it would have to go some to out do his Barrett 50 BMG!

He is confident he has sent in his WMSA membership but told me to check back with him in a month if it hasn’t shown up.  He has no problem with joining WMSA and is very grateful to the be the lucky winner.

The lucky ticket was purchased from WMSA’s Gun Show Coordinator, Al Hale, at Bass Pro in Independence, MO.